How to go VIRAL on TikTok REAL Tips - Tricks & Strategies

 Hey guys it's Mia today we are going to be talking about how to go viral on tick tock I personally got very lucky and have had numerous videos. That went viral my most viral video is right now at 68 million views at eight point six million likes that is crazy. I still can't get over how big that number is first let's talk about the tick-tock algorithm tick-tock promotes your video news to a small group of people and if the engagement is high. It will then be shown to another group of people and if that engagement is high.

 It'll show to more people and then more people and more people and more people and so on so now you know if your engagement and watch time is high. Then tick-tock will promote your video but how do you get people to watch the whole video. How do you get the good engagement that brings us to our next topic how do you get someone to sit through your entire video news to get a high watch time percentage? You need to have and you need to have something that the people are looking forward to so with my most viral tick tock.

 I didn't do it with these two guys that we're teaching you how to do a backflip. I'm gonna play the video right here so you guys can watch and understand what I'm talking about I'm gonna teach you. How to do a backflip in less than 30 seconds step 1 throw your arms to the sky step two talk step3 backward roll get step four put them all together and you get it. That video got a very high watch time percentage because people wanted to know is she gonna be able to do the backflip is she going to be able to do this or is it going to be like a joke or is she gonna fall on her head is it gonna work. If she can do it can I do it people wanted to see the result of the video so that got a very high watch time percentage so the tick-tock promoted it to more and more and more people another way to get your video to go viral is to do?

 What you're good at there are so many teen girls like doing the renegade and like all that popular tick-tock dance is hoping to get famous off of it but there are so many people it's probably not gonna happen. What I mean by that is if you're just starting out and you don't have any following it's hard to go viral off of simple dance that everyone is doing. However, if you're a really good dancer and you put like a twist to it or you just do it really really good then there is a chance. That it will go viral it's just less likely because there are so many people doing that same exact dance.

It will just be way more likely for original video original content to go viral so spend less time learning all of these dances and more time thinking of original and creative ideas. But there has been a huge success with people that have made their own trendy dance like yo doing. Haley she makes a bunch of really good dances up and she blew up from that and like the girl that did the original renegade. She just went on Ellen but definitely don't make your own dance to a song that's already popular and has a different dance to it this next tip is very important not just for blowing up one video. But to grow your account in general it is very important to find your niche saying you're an amazing artist and you can paint really well or you're an amazing drawler then make your account based on that because if one of your videos goes viral and people love your art.

 They're gonna follow you and want to see more of your art they're not going to want to see you do a popular take top dance. If they if that's all they see after that they're gonna unfollow you there are so many one-hit wonders out there but the people that blow up and become super popular and famous are the people that keep promoting themselves and keep posting another fast way to go viral on Tik Tok is to do the trends your video is much more likely to blow up. If you do the trends but have like your own sort of twist so it's not just the same as everyone else's use hashtags use the trending hashtags post consistently try to post at least once a day or once. Every other day has good lighting if you're doing a cool dance or art or anything really and you have bad poor quality and lighting. It's just unappealing to the eye like people are gonna skip that right away enough for your page but if it's very like bright and colorful and pleasantly appealing to look at then there's a better chance of people sticking around and watching the whole video. Another tip is to make your account a pro account basically what that means is that you can look at all of your analytics you can see.

When it's the best time to post according to where your followers live what sounds your followers like. What your followers are listening to and liking if you have a more male audience or female and just basically all your analytics you guys know what analytics are ok guys those were some of my tips on how to go viral on tik-tok and remember if your video doesn't go viral on the first day 2 days a week. Maybe even month maybe two months just keep trying a lot of it is honestly luck don't give up and if you have original and good content people will see it and people will enjoy it so just keep posting keep doing it. 

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