How To Style Birkenstocks 21 Ways

Hi! everybody welcomes back to my channel in today's video I'm bringing back an old series that I used to have where. Ii style one piece a variety of ways when I did this series originally. I had it in four different seasons so I would take one item and then style it for winter spring summer and fall so basically just four outfits. But the quality wasn't that great I've since upgraded a lot of things you know moving on up and so I wanted to start redoing that series but not limit myself just to the four seasons or four outfits. So instead I've put together a ton of outfits featuring one item and we're gonna start things off with my new pair of Birkenstocks because I recently added those to my wardrobe and one of the things that I like to do before.

How To Style Birkenstocks  21 Ways

I add something new is do a lot of outfit planning and a lot of outfit research and really try to visualize myself wearing something. So, that I know it's going to be a good fit for my closet and I'm actually going to use it. So I'm going to share kind of how I like to style them the Birkenstocks that I got and why and then I'm going to share a bunch of the outfits that I put together so let's get started let's start off with the Birkenstocks. That I got and then how I kind of like to style them the general like the inspiration that I'm using for them. technology

So I got the um plastic ones I guess for lack of a better word. They're the uh really inexpensive ones I believe, they're called Arizona and I got them for a couple different reasons the first being I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I think they're roughly 200 for the leather ones um until I knew whether or not I would actually wear them and then I also saw that a lot of people were buying these and they looked incredibly versatile in their wardrobes and then I also really really liked this pair in particular.

Because it's all black it doesn't have any hardware or metal on it and I think that makes something especially something new that you're not really familiar with styling a lot easier to work into your wardrobe. Because there's kind of less to consider and especially when it's something really out of your comfort zone like this for me and it can feel kind of clunky a little bit and a little bit clumsy. I guess for how I typically put my outfits together so I wanted something as simple as possible and these have turned out to be perfect for that now for the general inspiration and kind of my focus. When I'm styling these so far I've only had them for a little bit so I'm sure this will evolve over time.

But I'm really liking how they look paired with kind of my basic outfits so really simple separates and almost really classic things and also things that aren't too casual. I think that because for me and my personal style this style of a sandal reads really really relaxed. Breaking News I want to pair it with things that aren't so casual because then it feels just a little bit um sloppy on me sometimes so I like to make sure that things aren't too wrinkled.

Things are maybe buttoned or slightly undone but tucked in somewhere else there's always that balance and then I also really really like how these work for me and my personal style. When I pair them with short shorts and short skirts.

I really like short anything you've been to this channel before I'm petite I'm 5'3 I say that in every video.  I think but it really comes into play with how I like to wear my bottoms so I like things that are slightly cropped and I like really short skirts and typically. I can find things that are mini skirts or mini shorts and they're almost the perfect length for me.  So that's definitely what I'm liking with these because I think the balance helps kind of take your eye away from the clunkier sandal and just make everything look more even which I really like I also like how these look. When I pair them with kind of super feminine things my style has been incorporating some of that recently and things that are kind of puffy and ruffly and kind of girly in the prints and the color and so I think that it again much like the shorter skirts and shorter shorts balances the shoes and also keeps it from feeling too.

Sweet my style definitely is never super all the way traditionally girly so i like having something that counterbalances it and I think that this does a really good job and then also before we share before I hop into the outfits that I put together.  I'm really liking how these add something really different from my personal style. My general outfits as I've talked about in past videos.  I'm really strict about cultivating my closet because I've gone through so many closet purges and so many exercises that I talk about a lot on this channel to really focus in on my style and make sure that I'm buying things that won't go to waste so in recent years I've gotten so strict.

That I don't deviate at all and as a result, my style is feeling really classic but almost too classic and lacking a little bit of fun so these have allowed me to bring something new in and also kind of reawakened me to the power of like one piece and like especially shoes. I think shoes have a really good job they do a really good job of changing up your outfit so you can have something that's head to toe classic or head to toe monochrome or head to toe girly. Whatever and if you counterbalance that with a great pair of shoes it changes it completely so I'm having fun with that and I think that this does a really good job for that for my own style and it's definitely something. That I want to talk about more in future videos so with all of that out of the way.

I'm going to link some of my favorites inspiration sources down below for Birkenstocks some of the things that I took into consideration before.  I bought them and then I'm also going to cut now to the lookbook portion of some of the outfits that I put together some of these are the outfits that I styled in my summer the capsule that 10 pieces that I was playing the game around with and then some of them are new and fresh.  So, I hope that you like it and like always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you my next one have a good day.

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