The Galaxy Buds Live | Top Five Features

 The galaxy buds live definitely look pretty stylish but they also come with a couple of cool features like active noise cancellation Spotify integration shared together and ios compatibility there's definitely. Some great features on these bean-shaped buds, so let's get into it did you know that you can share media with your friends if they also have a pair of galaxy buds. What you can do with this is pair up your buds live to your Samsung device. Simply by opening them up just like this then what your friend does is they open up their pair of galaxy buds and connect them to your phone then what you do is once both buds are connected just swipe down on the notifications panel and right up there.

The Galaxy Buds Live | Top Five Features

You will see this media button tap on that now you will see both buds appear right over here in this media window and if you toggle this on they are both paired to the same media now. You can control their volume separately or together just by using the volume toggle and so just like that both those pairs of butts are connected to your device and you can both listen to the same contents. Whether it's Netflix youtube or Spotify you name it. So sit back relax enjoy the music with your buddy as you both share the same audio. One of my favorite features of the buds live is how quickly and easy you can access the Spotify or the volume toggles without even having to touch your

You do have to set this up but only once so in the galaxy wearables app select touch control and then once in there swipe left until you see touch and hold then select which bud you want to activate Spotify with or if you want you can activate the volume controls with both buds and that is literally it so now. When you have your buds in and you want to activate Spotify all you need to do is touch and hold and your Spotify will start jamming or if you want to use the volume option the same thing goes for the touch and hold so when you touch and hold.

You'll actually hear a beeping sound and the volume going up or if you do it on your left side. You'll touch and hold and the volume will go down. Latest News Now controlling the buds is much easier than you think if you know what you're doing of course so.

Here it is if you want to pause or play a song you just tap the buttons once, if you want to skip forward a song or maybe answer a call, you just tap the buttons twice then if you want to go back a song, you tap the buttons three times all of these gestures apply to both the buds which are awesome so you can do it in either ear also just make sure you're tapping on the top section of the bud over here and not the bottom section otherwise.

It might not work if you want you can also block all touches which can be useful in certain situations but also don't forget those touch and hold features. I showed you guys a bit earlier the active noise cancellation have been a hot topic for these buds and definitely do come with some differences compared to your traditional in-ear buds but first up to toggle on active noise cancellation head into the wearables app and right over there you will see the on and off toggle.

You can also set this as a touch gesture under the touch controls just select which bud you'd like to use this with and then in future you just touch and hold to activate it so these buds definitely cancel out your a base year sounds but not so much your trebles, unfortunately.

However, in my opinion, they are still better than the buds plus because the butts plus only come with ambient sound and not even active noise cancellation and with an ambient sound that amplifies.

Your outside environment instead of trying to cancel it out so although it's not the best and I've ever heard they still do a good job. When I first started using these buds I was instantly surprised by how much bass they have for such small and open-eared buds they are surprisingly bassy and I mean these things are tiny but this is thanks to the 12-millimeter speaker and the base duct that they added right inside the buds which is this little vent right over there and they work really well, in my opinion, the buds live are definitely a lot more bassy than the galaxy buds plus especially when I take one bud from each pair and pop them in my ears these are definitely a lot more bassy and on top of that if there's still not enough bass you can head into the wearables app and under the equalizer section you can toggle it into a base boost to get that extra oomph.

Then some other features to note is not only are the buds life compatible with Samsung and Android devices but they are also compatible with iPhones to connect the buds to an iPhone all you do is open up the app store.

Search for galaxy wearables and then install the app that says galaxy buds once everything is connected. you'll have full access to the app where you can change the equalizer and toggle off the active noise cancellation basically everything you're able to do with a Samsung device except on an iPhone then I love that these come with the find my bud feature.

In case of ever misplacing or losing a bud to access this feature all you do is head into the wearables app and scroll down until you see find my earbuds and then if you click on the start button the butts will automatically.

Start making a tweeting sound this obviously makes them so much easier to find and just keep in mind they'll only make this tweet sound if they are out of their case so once they are found and you place them back in they'll stop making the tweeting sound and this is really good for peace of mind then another fantastic feature is wireless power share.

If you ever find yourself in a pickle and your buds are about to die just make sure to toggle this on then place your phone face down grab your buds and get ready to charge them just by placing them on the back of

your device you'll hear your phone make this little sound and then you'll know your buds are charging pretty nifty and then finally in the box with your buds you get these two extra additional large ear tips and they're super easy to change you just grip the one side.

Slowly pull it away from the bud just like you see me doing here then grab the larger size ear tip and slowly but surely put it back on the bud you don't have to tug too hard or do anything crazy.

It's super simple to pop on and like that, you have a bigger ear tip size to sit a bit more comfortably in your ear so I'm curious. live streaming

let me know if you would go for the galaxy buds live or if you go for a different brand of earbuds but if you enjoyed this video then don't forget to like and subscribe or you can check out some of my other videos right over here but thank you, guys.

So much for watching and I will see you in the next one toodles.

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