5 Secret tricks in your android mobile phone

Hey, guys, this is a myth, and welcome you once again in my channel take tutorial. Hope you guys are staying at home and guys our today's Articles are also very much interesting. Because today I'm gonna show you the top 5 useful hidden tricks in your android mobile. Which you should definitely know so let get started with our today's video.

 So guys let's see our very first seek in our today's list in our today's first trick. I'm gonna show you how you can zoom in any part of your mobile skin just like this you can zoom in to any part of your mobile skin - we used to zoom into any photos or any videos or any mobile websites. We visit but by this trick, you can zoom in to any part of your mobile sphere and have a closer look into that part so that is the first week. I wanna show you so how you can enable it in your phone

Just go to your settings and after going to your settings just here's ask for accessibility setting ok so here you can see accessibility on my phone. So just click here and here you will find an option magnification gestures so just click on this and you have to just run it will be by default it will be turned off. So just you have to turn it on and whenever you will click three times in any part of your phone it will be and for zoom out, you have to do this game so guys that were the first week of college let's get into the secondary so the second take in our today's list is. How you can remove the background of any image without installing any app so let's see. How to do that first let's go to the google chrome here and in the google chrome you have to open and website that is removed dot BG okay.

They moved our to be G here you can see remove got busy and just go and if you just go to this remove dot widget. Just click on this uploaded image so here you have to upload the image you want to remove the background off just click on this browse option and let's say I am choosing this photo ok. So, just it will be uploading on this website, and here the background image so here you can see the background is clearly removed.

So just click on this and download this image.  Current News Just click on this download image and it will be downloaded on your phone easily and you can use it. Wherever you want without any app so here you can see the image background is totally removed without any app installed. That was the second trick in our list now let's go to the third trick you know so the third seek is also very much important and very much interesting. Because in this third trick I'm gonna show you how you can call anyone. Just like your friends or anyone else anonymously and without installing a single app on your phone and for this day. you should have an only internet connection no SIM card even is required for this tree.

 So let's go to the Google Chrome at the first tooth and whole Chrome if I go to this globe phone calm this amazing website. Just open this in your phone and here the C globe phone is a free online phone call solve this. So if I scroll down and you have to just go to this call option speak on it and it will be redirected to some page something like this and here you have to put your number you want to call. So here I am putting my number and just click on this. I am not a robot ok and you have to select the country here and just click on this corn and it will take some seconds and by this, you can make even international calls for absolutely free over this website.

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