11 SIMPLE Things Any Man Can Do To LOOK BETTER

 Boy oh boy are you guys gonna love me today. What's up guys it's Jose Zuniga from teaching minutes fashion and for today I'm gonna show you 11 incredibly stupidly easily simple things that you can do to instantly look better.

1:  when buying clothing make sure you buy quality fabrics forget the price forget the brand sure that whitey from Old Navy versus the one from j.crew or a higher-end the brand might look the same on the shelf. But once you put that piece of garment on the quality of the fabric is gonna instantly shine and you're gonna be able to tell the difference quality fabrics to tend to fit better last longer and look overall better on the user. news update

2: just swap your cheap Axe body spray for a clean-smelling deodorant it won't be cheap it won't be overpowering and it won't make you look tacky inexpensive fragrances they make you look tacky so the third thing next time you're buying for denim opt for the slim cut or the skinny cut. This is the easiest and most simple wardrobe upgrade you can do that will make you look better and won't gain you much attention instead of wearing the same old oversized dated classic jeans. Next time you're shopping for jeans try on that brand slimmer cuts like your slim fit or their skinny fit that comes with less fabric incident your frame is gonna look slimmer and more elongated. Because you don't have any of that excessive fabric bunching down in the body before do not wear your dress shirt untucked especially. If it goes past you. Butt I see it all the time guys that don't know how to properly dress and need to dress up so all they do is throw on an oversized wrinkled button-down leave it on tucks and instantly they feel like a million bucks dress shirts were meant to be used tucked in that's what it looks cleanest and makes you look sharp. Especially if you see dressers that go past your butt though shirts you cannot wear untucked they always need to be tucked.

 Number five just wear a nice watch it's really simple a watch really just elevates your outfit and makes you look better. No one can argue that and no it doesn't have to be a Patek or Rolex forget about all the rap songs not all of us can afford that but lucky for you. There is a myriad of other brands out there that have refined classic timepieces that look stylish that will elevate your outfits that don't come with the price tag namely you got movement watches, that's that's their movement that's their core mission. I mean the whole I deal with movement watches is to create a luxurious beautiful watch that guys can actually afford and wear on a daily basis that makes them look good and it won't cost you an arm and a leg if they've never checked out movement watches. I doubt you have it because literally there are millions of men across the world that have a movement watch in their collection.

It's that good but if you for some reason haven't checked them out you need to go ahead. Click that link below and see just how affordable they are but like. I said they have so many styles and that's kind of where you're gonna get lost. Because they have so much they're from their Chrono grabs their original movement design. They also released a new revolver collection which is my personal favorite right now the one that I've been using quite often it's on a smaller case diameter so it fits a little bit more refined and it looks great interesting outfits and in casual outfits, it's very simple very minimal it looks amazing. But back to the main point of this video, the best part of the movement watch is that for such a low price. You can like that look better by just adding a small accessory to your wrist instead of just walking out the door like every other guy without any accessories anything to kind of like make your outfit. Just a bit more stylish you won't do that you can easily just slap on your watch and just like that you're gonna look better. If you guys want to check out movement watches our sponsor for today's video like I said these guys are

Amazing everything they're doing from their diver watches to their new revolver collection the variations of styles on there are endless and there's something for everyone.  There if you guys want to check them out they're going to be linked down below down there you're also gonna see a discount code that's our personal discount code that way you can get one even more affordable and they're already off that rolls us to the number six tip that you can do to look better and that's if you can't grow a beard. Just don't grow one yes it's a very simple concept but I see it all the time especially us young guys you're seeing young guys with only five or six pubic hairs and they literally, let that grow and cultivate that as if they had this massive beard and reality it makes you look messy and dirty like. You're really trying hard to get that beard show and I'm just speaking from the experience. top news

 Because I had to learn this too hard law which arose us on to number seven if you can royal beard now that we're talking about beards make sure you get rid of any neckbeard here that looks dirty and hideous rocking a neck fear'd never look good. It's almost cringing and when you rock it you just look dirty and like you don't even take care of yourself the thing you can do to look better instantly. Just the industry your all the bad things that happens. When you slouch your man boobs aren't hands your shoulders are rounded off your gut has expanded and you get this big round hunch on your back.

 All you want to do is bring your shoulders down chest out and chin up and instantly your the spine will be elongated and you will appear taller more confident and better look 19 you can do to look better all the time is to opt for dark-colored underwear not only will you look sexier and dark-colored underwear. But on average darker color underwear tends to wear better over time than regular white underwear mainly because white underwear after a couple washes starts getting this the off-white tint that looks dirty and if you're gross then well stains are even more noticeable that that was gross to even think about the 10th easy thing.

 You can do to look better stop washing your hair have you noticed if your hair is dry brittle it has no volume it almost seems flat and dead your hair doesn't look like it used to well. If that's the case you probably just need to stop watching it for one or two days literally dried out and dead stop washing it for one or two days and notice how we will instantly come back to life it will feel softer thicker and have way more volume and finally the 11th thing that you can do to look better get yourself a tongue scraper.

 These are like a dollar at the store and it's the most simple grooming tool that you should definitely have in your bathroom most toothbrushes alone won't get that why stuff up your tongue and most guys gross enough don't even try to get that white stuff up your tongue that. Sports That's fungus and bacteria build-up about like 90 to 95% of why you have bad breath is because you're not cleaning your tongue so if you want to look better make sure you get a tongue straight and that's basically for today's video guys. Those are the 11 super simple things that you can do to instantly look better.

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