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Hello everyone welcomes back to my channel this is Ishita here and today we are going to see how to remove the marks that are leftover on your face because of any sort of pimples or rashes or acne. So if you are interested make sure you see the whole video this is a very effective method and I can guarantee. You by the end of seven to eight days you see a remarkable amount of difference in your skin so make sure you see the whole video so for today's treatment. We need potatoes and let me tell you all the benefits of the potato then. Why we should use potato the benefits of potato are they reduce blemishes removes the sunburn or tan the works on wrinkles and prevents. best news The signs of aging help and removal of dark circles reduce the under-eye puffiness and they are amazing for skin tightening and whitening as. They can remove the tan and dark blemishes that you have on your skin so for this particular treatment.

 I am going to use this particular potato and the potato contains vitamin A vitamin B vitamin C fibers carbohydrates potassium phosphorus calcium manganese and eaten. So this is something that is very very essential for your skin so make sure that you wash the potato before you peel it off as after. If you peel it off and you then go for washing it then you'll wash off all the required essential juice you get from it and that won't be that much beneficial in that case.

So make sure you wash it off before you are going to peel it off or you are going to slice it so once it is completely peeled off you can see it's almost juicy from the outer surface. So here what I am going to do is to cut to the potato in circular slices so that you can use that easily on your skin as circular slices will be something that you can hold on easily and can rub that on your face really easy. So hence I am saying that you have to cut that in circular slices as you can see here the juice is almost visible that is actually starch that is coming out of that. So that is going to help us in the removal of all the dark spots that we have so before you start massaging that on your skin.


Make sure your skin is really well clean you can go for deep cleaning or else at least go and wash your face with any face wash of your choice. Now, this is the step one where I am just massaging the potato on all the areas where ever. I have dark spots so you have to take the potato slice and you have to massage that on the affected areas or wherever you have dark spots in a circular motion do this for good ten minutes, Then you can feel that there is almost a sticky kind of juice or a very lightweight juice on your skin that will actually dry up in few minutes so you have to massage that on your skin for 10 minutes almost so that is going to help you in the removal of all the dark spots that you have. If you have any kind of darkness around your lips or around your nose or even discoloration or even the dark patchy spot that is going to remove that as well now for step 2. I am going to take the remaining half of the potato and I am going to put that in a grinder and I am just going to take the mixture out of it. You can see I have just pasted it and I have not used any kind of water or any liquid neither Gulab gel nor anything this is just the raw juice of potato.

 So if you want more effective result do not mix it up with anything but there are a few people how potato turns out sticky. They do not like that stickiness in that case you can use aloe vera or even another kind of juices or liquids in that but remember one thing. It will reduce the effectiveness of the product so how to use that now take the juice in a separate bowel dip cotton pad into that and then apply that as a face pack on your face.internet And then once the face pack is dry and massage that again with the potato slice and that will help in exfoliating the skin and will remove all sort of dark spots even the give this video a very big thumbs-up share this with your friends and most importantly subscribe to my channel.

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