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Hi, guys welcome back to my channel my name is Holly, and today I'm going to be talking about how to grow your Instagram in 2020 Instagram is constantly changing. Its algorithm and its ways and it can get super confusing it seems like as soon as you're starting to figure out Instagram. It just flips everything upside down and everything changes at least that was how it felt for me. I felt like I could never find an algorithm or a rhythm that really worked for me. When posting that would get me to grow my page get more engagement and overall have a better Instagram that was until this last month I feel like I finally figured it out I found a system that's working that has grown my engagement by almost three times.

What it was a month ago so I thought since for once I finally feel like I'm understanding Instagram I would make a video for you guys explaining. How to get more engagement and to grow your Instagram in 2020 my first tip you guys might not like. I know I just want to hear it when I first heard it but it's to delete inactive followers at one point in time. I had over 10,000 followers on Instagram but I was only getting about a hundred likes on a photo this was really frustrating because I was getting offers from brands to do brand deals on my Instagram, but I didn't feel comfortable taking them and I would decline them because I felt like it was fake even though I never bought followers I never did anything crazy to get them I just didn't feel like.

I was giving genuine engagement basically my Instagram used to be a lot different from a niche so when I changed niches all of the followers that followed me for my old posts weren't really liking. My new post but it's in a none follow or maybe they just weren't active on their accounts regardless. I had less than a 1% engagement rate so finally, I decided I was just gonna go crazy and binge and delete all of the followers who weren't active and engaging or who I didn't know personally. I thought I'm not gonna think about the number that I'm left with I'm just gonna keep deleting until every follower is someone who genuinely wants to see my content and by the end of it,.

 I had myself down to nine hundred followers basically if I looked at a profile and I hadn't made a post within the last few years their username was something completely unrelated to what. I'm into or they were following more than 2,000 people. I assumed that they weren't active they weren't interested in my stuff or they just weren't using their accounts anymore and I removed them as a follower the first post that I made after deleting all of my followers got more. Then double the engagements that I got on any of my photos before and the reason has happened is because Instagram shows. Your posts to a certain percentage of your followers if those followers don't like comment engage with that photo Instagram thinks. It's not a great photo and it doesn't show it to the rest of your followers. But on the other hand if all of the followers on Instagram show.

 It's your photo to like it and engage with it and are real followers. Who wants to see your content Instagram thinks it's a really great picture and they start promoting it more so this could mean that it goes to the top of people's home pages. It could mean that. It's shown on the Explorer page there's a bunch of different ways that Instagram can get your picture out there and in turn. It gives you a lot more engagement and gets a lot more likes and then gradually you'll get more followers my second tip is don't use third-party apps.

 When you download an app regardless of what it is whether it's to post your photos on a timer or see who's unfollowed you or five followers Instagram doesn't know the difference.   You're logging in to a third-party app with your Instagram to buy fake followers and do something sketchy that they don't like or if you're just trying to do some genuine with your Instagram. Now, this tip isn't detrimental to your Instagram if you have logged into another app. It's not like your Instagrams can be ruined forever but Instagram does kind of punish you they shadow ban. You which means that for a certain period of time Instagram doesn't show your picture to a lot of people so your posts don't really do well you can't rank on hashtags. You don't rank on locations anything like Instagram does not like bot spam fake followers anything like that so if they're suspicious of you doing that at all they won't promote your Instagram.

So if you already have a third-party app you've probably already gone through the shadowban phase and it might be fine averages safely future. If you do download a third-party app regardless of what it's for just be aware that your posts might not do as well for a certain period of time my third tip is to use hashtags and use them wisely a majority of my posts get about 80% of their engagements. Just from hashtags and there's definitely a strategy to using hashtags you can't just put any hashtags on there when you click on a hashtag you can see how many other people have posted using that hashtag. If it's a low number you have a higher chance of ranking high on that hashtag page which is a good thing because when people search about hashtags they'll find your posts so like if they'll engage they'll follow. So if you're only using hashtags to have a million-plus post on them chances are you're not gonna be ranking on that top page unless you're a really big account so the strategy with hashtags would be to find the highest-ranking hashtags you can that you can rank your photo on the top page so that might be a hashtag that. Only has a thousand other posts on it or it could be a hashtag that has 150 thousand posts on it.

But after you make a post click on your hashtag see if your photos rain Paige if your photos ranked on that page you definitely want to use that hashtag again because people will discover you through that hashtag. If you're only using huge hashtags and you never see your photo ranking on the top page of that hashtag you probably want to go down to a less common hashtag so that you can rank and people can discover you through the hashtag my strategy is to# use a few really small hashtags a few medium hashtags and a few big hashtags. So then if you rank really well on all of the small ones you'll get bumped on the medium one. If you do really well in the mediums you'll get bumped on the big one and the bigger the hashtags that you rank on the more people that will see your stuff I feel like I just said hashtag a million times my fourth tip is to engage and be part of a community you don't want to be that person who just posting pictures update.

 But never likes comments on other people's pictures or you don't want to be that person. Who is posting all about food all of your pictures your page is all about food but all of the accounts, you follow our dog accounts and you're engaging with all the dog accounts. I you have a food Instagram you want to be following other food Instagram gonna be commenting on them engaging in them DMing people getting to know people in that community because of the more relationships. You build the more other people are gonna comment the more you'll get recommended on other people's pages when you go to a profile and click this little arrow it recommends other pages that are similar to that one.

 If you are engaged with another profile you'll be recommended on that person's profile and more people can discover you so make sure that you're commenting you're engaging with other people's posts and pages don't be that page. Such as post and sit back and hopes for the best my fifth tip I know everybody says this one and if you're watching this video you probably watched five other videos. I have also said this but consistency is key. So not just consistently posting your pictures but having consistency with your page. If you just posted a picture of your dog and then you're posting a picture of the dinner you cook and then you're posting picture traveling people will get confused about what your page is about and if somebody followed you. Because they really liked your funny dog pictures and then you're giving them a bunch of food and travel stuff they're not gonna be interested in it.

 If you post a funny dog picture and someone follows you because of that and then you post a bunch. More funny dog pictures people are gonna love that and they're going to be engaging with that so make sure that when you decide what you want your page to be about you know that you. Like that leash enough that you can continuously and consistently post on that topic so those are my top five tips to boost your engagement and grow your Instagram in 2020 for me these tips have boosted my engagement by about three or four times what it used to be so hopefully this will help you. I really hope Instagram doesn't change their algorithm anytime soon because I finally feel like I'm on top of it but regardless if you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe down below and I'll see you guys next time.

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