What Cameras Do YouTubers Use and Why

Everybody's looking for the perfect camera for YouTube does it have a mic input does it have the flippy screen to selfie. So, I figured let's ask some YouTube legends what camera they use and why and in this video we talked to Justine dan from what's inside and a few other of my youtube friends and they break down their setups coming up hey what's up big media. I'm here at CES with iJustine how's it going it's going great.

I mean CSI absolutely love it every year this is what I look forward to yeah I love CES as well and we're asking YouTube creators some different questions and the first one is what camera is using the most right now and why it's funny cuz you came up to me. I'm like I'm literally holding exactly what I use the a7 3 the lens the 24 to 70 and I have the AV X mic and you guys are basically using the same setup that I'm using right now yeah totally. So, we know why we love it but what was it out of all the cameras you've tested and everything you've tried that led you to this setup. I mean the a7 3 has such great autofocus that it's just it really is unmatchable right now and this lens is incredible it gives you a great depth of field the autofocus is really fast. prone news

What Cameras Do YouTubers Use and Why

I'm really into the autofocus and I love this too because I can add in two mics and it's all into the camera. So I'll have to worry about syncing audio well currently I'm using the Nikon z6 which is from their brand-new mirrorless lineup of full-frame cameras. I'm really loving it the color science is great the autofocus is up there with Sony and Canon and I really feel like this is kind of one of the better all-around systems for 2019. It's around $2,000 for the body on this camera and I'm getting true 4k full-frame and I can crop in if I want it's also got stabilization on the sensor it looks a lot like a Panasonic camera to me in fact to the stabilization is really good on this camera. game So all-around if this camera really serves us well on our channel. Blog I really think that taking photos of thumbnails' true photos is extremely important.

So I have to have a photo camera as well as a video camera and this is just a perfect hybrid for me. I love that and what camera is your go-to camera right now and why so like go to camera right now is the Sony a7r 3 even though. I have a 7-3 right here but the are 342-megapixel photos and crispy 4k videos. The best right now a 7-3 with a right now at 1635 F for why did you pick the camera like I mentioned I was more I'm more of a photographer initially and so Nikon was I kind of had the whole Nikon setup lense. Everything and when I started moving over to more video I just wanted a hybrid camera. I wanted to be able to still shoot have really good autofocus at the same time switch it over to manual and take a lot of photography shots so razzle right now.

 I think still one of the better kind of hybrid cameras and one of the things that a 7-3 doesn't have is a screen that flips to selfie so when you're shooting videos just at your home studio why'd you get around that one creating YouTube content. I have at home I have a secondary monitor so I'm able to at least frame myself get the shot and kind of make sure all my colors are okay. But when I'm out there more than likely if I'm vlogging I'll just try to keep it as wide as possible possibly shooting 4k then it crops it into it later if I'm going to be exported out at 1080 so kind of do some hacks around that to getaway from not missing the shot at least so shoot. It shoots a wider and if I'm right now still ex-Borneo 1080 I can crop in a little bit originally.

 I started off with my cell phone and I made over 400 videos with my cell phone and now I've invested in this Panasonic gh4 and I shoot a lot of 4k and I think that's that'll give you that little extra edge.  Because when search results come up and if you're doing the exact same video someone else. If you're in 4k and they're in 1080 you're gonna be higher. I learned that from you so this is the Sony AX 53 I like to call it my soccer-mom camera and because it looks like a soccer mom would have this thing. It's only around $800 at Best Buy and the nice thing. I like about it is I was not a film person before coming into this basically I saw as a drug rep for a drug company and so I needed something that would do the autofocus for me and be really good.

 This is really good with autofocus and then also it has a twenty times optical zoom. So that's why it looks like a soccer mom camera cuz you can just optically zoom in 20 times. I was at the World Series up high and I was able to get the guys right on the field up close and it doesn't it take away the 4k quality at all. Because I'm not digitally cropping in so and then also 4k the algorithm at least three years ago. When I got this camera loved 4k videos this one is cheap it worked well so anyway I love this one super-smart user-friendly and then how did you accessorize it so the Sony mic is a great one. Because it's built-in it just has this little attachment that goes in you don't have to have a separate cable that plugs into it and then I would I've seen with a lot of the road mics where the problems have been being like your cable comes out or this one doesn't have batteries your battery dies and you don't know it and you lose your audio.

This one is connected to the battery that's on the camera so you always know it's pretty much failsafe that it's going to work. When I was we've done a couple of videos with Casey nice snap and when we went there a couple months ago it had been like a year and a half since we'd film something together and I came in and I set the camera down and he looks over he's like still using the camcorder, huh and I just kind of laughed. I was like ah this can't so I definitely I'm not the coolest looking of all the YouTubers but it gets the job done and if you're a YouTuber that's a good message. It's like whether using an iPhone a GoPro like this camera a super expensive DSLR or you're mkbhd and you've got an $80,000 8k red it doesn't really matter you need to be able to tell the story you need to be able to make videos edit them in a way that people want to watch and so YouTube is more than just the technology use.

 So if you found the content in this video valuable so far can you smash the like button and you might be wondering Shawn. What is your favorite top pick for YouTube this year and we actually have two here at thinking media the Canon m50 but also the brand-new Sony a 6400 and we just did a head-to-head video of our two top picks. So, if you want to watch that you can click the YouTube card to go check it out and we'll also post a link to it in the description below the question of the day what do you think is the best camera for YouTube this year and why let I know in the comments section below. prone news

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