8 Style Tips for Skinny Guys (How-to-Dress-if You're-Skinny ) BluMaan 2020

So I'm six foot tall and oh actually I got some winter coloring done in the hair got a video on that coming sometime soon. But I'm a six-foot-tall guy and I wear about 145 to 150 pounds kind of just you know depending on the day. I've been a skinny guy pretty much forever and if you're anything like me it can be a challenge to know what looks good and what really flatters that skinny man physique.

 Well it's time to lay your what to wear worries to rest because today we've got a style tip for us skinny guys out there number one you got to drop the baggy look one of the most common ways. That skinny guys try to combat that skinny look is by buying clothes that are too big and don't fit you. They're too baggy the idea is that if you weren't bigger puffier clothes then you're naturally going to look bigger yourself. However, it's not true and in fact, the opposite is true if you wear bigger clothes you'll actually end up looking smaller you'll probably end up looking like a coat rack so oversized clothes are a no-go.

But so is the opposite which are clothes that are too tight on you generally clothes that are too tight. Just really emphasize the skinniness and show all of that skinny body detail and now this applies to any piece of clothing. But this also includes and this might be surprised to you skinny jeans a lot of skinny guys buy skinny jeans. Because you're oh I'm a skinny guy skinny jeans make sense that's what you would think anyways, in reality, those skinny jeans. Just emphasize that stick leg figure okay. I know I mean I've got fairly chicken-like legs as well instead of when you're shopping for jeans to go for that slim fit. It's that perfect balance skinny jeans are too tight really show off that skinniness of regular fit jeans are too baggy slim-fit right there in the middle those look best for skinny guys alright so for a minute let's take a break from clothing and talk about some accessories like rings bracelets and watches these tend to be a personal preference type of thing.

But what I believe works best for skinny guys are clean simple and elegant pieces. That's the strategy that I applied when picking out my wedding ring and it's also in line with today's sponsors Ben Sira watches see there's nothing that screams class like a timepiece that looks good and feels good. My two cents on the watch industry the good quality watches out there the ones that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. That's just not really the case anymore. I mean that you know there's always going to be the market for that but companies like Ben Sarah are bringing you high-quality pieces at a fraction of the price so the clean design works well for any guy including skinny dudes.

 But when you take a closer look at the level of detail that goes into these really make them stand apart it's little details like the top grain leather straps top grain by the way. There's really good quality leather and their Chrono and Karos series have this cool Italian marble detail on the back. I personally picked these three out that I've got here but my favorite right now has got to be the Chrono s silver rose gold edition the rose gold accent makes it perfect for the colder season and really ups the class level of any outfit that you combine. It will say yes I'm gonna be getting a lot of wear out of my new watch and if you are interested there is a special bloom on the link and discount code down below that's in the description you can check it out okay.

 So now let's talk about how a shirt should fit I'm just talking about simple plain like t-shirts like this right here. When you're looking for a new shirt pay attention to the fit on the shoulders and on the chest those are the two most important pieces to look at nothing else. Really matters if you get the chest right and the shoulder right everything else should just fall in place a skinny guys don't usually have to worry about a shirt being too tight around the tummy area so if you're good up top you should be good down below and for number five since we're on the topic of shirts.

I recommend picking up a henwy or two and these are at the very masculine shirt and do a great job of emphasizing the male physique. Even if you know your physique could be doing a little bit better they especially outline the chest area and give the perception. That there's a little extra something going on up there another item that emphasizes the masculine physique and is really beneficial to skinny guys. Just right here a blazer now for sure a full suit that fits correctly looks amazing but even going with you know the casual blazer something. That you can wear on a more day-to-day basis brings out that box figure that a lot of guys aspire to look like and not to mention the added benefit. that you just look a little bit more intelligent appear in a blazer.

 Even if you're dumb as a peanut right so Henley's and blazers those are big yes tank tops and wifebeaters have massive no honestly I'm not a big fan of tank tops and wife beaters in general. But especially when it comes to skinny guys you should stay far away and this brings us to number eight it is our final dress tip for us skinny guys out there and it's a little bit of a hat basically shoes that go up to at least your ankle like an ankle boot. For example, allows your jeans to scrunch up a bit this scrunch up effect isn't baggy but it still adds a little thickness and helps your legs not look as skinny as they actually are and not to mention. Prone news I think every guy should have a solid pair of boots but you know the scrunch up benefit that's just a little something extra alright all of my skinny friends out there.

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