The 3rd Party Cookies: How to disable or enable them in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera

 Hi I'd like to talk to you about third party cookies for a moment because in Blackboard Learn it is necessary this time to have third party cookies enabled for external applications to have single sign-on so first of all cookies. They are small files that websites can write on your computer and they're commonly used most of them are not a security threat of any kind now in recent years, cookies have been a subject of debates in fact in Europe. It is necessary for websites to ask you before they can post cookies so what that means is that most websites simply say we need to post cookies on your computer would you like to enter our website and if you say no then you cannot log in you cannot use the website.

3rd Party Cookies How to disable or enable them in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera

So it is a necessary technology but third party cookies are an interesting development what this means is that s blackboard say posts a cookie on your browser another website perhaps echo360 can read that cookie now cookies do not have sensitive information in them. They might indicate that you are logged in to our website and if your cookies were publicly available it is possible that hackers could do cross-site scripting type of an attack and to take advantage of your browser but when it comes to third-party cookies by now there is an understanding that there is a balance to this risk and in general it is best to have these enabled in fact the only browser that currently disables third party cookies.

By default is Safari now in a moment I will show you how these cookies working Firefox in Chrome Opera and Safari. But will concentrate on how to enable third-party cookies in Safari so that Safari can work with our vendors like echo360 in some of the other modules that we use inside of blackboard. So if you would like to read more about third-party cookies there's plenty of information. I recommend using Mozilla or another browser a technology company so that you do not go down the rabbit hole of opinions and unfortunately the debate.

 So as Muslim mentions large companies like Microsoft use third-party cookies because their domains are different and so they the websites are they hosting to communicate with one another ok so with this information in place. We are going to again distinguish between third-party cookies and regular cookies, regular cookies are cookies that are written by ay Blackboard Learn and the only blackboard can read them oftentimes cookies are stored in memory are only readable to the application that place them there.

when the cookies are written to the disk then they can become third-party cookies.

let's start with Firefox because Firefox approaches the subject from two perspectives Firefox actually implemented a Do Not Track option in addition to our ability to disable third-party cookies to see these options. we go to Firefox preferences and in the privacy section. we are going to see a big checkbox here for tell sites that I do not want to be tracked so third-party cookies have been used to track ads let's say you are going to Amazon and you are looking at telescopes until you really like this Ryan telescope and you put it in your wish list then you go to another website that has to do with astronomy and suddenly Amazon on the side is displaying to you hey. We have a deal on the telescope that you are looking for and so this type of cooperation often happens because of third party cookies and Firefox says okay if you don't like that then just check this box and now Firefox is going to prompt you do you want to see these ads how do you want to handle this scenario so that's a nice way of resolving here this issue. 

I don't want to be tracked and information about me shouldn't be shared to really making some of the okay integrations still available and still working but if you'd like to disable third party cookies in Firefox you drop down here this history to use custom settings and then you have an option here accept cookies from sides accept third-party cookies and you can switch that to never and of course if someone has configured your browser not to accept cookies and echo360 isn't working this is how you undo it. let's take a look at another browser to let's move to chrome in chrome we'll go to preferences and in preferences scroll down until you see Advanced Settings keep scrolling down and now we have the option to go to content settings and here's where we can handle the enabling or disabling of third-party cookies all right let's move to the next browser that's going to be opera in opera. We'll go to preferences and in preferences to privacy and us are going to scroll down until we see cookies and block science.

Third-party cookies are an option here now I mentioned earlier that Safari is the only browser that went ahead and disables cookies third-party cookies by default now for while Firefox and the governing body of this project. They were considering doing the same but they did in fact the other browsers again found other ways to control the tracking of ads but Safari and the Preferences under again our privacy tab has this option block cookie and other website data and the first option from third parties and advertisers and so here we would say block cookies never so we want to allow web sites to mark our browser again what this allows the website to do is when you are logged in the website can mark.

Your browser with a little cookie and some unique identifier saying you are now logged in and as you go from web page to web page they know that you are logged in and that's what cookies do and the third-party cookies simply allow a single sign-on and another website to also recognize that you are already logged in somewhere else well I hope that this was helpful to you and when you use Blackboard Learn. You will have to have these third-party cookies enabled thank you

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