How to Add Hashtags on YouTube

So you've seen the hashtags on youtube above the titles and you want to do the same thing. So in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that as well as what are the best hashtags to use coming up. You got to just press record hey guys my name is Nolan mult with think media now you're wondering about these hashtags and we're gonna get all into it. I'm gonna give you some tips on how to use those but let's just get started with the tutorial on how to actually add them to your videos. So it's actually really really easy to add hashtags now on this video the canon 90d vlog test and ultimate setup.

I've gone into the youtube studio this is a video that we have just posted and I am going to edit it now you can also do this in your description or in your title. When you are uploading your video either way is going to work so you can do this on old videos if you want to add hashtags you can also do this on new videos. While you're uploading you can go ahead and add those into the two places the description or the title we like to do this in the description. But you are able to just go right up here and do hashtag. You know canon 90d or whatever you'd like to hashtag and that is then going to put it just above your title.

 But we like to just add it to our description. Which is the other place that you can add your hashtags so if we scroll down here we can see we have hashtag think media hashtag Nolan canon 90d and that is exactly where we'll do it? We'll just do it right here towards the bottom of the description and when you post your video or if I hit save and we go back to the video you're gonna see that the hashtags are now gonna be at the top of the title. So, let's go over to this video so now we can scroll down we can see on this video we have hashtag think media hashtag Nolan mole canon 90d and guys it really is that simple.

Add them to your description list hit save make sure that you save that and then it's going to be upon your youtube video right above your title like. I said it really is that easy but the real question is what hashtags to use and is it really worth the time to put them in there that's what we're going to be talking about now but first I wanted to invite you to grow with video live. If you want to have a successful youtube channel and even make money off of your channel. Then you definitely want to sign up for growth video live the virtual conference you can watch from anywhere in the world just go to

 Today now before we get to the rest of the video. If you've learned something new already then like this video and comment down below let us know what other questions do you have about youtube. That we can answer in the next video now if you're not sure why are there hashtags on youtube and what they do then I'm going to show you really quick uh. Why they're here and how to use them so up here we see that we have these three hashtags now youtube only shows three at a time. You can actually add more in your description but youtube is only going to use three of them so if we click on think media by selecting it right here it is actually going to take us back to the search bar and if you look up here it says think media and so this is going to show us some of the videos. Latest News. That has hashtag think media um. It'll show us the most popular ones as well as some of the newest ones and youtube themselves have said that this hashtag system is for search and so really if someone wants to search for a topic, of course, you can search for the words like. We're all used to doing but you can also use a hashtag and find specific content using hashtags now.

 When you're using hashtags you wanna make sure to add them as one word. So if you're gonna do think media do not add a space or else you're just gonna have hashtag think and then the media is not going to be added onto that. You want to make it one word when you have multiple words on your hashtag. Now the second thing you want to make sure that you definitely do not do is add more than 15 hashtags down in the description. Now you can add up to 15 hashtags but if you add more than that youtube said that they will actually disregard all the hashtags. So you want to make sure that you're using hashtags that are relevant to your video and for us, we usually stick to only three.

 But you can add more but do not exceed 15. Now the big question here is what to use for your hashtags and are they good for ranking. Now I talked to Sean about this and this is what he said is he said for ranking videos. It hasn't really shown any effect for ranking as a tool for ranking higher in search whether. You have them or not he has not found that to affect the rank in youtube search but he says that he likes to use it for branding. That's why in our videos you'll often see hashtag think media or you'll see the hashtag Nolan mull. If I'm in the video or you'll see sean can tell if he is in the video so we like to use it as branding. So if someone clicks on that hashtag for sean Cannell then they can see all the videos that he is in.

However, It's not the best you know the organizational way to do this we like to use playlists so if someone wants to really go deep onto a topic like lighting. We wouldn't hashtag lighting we'd rather have a playlist with lighting. Because when you do hashtag lighting and someone clicks on that. It's going to take them to a bunch of videos and a lot of the videos are not going to be yours and so that takes us to one of the negatives of using hashtags is if someone clicks on the hashtag typically. They're going to be taken off of your channel and off of your videos as you know you want more people watching your own videos and so when it comes to that organizational process. We like to use playlists and then use hashtags for branding now we definitely do recommend experimenting so on that canon 90d

 I actually used canon 90d and the reason I use that is that that's mainly what the video was about was that camera and this is something that youtube actually predicted for me. So when you type in canon 90 or even put the nine up you're gonna see the number one is the canon 90d and this is something you want to use so you only want to use hashtags that are predicted. If youtube is not even predicting the hashtag that you want to go for then.

 We recommend that you don't use that because no one is searching for that hashtag but like you know with other social media platforms like Instagram hashtags can be a great way for a community or an event to really get behind a hashtag and start posting content you know about grow with video live we might ask people if they make a video or a post to hashtag growth video live and from there people can find other creators. They can find people from the event and so there is some power to using the hashtag. If you want to gather people under one hashtag but when it comes to ranking your video we have not found using the hashtag to have any benefit. But the question is should you use hashtags and our answer is yes.  When it comes to features on youtube we always recommend using them.

 When youtube rolls them out now I really do think that this is something that is going to evolve over time and more people are going to be searching using hashtags. So with that being said definitely experiment and use some of those hashtags your next video and if you want to use them in the old videos you can always go back and edit add them into your description and then you'll be set. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you want to see some more youtube tips like this then click on the screen right now to check that out and I'll see you guys in the next video. news sport

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