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Hey guys it's prati and today I'll be showing you a very simple DIY recipe for skin cleaning. You have dull skin if you have a pimple prone skin if you have excessive tanning or too many visible open pores this is admixture. This will help you like it actually solves a lot of beauty problems all you have to do is to use this thing once every single day and in 30 days guys, I can promise like it. absolutely promise you you will see a visible difference in your skin now I know a lot of you must be thinking oh well another promise these beauty bloggers on YouTube.

They just make these promises because they want to move it's on the video guys I understand your concern because of which I like always once again. I just insist okay once you have tried this DIY for 30 days please please come back and write in the comments section below how the experience has been or what. Changes you have seen in your skin or and this has helped you, okay I mean you can run an entire paragraph. You can write just one sentence but please come back and write in the comment section below because guys your feedback matters more than my promises for all those viewers.Who are new on my channel they're not going to trust me because it's obvious right and yes keeping all that aside let's look at this DIY and let's get started so first you will need some turmeric powder or healthy like it's called in handy.

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 If you want instead of healthy you can also use white turmeric or Kasturi module even that is very very effective keep in handsome mean powder especially. If you have a pimple prone skin some are Multani mitti and sandalwood powder if you have dry skin make sure you have coconut oil at home as well and some rose water now guys this is optional it's not very very important. But I just prefer using rose water because it just gives my mixture a nice scent now take about 3/4 or TSP of the sandalwood powder once the spoon of Multani mitti a pinch of turmeric powder and a little bit of the knee powder mix all the dry ingredients very very well and now.

 You can store this in your bathroom for months you can keep it for like six to eight months very very easily every day just before your bath time take a little bit of this powder mix it with a few drops of rose water and a little bit of coconut oil. If this the mixture is making your skin dry this mixture does make your skin dry actually so use some coconut or oil .If you have dry skin or if you have even normal skin just add a little bit more oil if you have more dry skin and the mask is ready now, we'll just apply this mask all over our face and guys off to 15-20 minutes once the mixture has started to dry or you can now clean it up don't try the mixture dry completely on your skin because you're using it every day. So don't do it it will dry hair feed on your skin oh.prone news

 I just take a wet towel and clean up your skin as you can see the skin is already looking much much better .Guys it's all for now thank you so much for watching this video don't forget to hit like subscribe and like it send a big wave of the video as well please please write in the comments section below. How this has worked for you try this for like 30 days and please come back and write in the comment the section below yeah that's all for now thank you so much for watching this is we've got you signing off now.

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