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Hello everyone I'm dr. Anu Priya well from work of its hair and skin clinic.I receive a lot of questions from the viewers regarding their skin whether it is about acne pigmentation or open pores.So I have picked the top three most commonly asked questions and I'll be giving you tips on how to deal with them and get perfectly clear skin.So the first question is from what aid should a sunscreen and an anti-aging night cream be used.So I completely believe in prevention is better than curing the most common causes of signs of aging are dehydration and exposure to Sun


So even a baby after 6 months of age should be applied sunscreen to protect from the harmful effects of UV rays after the age of 18 a sunscreen should be applied in the morning and a moisturizer must be applied at night. But along with that a vitamin C serum or an antioxidant serum and a scrub should be put into use and after the age of 25 and under i9 gel and nightcreams containing retinol.Must be put into you the next question is I have a lot of open pores on my skin what treatment should.I go for, to begin with what is an open court an open pore is an opening of the hair follicle and The Associated oil gland or the sebaceous gland.internet

How is it caused in the younger age group due to increased oil production there is an enlargement of the oil grand opening however in the older age group due to damage from the collagen and elastin there is decreased support to the oil glands and the hair follicle and hence the opening.Becomes wider avoid oil-based makeup and always use noncomedogenic makeup to avoid the use of alcohol toners always use alcohol-free toners because alcohol can make your skin dry.

This stimulates the oil glands in your skin produces more oil and this control of your pores avoid the use of excessive makeup and always remove makeup before you go to sleep avoid harsh exfoliants or excessive scrubbing of your face.As this can further dry up your skin and avoid smoking to prevent the degradation of collagen and elastin.If you have oily skin use a salicylic acid face wash a sunscreen is a must before you go out in the Sun at night either uses a moisturizer or a cream rich in retinol and hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen and elastin there are a number of treatments.

 Which can be done for the open pores at the clinic which includes chemical peel derma roller laser treatment micro Botox.Which gives you results within seven days with all filler which stimulates hyaluronic acid and collagen production and if you want a quick fix.Just before your party take an ice cube and run it over your face this will temporarily shrink your open pores so the next question is.I have very fair skin tone but have brown spots I get very conscious when I go out in the social gatherings please tell me the solution to brown spots or patches on the skin can be caused due to a number of causes.It can be caused due to fecal melasma pigment contact dermatitis due to some allergic-like a perfume or a headlight photo melon osis or exposure to Sun.

Which causes spamming PIH all post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is caused after acne or small cut and macular amyloidosis as I discussed before the mantra for good skin is prevention is better than cure.So if you want to avoid brown spots on your skin avoid sun between 11 a.m. to 3pm.If you want to step out in the Sun wear sunscreen minimum 15 minutes before you go out the minimum to fingertip units and at least SPF 50 wear protective clothing like wide-brimmed hat avoid smoking avoid intense.Scrubbing of your face avoid too much heat on your face while you're cooking or in the steam and thus on the market is flooded with a number of fairness creams and we see their advertisements on every channel every day.

But what you need to be sure of is the skin condition that you have and hence you must meet a skin expert before you buy any skin lightening agent agents like prajak acid lactic acid glycolic acid mutant and Newson amide are very effective agents enlightening these grounds for at the clinic a number of treatments like gamma T P Q switch and the arc lasers and mesotherapy with agents like glutathione and Ritalin team are also very effective. World news if you have any queries or skin concerns kindly write to us please subscribe to our channel for further updates stay healthy and stay beautiful thank you.

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