Classic Color Combinations That Always Look Chic

One of the things that have been the mos helpful in my personal style journey is figuring out my color palette and within that figuring out a couple color combinations. I love things that I feel really reflect my personal style and really work within my own wardrobe.  So today I want to share some of my favorites combinations to hopefully inspire you to figure this out for yourself and get lots of inspiration so that you can make good choices for your own style. world news So I have gathered a ton of inspiration images from my Pinterest boards that I will link down below for you along with just some general searching 

I've gathered a lot of things

Classic Color Combinations That Always Look Chic

I tend to screenshot and save things an I've noticed some common themes that I will go through in different chunks and then of course, a link everything down below for you so let's get started the first the color combination is black and white. This is something that I love for my personal style it's a combination that feels really timeless and really really classic. But can also feel super modern just by changing up the pieces that are either black or white it's also something that works really well with my coloring. I have really dark hair it's basically black and then my skin is light in comparison to that so I have pretty high contrast and that black and white contrast is perfectly suited for me.

So it's something that I am just constantly drawn towards and I feel really good. When I wear black and white paired together it's also something that I kind of got out of the habit of wearing. When I was living in New York a couple of years ago and working in the city. I was really using that a lot to reflect my lifestyle and my job and it worked really perfectly for that.  But then I moved and where I'm living now is super casual especially in comparison and it gets really really hot so I found myself kind of shifting my style a little bit and as a result compromising on my love for black and white. So I've recently gotten back into that since like last year I made the conscious choice and it's made a really big difference in my overall style outlook and I feel a lot better about my outfits.

So I really recommend that as you're going through this process you really take time to reflect on what you loved regardless of where you've lived or different life circumstances.Because I think it can give you a really good insight into what you actually love so the next color the combination is something that is in line with black and white but it has happened as a result of moving somewhere warm and really casual it has led me to discover that black in certain circumstances can feel a little bit too stark especially. When you're in broad daylight in the middle of summer sometimes it can feel a bit extreme so as a result, I've been incorporating some Navy and white combinations into my style and I just love it.

It feels very nautical but in a not obvious way so when I was first starting on my personal style of the journey a couple years ago I had a pair of earrings that were really nautical they were really really literal and they were white buttons and they had anchors on them and I loved them and I thought they were so cute.  I still think they're so cute. Top News But I've since parted with them because I now like my nautical influence to be a little bit more subtle in my wardrobe and I find that Navy and white really gives that to me so a personal favorite

is when I have a navy and white shirt paired with a pair of white shorts or pants. I just think that is so beautiful I don't think. I will ever grow tired of that and it's a combination that feels very very fresh but still plays into the high contrast that I personally really love in my style as you can see through the last two color combinations. I really like pairing things with white. I think that white is such a good part of my wardrobe because I really like crisp white. I think it's very classic it works well with me and my coloring in my lifestyle and it also feels very deliberate because white is such a conscious choice because you can get it stained so easily so it almost feels a little bougie in a sense because if you're wearing white then almost you don't need to worry about stains and you're not going to be doing anything excessively gross. I guess so I like using that in my style and having white paired with cream or like a camel color.

I think is so beautiful it's a combination that you will find represented in every different personal style and aesthetic and it's something that when you go to search for in Pinterest you could literally get inspiration for the rest of your life it never ends. Because I think it's just so perfect and it works for so many people and so many different personal styles so it had to be included in this video. Because I find myself coming back to it again and again and again and really playing around with the different tones of camel and finding things that are slightly cooler.

Maybe something kind of like the vintage sweater that I'm wearing today that has a little bit of a heathered effect and a couple colors mixed in and then anchoring that with white just is so good. I really really love it since I do love black. I had to include a camel paired with black. I think it's a combination that gives me a nice anchor to something that can be a little bit tricky to wear because camel can be a kind of confusing color especially if you have coloring like I do and most camel colors and the traditional sense are almost the exact same color as my skin. So, I can look really washed out if I don't make deliberate choices about the other colors that I'm wearing my hairstyle and my makeup so on days.

When I want to be really low maintenance I kind of avoid camel because it requires a little bit more effort and maintaining but on days. When I really want to wear it and use that for my style. I will wear my hair like I'm doing today where some fun accessories definitely make sure my makeup is perfectly suited to my coloring and I think it gives me a perfect balance for my style and last but not least is navy and black. So I'm sure by this point you've noticed a lot of repetition in my colors and that's definitely something that I think you should be doing for yourself.  I think repetition has frowned upon a lot in personal style but I actually think it's a perfect representation of truly knowing your style. If you know what you like to wear you shouldn't be afraid to repeat things because it shows assurance in your clothes and I think gives you a lot of really purposeful direction.

When cultivating your closet and your personal style so for me black is a common theme and Navy is a common theme and I think pairing the two together feels very deliberate because they are very different a little bit in their coloring. Especially when you go out of your way to make sure that one is very distinctly Navy and the other is very distinctly black. I think that when you do that and you wear them together especially when separated by a belt you are unstoppable that combination never gets old for me and it feels very much in tune with style because again it's very deliberate so it shows that you know what you're doing and almost that you know what you like so much that you don't care about rules. Because I know a lot of people are really opposed to navy and black but I think it is so good and I think it also creates a perfect foundation for accessories because both of those colors are very substantial so for my own personal style. I think that it's a perfect base for my gold jewelry my pearls my really aggressive kind of statement jewelry. I can pair that with some gray I just love it. I think that it's a beautiful thing for my style so I hope that you liked this and it inspired you to find the colors that you love to wear and maybe you found out that you like some of the colors that I like and if this is something that you're interested in. I would love to make this maybe a little mini-series. Where I dive into other color combinations, not even things. That I like to wear just colors that I think always look good together so it definitely let me know in the comments down below and like always thank you so much for watching it'll

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