How To Remove Pimples Overnight Acne Treatment


Hey guys show video recently I was trolling through all the comments. I get on my skincare videos and I read a lot of comments stating that I have clear skin. I don't have any pimples and something like that thanks a lot first of all for commenting on the videos and you guys praise me a lot that i have to your skin but I'm a normal girl like you, I get prim posed I get freaked out, I'm gonna insert the picture just to show you girls like I do get these things on my face as well but whenever these days I do take care of my skin pretty well. So peoples are you know caused because of so many different reasons like lifestyle changes, if you eat a lot of oil in your you know diet and blood problems and you know 

hormonal changes.

 If you are a teenager you are going to get pimples because of their harmony changes but let's not get into you know this that why we actually get pimples so let's talk about you know how we can actually suppress our pimple to make sure. I'm saying a big goodbye or Alvida to my pimple I do this three-step treatment and altogether all three steps work wonderfully as a treatment and within like 24 are my pimple is just like gone forever. The first step of our treatment is suppressing the pimple for that what you have to do is take one ice cube then cover it in a piece of cloth or you can use your hanky and then just dab it on your pimple. Now is actually hot in nature so it's going to take away any pain.all news

 If you have any pain from the pimple it's going to relieve that pain and as well as it's going to suppress that pimple and it will give you a calm feeling which is a great second step of our treatment is spa treatment now I get a lot of comments from you guys on my skincare videos asking me a substitute for whichever recipes. I show so for this particular video. I am going to give you guys four different options you can pick and choose Whichever products are handy to you and do this treatment easily the first option is to take just one drop. of tea tree oil and dab it wherever you have the pimple and keep it, There for 20 minutes then after 20 minutes take a cotton ball and just remove that tea tree oil option number two is in a bowel takes two to three drops of lemon.

Then add half a teaspoon of honey in it now mix it well together and then apply it on your pimple for good 20 minutes after 20 minutes just take a cotton ball and then just wipe it out for option number three take half a teaspoon of potato juice. Now you can grate the potato and stay in it to get the juice out of it then add just one pinch of cinnamon powder or Thal genie in it mix it well together apply it on your pimple and leave it. Therefor good 20 minutes and after 20 minutes just wipe it as usual with a cotton ball my for the last option especially for girls. Out there with sensitive skin take raw papaya grid it and then take the juice out of it and apply the papaya juice on your pimple and leave it there for good 20 minutes then just take a cotton ball a clean cotton

 Make sure you are taking a clean cotton ball every time and then wipe it off the beauty of all the ingredients I talked about in all the 4 options is first of all they are safe because they are 100% natural. Now they are going to make sure there is no infection going on and this pimple is not causing any other pimple now what happens is when we poke a pimple do not ever ever ever poke a pimple. Because when you book a pimple the explosion stuff actually you know there is an explosion on the outside of your skin as well as inside of your skin.

So this infection actually you know get around the area of your pimple that's why. When you poke a pimple you get more papers around that area because you know that people actually cause infection around that area. So that's why make sure you're not poking the pimple this spa treatment is going to make sure there is no. You know to reduce that infection from the area where you had applied this a spa treatment last and the final step of our treatment is taken half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. You can use natural aloe vera gel or the one which is available in the market just take half a teaspoon of that then take two or three mint leaves to crush them make sure in.

 Whichever utensil you are crushing them it is fully clean and washed then crush them in Cleaves and add these extra mint leaves extract in the elevator gel. Internet Then mixes it well together and apply it wherever you have a pimple and leave it there overnight and that's it you will wake up with clear and pimple-free skin. I used to have a small bump on my face so I treated it with the same treatment you can see it in the clip and then I didn't add any pimple. when I wake up in the morning you can see in the clip there is no pimple in the clip as well as on my face.

I if you have a lot of pimple on your face especially big pimples then you can repeat the same treatment good two to three times a week so that's it for this video. I if you are enjoyed this video and you want me to make more skincare videos and don't forget to hit on that like button and hit on that subscribe button to support my videos. And it really means a lot to me and will actually give me a virtual hug so hit on that red subscribe button and I will see you guys in my next one thanks a lot for watching girls take care bye-bye.



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