Top Best 5 MIND BLOWING MAGICIAN Character in America and Britain's Got Talent

 The stage best a lot so you say you gotta make the show bigger so boom, so I love this knee oh you're gonna love this we got a deck they're huge you guys can't miss these all I want you to do is just touch any one you want. it doesn't matter anyone okay do you want to keep this or change your mind change my mind you're that guy okay.

Top Best 5 MIND BLOWING MAGICIAN Character in America and Britain's Got Talent

here just touch one let's go here okay stop you want to keep this one or you want to change you want to keep this you sure yes, I don't want to see it I'm gonna blindfold myself. show the camera show the crowd look I'm gonna look down here okay hey everybody, think of this card, think of the color the shape the size, everything about it and here's all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna draw this card ladies and gentlemen this is ESP at its best so far so good here we go so when I get this right this, is so sick ladies and gentlemen the car that everybody here is thinking of neo the card you're thinking of you're feeling.

It right now hmm is none other than the ace of clubs killing it no okay hold on that's amateur hour you guys thought I drew the ace of clubs no way I thought, I'd step this up and ladies and gentlemen right here before you I drew an entire deck of cards and Neos card is inside see that see it I mean no I tell you what this would be a good trick? And what was it you me tell you it's gonna help me a lot right now yeah let me see it. Okay good what if I could change that watch watch the ACE five Eclipse I got the su right so I just gotta add a few clubs watch the ACE that would have been good though I like a change. I could have taught that remember earlier I said it was inside yeah.

Now look I didn't want to do this but look just to show you that five has been drawn on there the entire time there is your fine John, hello I am mr. Lee where are you from Christian I am from London Jared a job I do have a day job it's a magician, Christian he married I am engaged – who- someone who's gonna be my wife do you have kids together yeah they're in the car outside so ok I'm gonna need an assistant one of you judges will be that and it's gonna be you Amanda it helps up the stairs these days kindly hold the card says all we have to do even better last night I had a dream a dream that you and I would be standing together here on stage we were holding hands that's right willingly and swaying to the music it was the cone about a time sway but eventually we found our rhythm. He wanted to go all the way and name a card into the microphone a card just name a card but before you got there though the loud voice it was my voice and the dream was over I did remember though the card that you nearly said in fact I'm gonna use my mind powers could I have my mind enhancing device please.

Here we go time to put the card into your mind amanda named the card that is now in your mind the six of hearts six of hearts you say if you could just take the one card that is the only card facing the other way around take it out slide it out and show them and live the dream. It is the six apart, how I did it it's not so important it's how I'm going to get this balloon off you could just come round here and just wrap me around the waist good awesome so we're going to try something with the Rubik's Cube we're gonna mix it, up on all six sides now there's 43 quintillion different ways you can mix it up so watch that close completely mix it up one-handed in the bag as fully as possible back to solve I think you have a guess on how I do that right some people gets you a second cube in the bag I will prove the bag is empty look I'll check completely empty completely empty absolutely.

Fineman I'm gonna do something that's never been done before on TV Simon can you actually mix up that Rubik's you turn it as much as you want now every time you turn it that's a different one of those 43 quintillion permutations.

Simon whenever you're happy I will take the cube that you just mixed up and put it back and beg watch that close Simon's mixed-up rubik's cube that's incredible that would be an amazing there was not a second rubik's cube in the back but that's not the trick I'm being it - you're still paying attention. Simon can you actually cover it up on all six side cover it up perfect like that yeah now when you think of a solved Rubik's Cube what do you actually picture solet's colors right what if I told you that I found a different solution to the Rubik's Cube watch close right about right about there see the different solution was to match the Rubik's Cube that Simon mixed up 30 seconds ago you have so if I did match.

It you're gonna notice we have one side that's going to be a completely better than one side though that's going to be side number 2 that is 3 that is 4 that is 5 that is all 6 I'd 2 completely perfect okay once in Richard I really wish you the best of luck.

Thank you very much do you mind if I join you only it's Abel I would like thank you very much. I don't say I'm most indiscreet or compensate. I lost a motive now I have the gift here this is a gift which is going to be for one of you judges in just a few moments but I leave it there for now I also have two notebooks on each of these notebooks. SPORTS NEWS

I have different things written one is for you Amanda as I flick through would, you mind reading some of these out for me Jennifer Aniston Madonna Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift Vin Diesel Halle Berry Emma, Stone Tom they're all celebrities 60 celebrities to be precise if you could hold your hand flat for me place your other hand directly on top and just hold it there I also have one for you Davidthis one here is a drinks menu and every Page,  is a different drink please you can hold your hand flat and place your other hand on top now just with your thumb lift that make sure no one sees and just take a peek or whatever you choose and it's slamming close for me and please could you stand up and just throw them onto the stage because we no longer need those unleash the anger perfect okay I maybe we're gonna start with yourself you all think of a celebrity is that correct thinking of assertive just stand up for me what I need to do is send two forts straight directly into my mind. I need you just with your finger look me directly in the eye and just touch me, just on the forehead you felt that right thank you so much now what you've just done is just directly sent your thoughts into my mind and I'm the how can a very creatively find out who you were thinking of now believe a lot before I became a magician.

I spent six years in an origami intensive training center in the heart of Japan just thought I could be here with you guys doing this right now now am I right in saying she's someone who's very particular about their hair yeah and I think it's probably a man don't give anything away but I'm going to just that's perfect okay Amanda please tell us this wonderful audience who are you thinking of David Beckham.

Yop Nisa life makes something very very special for you to keep. we have people still think the truth is that correct correct would you mind now revealing to us the drink that you have been taken off it's the drink I'm drinking right now which is a cup of tea that's a cup of tea now this has been here the whole time it's been in front of yourself Simon yeah inside here ladies and gentlemen just as you asked for orange soda it's a little bit orchid but we can still fix this don't panic could you just reach out your hand just here for me send me that positive energy believe your luck now just filled me with all of your kinetic energy which allows me to act almost like a microwave, so the can starts to heat up how can I make it hotter and hotter please feel it what feel the can it's getting hotter and hotter it just makes sure that is a sealed can most you think of one drink you said breakfast teams are either correct if I open this up ladies and gentlemen just what you ordered.

Please taste it makes me really is be a delicious tonight we want to show you something very special and different ever since Tommy and I got on the show for the first time people have been coming up to me saying it must be great to always know what your boyfriend is thinking well it's not always that great but tonight for the first time you are going to feel how this is can we lift up the board we started very simple we lived in a small apartment but we always kept a bowl of jelly beans on the table our favorite sweets because they come in all flavors and colors Emily look away Simon pick one jelly bean any one give it to me.

Tommy you're tasting something like no it's sweet it tastes like berry it was the purple one it is very what's the purple one it was it was hide your turn take out a different one cool you were going to eat it Emily how do you taste something different. I sense bubblegum it was the pink one is that correct the pink one I don't Thank, You Heidi, Melby I have the feeling you have a sweet tooth so I want to take you as many jellybeans as you like we'll do this very fair comely look away and they'll be take the scoop take the glass in the other hand and you can add scoops into the glass half scoop full scoops just a few whatever you like how are you how are you tonight. I'm very good how are you I'm good Oh what would be your dream flavor for jellybean Oh Mel B Mel B chocalate the spicy chocolate Mel B is excellent very fun Mel B you're happy it's someone you could add some more if you like this is perfect for me so there still some.

left for us thank you so much cover the glass with one hand put the other hand on top Amelie we are ready so we all agree that no one knows how many jelly beans are inside this flats right but our brain is a curious thing and somewhere in there you probably you already know Mel B ok. Amelie find it I want you to look into my eyes about me your mind seems to be very busy at the moment relax. somewhere I sense that jellybeans already and I'm sure that you have 22 celli beans inside this glass you can remove the hands 22 are you sure I'm sure 22 jelly beans okay let's do it very fair put all the jelly beans on the tray push them all to one side there's nothing left in the glass write and count one by one being baby loud so everyone can hear it. I have to apologize love STREAMING because maybe we were not completely honest with you you thought we were reading your minds but no remember at the beginning Emily was standing next to a chalkboard she said, it will be different tonight. We were not reading your minds tonight we were controlling your thoughts this board has hanging in full view the entire time. whatever has written on it cannot be changed Emily Simon will pick a purple, jelly bean, Heidi will select a bubblegum one and Mel P will have exactly 22 jelly beans chocolate jelly beans very soon

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