14 Fashion Tricks Every Girl Should Try To

14 Fashion Tricks Every Girl Should Try To
I have nothing to wear this skirt makes me look fat let's be honest every now and then every girl has these thoughts. Rushing through her mind, fortunately, some style tips can help solve the outfit crisis and take you up on the style meter 14 only buy things. SPORTS NEWS

You'll actually wear it sounds easier, said than done because every now and then we all buy things that we never put on later it mostly happens.  When you see an on a sale item or something that's priced ridiculously low stop right there. It's a catch when you fall for fast fashion and shop impulsively you are basically stocking up your wardrobe with low-quality things you're unlikely to wear because you weren't planning to buy those leopard pants and have nothing to match with them 13 build your own capsule wardrobe.

It might sound like something fancy and not for everyone but in fact a capsule. The wardrobe is something that will save you both time and money. Timeless classics like a trench some leather denim jackets good quality jeans white button-down shirts and a pencil. Skirt are some of the items that will work for anyone and can be combined with other garments, in fact, you only need 28 to 37 items in your closet to be prepared for just about any occasion. Mark everything you have with yes no and maybe stickers items you absolutely love and can combine with others. 

Obviously get a yes and stay with you you can move your maybes to long-term storage. Somewhere in the basement your nose and you're likely to notice most of them still at price tags on because you never wore them can be donated to charity. 12 watch out for makeup and deodorant stains white stains on a black shirt or your favorite lipstick and eyeshadow on a cashmere won't exactly add you any points on the luxury meter. If you just got one of those annoying Beauty footprints on an expensive fabric wash it with warm water and if the stain is still there try dampening the item in water with some detergent baby wipes on oil-base work miracles if you use they on a new stain 11 be prepared U.S News

For accidents, anything can happen and it might not even be your fault. Someone spilled wine on your new dress or your new shoes give you blisters. So keep a spare clothing item at the office to avoid having to walk around in a stained dress up for something classic such as a white button-down shirt and a pencil skirt with a band-aids sewing kit and other style essentials you might need. 

In case of emergency 10 you can't have too many accessories a handbag can spice up any outfit and make your look complete. It's cool to have as many as you can afford for all sorts of occasions but don't just buy them irrationally. There should be at least three bags in different sizes small medium and large in your wardrobe. You can pick the right size depending on the occasion and once you understand which size you personally wear the most you can get more backs in this size. So that you don't wear your favorite out really quick another accessory you can't have too many of is a scarf.

Those are real lifesavers when it comes to otherwise monotonous fall and winter looks so stock up on scarves in. Different colors shapes and materials to

always stay classy 9 gets yourself a WoW piece. It's good to have a practical capsule wardrobe in everything but it won't exactly hurt be getting a conversation piece. It can be a pair of vintage leopard shoes a clock shaped handbag or anything else.  That would be a signature of your style and make you a topic for conversations at parties or other social events 8 make sure your metals match true style is all about details. Many people oversee details, like the color of metal zippers on your shoe bags and your jewelry so decide which hardware item is the baseline and picks all others to go well with it 7 learn to work with the color wheel. LIVE STREAMING

 Sir Isaac Newton himself invented the color. wheel back in the 18th century there are primary colors that become the base for all other colors red yellow and blue. when primary colors are combined you get secondary colors warm colors such as orange-yellow and brown make things look smaller cool colors such as blue-purple and green have a soothing effect. Subdued colors such as black gray and whites are neutral .

If you choose the complementary option you should pick exact opposites on the color wheel red and green blue and orange violet and yellow are all rather bold combinations. It's great if you like to play with colors but don't go too far with matching and limit them to three colors per outfit.

Six your underwear really matters you can ruin even the most luxurious outfit with VPL that stands for the visible panty. Lines up for shapewear that makes you look slimmer or try lace songs that aren't officially shapewear but look smooth underneath any clothing item

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