10 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your School Style

what's up you guys it's Jose Zuniga from teacher miss fashion for today's video. I want to go over ten different ways you can upgrade your school style because when you're going to school you're either trying to impress your friends or that pretty girl that you like and you. Just want to be known as the most stylish kid on campus so the first one is invested in big-ticket items usually then you're in school you're going to be surrounded by peers that are very quote-unquote hype piece. So you're going t ant to invest in certain items that elevate. Your style but the key factor is that you're going to want to do it on items that you can wear on a regular basis so don't go out and buy $2,000.

 Jeans that are all torn up and you might wear only once a month because they're extremely memorable. Said you can invest in maybe $300 pair of sneakers like the common project sneakers that yes are a little bit pricey but it's a sneaker that you can constantly wear and get your bang for your buck atom number two is to cover. Your basics it's very hard to be known as the most stylish guy. If you don't even have the basics right. So the white t-shirt the ostrich the chinos the welcome jeans make sure you have all of these down pack and fitting right and you'll have pieces that. You can wear year after year number three is to go ahead and show off some school spirit no matter. If you're in high school in college picking up some gear with some simple college design can actually look pretty fresh however be careful don't go head-to-toe full college spirit.

 I say stick to the basics like your crewneck sweater or your simple t-shirt and then everything else. Your outfit should not have your school logo on number four your backpack won't be fooled your backpack is just as important as every other piece of your outfit. So many times I go to school and I see kids or guys just stuffing their books and just some crappy old messenger bag that completely ruins their outfit or even worse. They try to carry everything in their hands their water bottle all their books their calculators their phone all in so it. Just looks messy and it's just not functional so pick up an affordable and stylish backpack this one's on the fist is honestly perfect. Just because of its simple and aesthetic design it's super minimal so it looks great on every outfit that I pair I picked up a black one because. I just figured is way more versatile so the cool thing is that the backpack is made out of leather at the bottom.

 And then a high quality canvas on top and the inside has padding that holds my laptop and keeps it safe there's a really great pickup and definitely. An add-on that you need to have if you don't have a proper backpack for school because like. I said it is equally as important I'm going to have it link below the only caveat with the fifth is that they only sell on the fifth of the month. So make sure you subscribe to their newsletter that way you don't miss a drop because they usually sell out two or three days later. I also got you guys a discount code to make these backpacks even more affordable and going along with that one tip number five is to make sure that your wrist does not go on check again. So many guys just look likely to roll out of bed without having a care in the world every time they go to school. If you want to be that stylish individual definitely one thing that's going to set you apart from everybody else in college.

 If you're wearing a watch and just pay attention to details looks good at most guys at your college or your high school. I can guarantee you a lot of them probably don't wear a lot so wearing a watch is also definitely. Just as important and can instantly elevate your style number six is for those guys that maybe times are tough if times are tough dial is still not a problem the thrift store is going to be a goldmine for you guys.

So my usual theory when it comes to thrift store shopping to buy vintage and then just go to the tailor and tailor it to modern cuts that fit today's style you'll end up only spending pennies. But you're going to look like a million bucks with a unique style that most guys won't be able to replicate number seven is to Footwear. You need at least two basic resists the urge to go down the cheap route when it comes to Footwear. I really always suggest going with the quality Footwear that's going to last you a long time. So pick up at least a leather loafer this way you can dress it up even with the suit or smart casual outfit or dress it down and then at least one pair of white sneakers that you can wear with almost anything. Whether it be some simple bands or even some Stan Smith now. If you've got it like that definitely don't limit yourself to only two but most students are on a budget.

 So - it's all you really need number eight is a proper hoodie this is almost a must on campus not only is it easy to wear it'll keep you warm and those really cold classrooms. But if you want extra style points and to stand apart make sure you layer your hoodie with the jacket on top usually your jean jacket or a bomber jacket on top of a hoodie looks. Pretty fresh and the last two are things that you definitely don't want to do and follow the crowd number 9 will be to resist the urge to wear slides. I know how easy and comfortable in my team but slides are not appropriate attire for going out it looks lazy sloppy like you. Just rolled out of bed and going with that same tip number 10 - the last thing. You do not want to do you see it all the time is to wear your pajamas again. It looks lazy sloppy and a little bit dirty so if you want and you really don't want a shower in the mornings. I recommend you to at least throw on a fresh pair of clothing and don't just roll into class and your pajama alright guys so that's it for today.

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