Top 20 Plus Helpful Setting That Apple Doesn't Want US TO KNOW in iPhone ios 13

What's going on everyone in this video I'm gonna go ahead and show you 20 awesome settings that you could do on your iPhone that Apple doesn't want us to know about it. Let's get started all right so the first thing I want to show you is the ability to clean up your Apple music now by default if you're not subscribed to Apple music even if you're not subscribed you're still gonna have these annoying tabs and if you aren't subscribed this section right here typically will show you like an ad to subscribe to Apple Music and here's our prices blah blah blah but you don't want this you just want a clean layout to remove that to make it how it originally was before the existence of Apple music.

Top 20 Plus Helpful Setting That Apple Doesn't Want US TO KNOW in  iPhone ios 13

Just go into your settings go down to where you see music Click on this right here where it says show Apple music just go ahead and disable that and now when you launch the app you have the original clean layout so your music libraries tab is right here radio you still have access to that and you can still search right here for spotlight search so if you're not subscribed Apple music and you just want to get rid of that have a cleaner a layout that's how you do so now this next one is really useful especially if your friend is on an Android the green text bubble I'm pretty sure this is like an iOS meme but whenever you're texting an Android phone they're limited sometimes maybe text like a long paragraph a long sentence or something you're the message gets cut shorter you understand more as soon as I show you what to change, if you go into your settings, go down to the message tab right here scroll down to where you see character count now when you enable this if we go back to that message now when you type something up kind of hard to see let me turn off my dark mode you see right there we have a counter so you have an idea exactly.blogger

Where your message is gonna be cut short so you can see the limit amount so that doesn't happen again now the third one we're still in the messenger app but I want to show you something new for iOS 13 was the fonts you know an iOS 13 we got this new font setting if you go right here. You got to install fonts now, unfortunately, it doesn't work as you may think like you can't change like the fonts on the phone itself like here where it says generally about software updates it doesn't change that there are applications like font dinner free to download and this will allow you to install these new fonts to your device now, unfortunately, these third-party fonts that you installed these only work on like documents emails and other office applications because it doesn't work on messenger unfortunately but there are apps like this font that will actually allow you to actually put these different fonts shortcuts on your keyboard which is what I have done right here see how those fonts I have access to all these different font styles are huge from and when you actually send them the person on the other end sees that so that's something you can do if you want to change the font when you're messaging someone.

 I'll make sure to leave the links to these third-party apps in the description for you guys and then of course if you slide from the right to the left like so you can see the timestamp when you send the message and that's already something we shall know another cool setting you can change on your keyboard if you see right here I have Japanese keyboard enabled? FashionWhenever I switch to the Japanese keyboard if I actually go into the number tab right here. You see this little faith icon if I tap on this I have access to all these pre-made text faces to choose from this is really cool and to enable this if you want to send as a message all you gotta do is just go into your settings go down to general go-to keyboard tap keyboard and right here you see I have Japanese I'm gonna go ahead and disable this and deal with it so I could show you guys exactly how to set it up so I'll go right here and add a new keyboard just go down where you see.

Japanese and then tap on this one and just hit done for some the reason that's the only keyboard I actually will give you a funny-looking little faces so for number seven it's a combination of a few different settings you could just to have the ability to record with your phone without others being aware of let's say for example there's an incident happening that you have to document for evidence proof maybe in the future or something like that you have to record it typically when you're recording with your screen like so I mean on this end doesn't look like you're recording but on this side it's noticeable that you are recording with.

Your iPhone but there's a way you could do this tap reduces bring down the control center and now I'm still recording but the screen is so dim that you can't really tell because the brightness is so low it looks like the screen is turned off you can still see the screen you just have to move it super close now if you want to also know how to do this go ahead and bring up the brightness. Stop recording triple tap on the power button see now our screens back to normal if you want to know how to also do this simply just go into your settings go down to accessibility go down where it says accessibility shortcut okay, just checkmark reduce white point when that is checkmark now.

When you triple tap it will actually dim down the screen and you can bring down your control center and bring it down even more and now our phone looks like it's turned off so use this responsibly now for this next one is the ability to actually add a second person to be authorized for face ID to unlock so you can't really set to different profiles you'll be surprised how many people don't know about this so if you want to set an alternative face ID just simply go down to your face ID and passcode enter your passcode and just simply fly down where it says set up an alternate appearance so so if you notice when you're wearing a certain imperil like sunglasses something like that face of these having a hard time detecting your face you can just set it up here or you collect your spouse we have also have access to your phone by going through the setup procedure so that's available.

In case you want to set that up so for number eight is something I had on from the very beginning ever since this was innovated now by default whenever you unlock your phone you don't feel anything you have to visually look at the checkmark to know really if your phone is unlocked now there's a sudden. You can enabled we're actually will give you an epic feedback whenever your phone successfully unlocks like so if you also want this feature just got to go into your settings go to accessibility go down where it says face ID and attention and just enabled peptic unsuccessful authorization now. Whenever your phone unlocks you will feel it so you know when your phone is unlocked have you ever browse on social media and you see these addicting looking games but you want to try it but then when you actually play it it's like bombarded with a bunch of ads as I'm gonna go ahead and demonstrate right now see every time when I clear a level I just get a bunch of ads this is really annoying now way to eliminate that simply just go into your control center and just put your phone in airplane mode and just force close the app and go back to that game and that is how you could bypass these annoying apps that just abuse their ads now for number ten is a creative way to change the look of your eye now as I previously mentioned you cannot change the font for the text underneath the apps or the font on the settings but what you can do to give your phone your device a special look that separates them from other iPhones here on their settings if you go down to accessibility display NT where it says on /off labels enable this and now all these little modes that you can enable or disable.

Let's I have OHS and ice for on and off nano just a unique way to change the look of your device I guess now for these next few take place in Safari if you accidentally like let's say you close an important tab you wanted instead of going in your history and looking for it that way if you actually do this and tap and hold the plus icon you go back to the recently closed tab.

You'll be surprised how many folks don't know about this but now let's say you want to remove this toolbar right here to give your device a cleaner look let's say you're typing up something you want a full screen if you tap the AAA icons right here you guys li hide the toolbar to give me that full screen so if you're writing typing up something and you just want to have a fullscreen this is how you do that you can still swipe to go forward or go back if you want to bring it back up simply just tap anywhere on top and it goes back to normal for number thirteen there's a setting need to use to create custom vibration patterns for different people in your context this is another setting that I noticed not a lot of folks know about and it's really easy to do so here we selected somebody in our context if you tap Edit and go down where it says ringtone right here you see we have by default if you tap on this vibration tap on this and you just go all the way down and you can create new vibrations right here when you're at this screen you literally can tap anywhere on the screen.

If you look closely it's making different unique vibration patterns so now when this person gives us a call and you have your phone on silent you'll have a good idea who's calling without actually having to look at the phone and of course you could call this whatever you want and it saves and then while we're at it another setting you can change let's say you have your phone on do not disturb but let's say mark right here he happens to be a person we want to be aware that's calling even when do not is enabled if you go back to the ringtone on top of here you see. We have the emergency bypass when this is enabled now even though our phone is on do not disturb if he calls us it's still gonna ring our device now another thing.

I really have to share with you guys if you also get bombarded with a bunch of telemarketers or just get spammed with a bunch of unknown colors this was new for iOS 13 and there's a good chance there's a majority of people who aren't aware about this feature especially if you just got an iPhone for the first time but if you actually go into your settings go into your phone tab and go down where it says silent unknown colors. When you enable this if the phone number that's dialing you isn't in your contact. It's gonna be automatically sent to voicemail now Apple perfected this so in case let's say the police department a hospital if it's a known established company it's not gonna get sent to voicemail see right here where it says series suggestions that means those numbers that's not known to be a telemarketer will still be able to get a hold of you so that's one clever way to get rid of those spam calls now. If you used to know tap but you don't want it to be linked to your the iCloud account you want to make sure everything you type up will actually stay on your device there's a way you could disable this just by going into your settings and go to your iCloud scroll down yes I know I have a ton of Apple watches but if you tap on iCloud you can just simply disable it like so as soon as you hit delete all the notes that you take on your phone will actually stay on your phone so doing that will obviously free up a lot of space on your iCloud in case the Tauri fall and you want to remove that annoying notification you typically would get so these next few settings are in the camera app you know-how, when you switch to the panoramic mode the arrow, tells you to go one direction well you don't have to actually do that you go actually if you tap the arrow it will actually rotate and you can go towards the other direction in case you can't.

Another new thing is now on iOS 13 we recently got an update where you've actually changed a resolution right here by simply tapping gone are the days that you have to go into the settings to adjust that now you can simply control all right here now if you have some photos in your photo library and you just don't want others to have easy access to it let's say you lend your phone to a friend or something you have some delicate information you don't want them to asset and they see oh if you actually go in here if you tap the share icon right here and navigate downwards you have this option right here where it says hide tap on this hide photo and now if you go into your the album goes all the way down there's a little hidden album right here and now all the photos that you put here are not going to be in the camera roll they're in this separate file now there's no passcode or anything but there's a couple more steps you got to do to get access to this file so somebody won't accidentally see what you're trying to hide now I think I did lose count I'm gonna say this is number 20 correct me in the comments but if you're having a hard time going to sleep or you want to listen to a certain podcast but you don't want to play it overnight because you may be asleep and your phone still playing the audio you don't want it to accidentally wake you up midnight but there's actually a way you can set a custom timer to turn that off so for demonstration purposes.

let's just go on Spotify play the previous podcast I was listening to so we see here it still is playing if you go into your clock app and down here if you tap timer see where it says when the timer ends you can set it to the different commands but if you go all the way down you can actually checkmark to stop playing hit set and now you can actually create a timer when you want the audio to stop playing so. Let's say I should be asleep in 20 minutes tap start and now the timer is gonna begin and that podcast is still playing and when you lock your screen. It'll actually show you how much time is left but after the timer is done this podcast is gonna stop playing so it doesn't accidentally wake you up during the night pretty cool right now for this final one there's a The 50-50 chance you might already know which is why I saved it for very--in but in the case you're not aware I'm gonna go ahead and show you anyway because I know there's a percentage of folks who just got an iPhone for the first time so you might have not been aware.

If you have an iPhone Mac or you're just not used to the larger display by not having a home button you could actually slide your thumb down and have reachability on a corner of the display way I had to extend your hand all the way in case you can't reach the top part of the screen if you want to enable reachability you just simply just go into your settings you can also type in reachability from up here and here you go you should see it right away and then you can just enable it or disable it from here as reachability so yeah now your phone's gonna be at in a way your music the library it's gonna look a lot cleaner yeah guys check out that video right there especially. If you are using the latest iPhone 11 Pro max or regular 11 Pro doesn't matter the new camera array has a lot of tricks that you should definitely know about and that right there that's a playlist about the Apple watch yeah I know really interesting stuff. breaking news

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