How To Wear Loungwear Outside & My Capsule

Hi everybody welcomes back to my channel in today's video. I want to share my loungewear capsule wardrobe and a few of the ways. I like to wear these pieces both inside and outside of the house without looking like. I just rolled out of bed so let's start off with the individual pieces in my capsule so first up is the cozy sweatshirt. I have three of these a slim fit light grey one and oversized a dark gray one and an oversized black one and to me, sweatshirts are just the ultimate loungewear piece. I love them for relaxing on the couch and spending Sundays at home. But if sweatshirts aren't your thing you can easily swap this for a cozy sweater and cashmere cotton or wool and I would opt for a slightly relaxed fit to keep you comfortable.

How To Wear Loungwear Outside & My Capsule

So, then the next piece in my loungewear capsule is an oversized cotton tee and I love to wear this. When it's not too cold outside because it's still breathable it's really comfortable but it's lighter than a sweatshirt so I don't get overheated. When I'm lounging around the house especially during spring-summer here in Charleston. I love to wear my sweatshirts and oversized tee with either one of the next two large wear pieces joggers or leggings both of these are great. But let's discuss the joggers first this pair is a slightly relaxed but they're super comfortable. sports

They're really breathable because they're cotton and I can easily cuddle up with a blanket without overheating. Which is very important for me and one of the style points that I love about these is the tapered ankles. I find that it's a touch that really keeps them from feeling too casual and it really helped me from feeling a little too frumpy especially if you're on the shorter side like. I am if you're new I'm only five foot four and a lot of sweatpants. I find can be a little overwhelming but having the tapered ankle really helps give me some shape and then last but not least is a classic pair of leggings and a nice thick material.

I really don't like super thin leggings. I find them very uncomfortable and a little too conspicuous for me. So, I like to opt for some they're in a really nice thick material usually a blend of cotton and some spandex. So they have some stretch and I love these for lounging around the house because they keep me from feeling a little too stuffy but they're also not too restrictive. So I'll rotate between the leggings and my joggers depending on what I'm doing or how much I want to eat because obviously, the leggings are a little bit tighter around the waist.

Than the joggers are if I want to go from relaxing at home to maybe running some errands or maybe taking bat at the dog park. But I'm spending most of the day at home. So, I don't want to change into a completely new outfit. Then I'll stay in most of my loungewear pieces but make a few tiny tweaks so that I don't feel too sloppy. So I'm going to share some of those with you now so let's say I'm wearing an oversized sweatshirt and my slim leggings. Then the first thing I would do is swap the sweatshirt for a regular sweater so I would throw on one of my cozy cashmere sweater or something that looks a little bit more polished and then I'll add accessories. So, I'll add a scarf or a jacket and then maybe even a hat and some boots depending on how cold it is and I find that these small tweaks really make it look like an outfit.

When really all I have to do when I get back home is either change back into the sweatshirt and ditch the boots or even just leave the cozy sweater on and I can go right back to what I was doing relaxing on the couch. So, now let's say I'm wearing my oversized tee and the leggings if I wanted to take this outside of the house I would do a couple things the first is to add shoes. So I would throw on sneakers probably I really like this classic white pair that I've had for a while and then if it's cold. I will add a scarf because you know I love scarves and then a classic coat and I find that that is perfectly ready for running err it's going to the grocery store and then coming right back home and relaxing it's a very easy way to take the look from the inside to the outside of the house starting with that same base again. prone news

 I like to make a couple other tweaks in the opposite direction if I want it to be a little bit dressier. So I will swap the regular leggings for my faux leather leggings add some more formal shoes something a little bit dressier. Then a sneaker and then I'll throw on a great coat and throw my hair back and this looks perfectly acceptable this looks like a full-blown outfit without having to sacrifice all of my comforts now let's talk about the oversized sweatshirt and the joggers. If I'm wearing these two together I will very often just wear this out of the house as it is and I like to throw on sneakers. I love the sneakers when wearing loungewear and then I'll also add a great scarf.

Especially if it's cold outside and then put on a great jacket and I find that these small things are enough to make it feel totally appropriate. I'm still super cozy and when I come home all I have to do is ditch the scarf the sneakers in the jacket and I'm right back. Entertainment News Where I started alternatively I will sometimes swap the sweatshirt for a cozy turtleneck something a little bit more formal also nice cotton or cashmere sweater would work beautifully for this as well and then I'll throw on some shoes and going back to those classic white sneakers again and then a timeless coat and I'm perfectly ready to go now let's say. I'm wearing my slim fit sweatshirt and joggers.

I like to swap the joggers for jeans I find that they're still really comfortable but they look a little bit nicer especially if they're a boyfriend cut like this they're really really comfortable to wear and then I'll add loafers. I find that loafers are a really great shoe they're still casual they're still comfortable but they look a little bit more polished and then I'll there on a gray jacket and in this case I've chosen my plaid jacket because it pulls in the gray from the sweatshirt so it looks more intentional. Then just a sweatshirt and jeans but it's still incredibly comfortable and there you have it that's my very small loungewear capsule and a few of the ways. I like to wear those pieces both in and out at the house I hope that you like this and you found it helpful especially now as we're entering prime loungewear season it's the holidays and hopefully. You'll have a lot of downtime and time lounging around the house and like always thanks for watching and I'll see you my next one have a great day.

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