How To NOT Look Like A Tourist | What To Wear In Europe

 Hi everybody welcomes back to my channel. My name is Audrey in today's video is all about how not to look like a tourist. While on vacation, I've been very lucky in my life and I've gotten to travel a lot within the United States and then also abroad and each time. That I've traveled I've not only had a great experience. But I've also learned a lot so today. I want to share some of the things that I've learned in the form of 10 things you should try to avoid wearing. While on vacation I think that by doing so you'll leave yourself less susceptible to being targeted as a tourist. Which I think ultimately helps you have

a more immersive experience it also prevents you from being targeted for pickpocketing and other forms of crime and then also I think some of these tips will be valuable for ensuring.

 That you are able to visit every landmark that you want to so won't be turned away from churches for example and then before we hop into it though I do want to say as with everything. That I recommend on this channel always makes a take it with a grain of salt definitely adjust things accordingly to suit you and your personal tastes and your personal preferences and don't ever feel like. I'm telling you what you cannot wear because by all means wear what you want these are just some of the things. That I think is helpful to keep in mind to make your trip overall more enjoyable so before we hop into it. top news

 I post two new videos every week if you're new and if you hit that red subscribe button and the notification bell you can notify each time. I upload a new video so with all of that said let's hop right into it first up is athletic wear from head to toe so gym clothes athletic sneakers Nikes with laces sweatshirts sweatpants anything that screams gym. I think is a nice thing to avoid from head to toe especially while on vacation in the United States we tend to be very casual and I think there's definitely a time and a place for that and even with the arise in the athleisure trend. You'll still be hard-pressed to find people wearing that look from head to toe while traveling.

 I think one of the main reasons being that it's hard to transition a look like that from sightseeing into dinner and I think that while you are out and about on vacation, you want to be able to go to as many places as possible.  So, I think by dressing up slightly at the beginning of the day you can then more easily transition that look through tonight so swap your sweatshirts for a fitted classic sweater and maybe cotton wool or cashmere depending on the season instead of yoga pants. Maybe wear a nice pair of slim pants with belt loops is always a nice addition you know I love belts. So, I think that really instantly dresses things up and then in place of your traditional tennis sneakers swap those for a slip-on sneaker or more of a city speaker so I've got a pair of Lacoste you know I love but something in that vein will be very comfortable very easy to wear but also won't look like you're headed to the gym so along those same lines baseball caps.

Especially those with American teams on they are usually it did a giveaway that you are a tourist. Even though I've definitely seen more of those in recent years than in past years while traveling abroad. I think that as a general rule try to swap that leave it at home if you do want to cover your eyes and protect your head then maybe opt for a more classic hat style a link some of my favorite ones down below and here on the screen for you.U.S News But I think that it's just a nice very easiest so opt to make that will help you fit in a little bit better next up is backpacks now backpacks are very easy to travel with they're very comfortable.

 Because they're hands-free and carrying something on your back is a lot easier than carrying something on your arm. For example but I think that when traveling especially when visiting a very populated city you should avoid a backpack Because it's very easy to slip in and out of so you can get pickpocketed very easily and I think that instead you should opt for a crossbody it seems to be my personal preference because I can wear it hands-free as well. But I can swing it around to the front of me so that I can keep my hands on it and guard it it's something. That I learned from living in New York and I think that it's definitely something that's worthwhile to apply across all major cities and then just travel in general .

It's a lot easier you can also reach in quicker and get whatever you need passport money whatever it is and I think that it's just a much better way to approach carrying your very important belongings that you can't afford to lose. Especially on vacation now my next two tips are probably my favorite from this entire list and they both apply to Footwear so the first is to avoid uncomfortable shoes and high heels in that general vein so you'll definitely see people out and about in heels and you'll definitely see natives from wherever you're visiting. Where Neels but I think as a general rule when traveling and you are going to be walking a lot try to pack comfortable Footwear that is still nice-looking so you don't want to go too casual.

 But you also don't want to kill your feet and especially if you're not familiar with walking long distances and you don't tend to walk a lot in your day to day life and then you go on vacation and you do walk a lot your feet are probably gonna hurt anyway. So give yourself a fighting chance by starting with comfortable Footwear so a few of my favorites when traveling are sleek sneakers. I try to avoid running or gym shoes like I mentioned earlier and instead I'll opt for a very sleek lace-ups sneaker. I have my eye on a pair of slip ons as well because I think it's great for travel and those also look slightly more dressy and then also I really love ankle boots for this reason.

 I think that it really helps secure your foot and make sure that you don't wobble around but it also gives you a little bit of height if you pick one with a small stacked heel and then I also love wedges so if you do want to dress up slightly you want to wear a heeled option try to opt for a wedge. I think that it's really important to keep in mind that most of the places you will visit outside of the United States the United States are older then the places here so the cobblestone streets tend to be a problem things tend to be uneven and you don't want to be wobbling around in stilettos and potentially hurt yourself. So I always opt for a wedge I find that it's a lot easier to walk and and a lot safer overall so the next one in this category is to try to avoid flip-flops now outside of some beach resorts and especially outside of the United States.

 You won't really find people wearing flip-flops out and about so you run the risk of being turned away from places oftentimes flip-flops are far too casual for most places. That you may want to go so you don't wanna be turned away from a lunch restaurant for example because you are wearing inappropriate Footwear so instead I recommend opting for a classic sandal something that looks slightly dressier a little sleeker.  I think that it's easier to dress up and then ultimately make you look more presentable in the long run so you do avoid being turned away.

Because no one wants that to happen you want to be able to go to as many places that you want while on vacation and I find that choosing appropriate Footwear really plays a big part in all of that while on vacation you're bound to run into the weather. So whether that's rain or sleet or just gross conditions in general and the inclination is often to pick up a windbreaker on the side of the street from whatever seems to be available and I find that that tends to be a dead giveaway that you are not local. So instead I recommend bringing along something appropriate for weather conditions whether that be a nice trench coat or something that is wax-based news

 I think that anything that's more waterproof is the great options you have something on hand to protect you from the elements so you don't have to resort to a very cheap plasticky looking overcoat. I think that it's something that's often overlooked and something that will make a world of difference in the comfort of your overall trip if you are equipped for varying weather conditions. I touched on this next one briefly a little bit ago. But I think it's important to be mindful of the dress code in general when traveling and specifically when it comes to churches so oftentimes if you are visiting places in Europe with older iconic churches you want to visit them but you have to be mindful but they do have a dress code so oftentimes you aren't allowed to show your shoulders or have a hemline that goes above your knee so be mindful of that when packing then also.

 when dressing so if you are planning on stopping into a church every time you pass one you want to be prepared. Every day then it might be a good idea to pack longer hemlines and trousers and jeans and then always bring a cover up so you can absolutely bring your sleeveless and strapless items just make sure you have a cardigan or a shawl. So you're prepared and that's everything. I hope that you've liked this and you found it helpful and I'd love to know in the comments down below. If you have anything to add and then like always thanks for watching and I'll see you my next one have a great day.

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