How to see anyone's phone activities in your phone

Hey guys what's up working on once again our channel designer from taking tutorial and today. I'm going to show you how you can keep your eyes on anyone's activity guys here. You can see I have opened my exactly see whatever. I am seeing in my this phone and everything is reflecting on this phone head and see this let me show you. If you are going in this contact and if I am typing something itis exactly reflecting on this screen. So you can treat this as a victim's phone and this is it could be your phone and you are mirroring everything from this phone to this phone and so that was what WhatsApp and it and this can be applied to anything. If I'm going back to let's say YouTube and let's open the YouTube and here. You can see also YouTube is exactly just the same screen is the same as this and one thing guys. You cannot click on anything it's just it's like a video so from here.

How to see anyone's phone activities in your phone

You can see just you can see everything but you cannot do anything like you can see every activity of this phone. So not only this you every activity happening on this phone you will be exactly reflecting on this phone screen let me show you something else. If I just go to Google and if I'm going to search here for something so let's hi so you can see this right. Yeah, you can exactly see everything and even the guy is checking his browser history. You can also see his browsing history and if he's gonna just enter some password. I mean let's say he's gonna sign into any account you can see his email ID and the password everything and the guy's most important thing is you do not need to be close around your victim's phone. supports news

You can monitor this I mean you can apply this trick from a long distance also as you are just going to need a good internet speed as it is working on mobile data. You can see okay you are viewing a shared screen and my internet is on that's how you can monitor anyone's activity in their phone and now it's time to show. You how this trick is working so for this at first.I'm going to clear me and let me show you the app at first so for this, you need one app to be installed on both phones. So that's the app you can see that the app name is inquired okay here is there and clearly see this now. Modeling I'm gonna open this app okay so let's open this app on both phones so the app interface is very simple. If you wanna share your screen with anybody most probably not so just you need to share this and then you .J

just need to start now and creating a little create access code then and on the other phone using it to click on the access and then you. Just have to enter this you won then hit on the axis okay then it will require the mobile data so please keep the order down and it is connecting okay and you can also enable the microphone. So I'm just gonna know thank and now see it will be working now if I just move back. I will see it is mirroring this is sharing this phone screen in that home see this clearly if I'm just going to the YouTube okay so that's how it is working so from where you can get the app. You can get the app on Play Store so you just need to go to the Play Store and so let's go to the Play Store and inquire you can see this search on this and hey this is the app so and that's it.

So guys that were a trick so basically guys buy this trick you can see like everything whatever anyone is doing on their phone that means obviously guys. You can see anyone's got some messages to whom they are chatting and their entire chat about what they are browsing what they are listening to and what they are watching on YouTube.Anything and even their passwords account details, in short, you can see live streaming off so guys that's it for today. I hope you enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up and please please please subscribe to our Channel take a tutorial hit that Bell icon a never miss our videos in your phone we'll see you in our next video till then stay tuned have a great day. technology

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