10 Instagram Stories TIPS TRICKS and HACKS

 Doday guys I am sharing with you part two of my top 10 Instagram stories tips tricks and hacks and hacks. You guys really love the first one and I got. So many questions on that video .If you haven't seen that yet I will have it linked here on the screen or down below and you can check out part one. But yeah you guys just had. So many other questions and tips and stuff that you wanted to see and those are guys please feel welcome to follow me on Instagram. You can just search my handle it's Hales world and yeah you'll find my account from one Instagram into another. I'd love it if you gave me a follow finally.

 I'm recording this video on my samsung galaxy s7. Just in case you guys were interested. I love this phone it's the bomb calm and yeah anyway let's get into the post . Now okay so first up is using different fonts and Instagram stories this is more of a hack. So the first thing you're gonna do is .Just decide on what picture or video .You're going to share in your stories and then what you're gonna want to do is go to your browser. So I use Google Chrome excuse the lightning and thunder guys and then you're going to go to a website called cool symbols dot-com it. Looks like this there's a bunch of adverts and all the rest. But in that section you're just going to type your message whatever.

 You want to say in there and then. When you scroll down you'll see a whole bunch of different font variations of what you. Just typed out if that makes sense. So then you just click the button that says copy. You go into your stories under the text icon and then paste in what you literally just copied as. I'm doing like this and you will have an awesome font .So it's a pretty cool hack I know it's a lot to do. Just to get a different font but still. If you were interested that's what you do to get different fonts and here. I'm just showing you another example quickly now. I know stickers are something everybody knows already and there's lots of knowing going on. But did you know that some of the stickers actually change depending on what day on. So I was obviously filming this on a Sunday and there.

 Were some stickers related to Sunday. If you on stories on like a Monday or Tuesday or whatever. Day it is there will be stickers pertaining to that day. I hope it makes sense and once again. Something you guys might have known. But if not now you do keeping with stickers another thing. You guys migh not have known is you can actually change the look of. Some of them so fo instance I'm using the temperature sticker here and everyone might think oh it's pretty standard very simple. But if you tap it it actually changes. Which I think is awesome tap it again .You get another design and this works for quite a couple of the stickers that areavailable on Instagram stories. So here is just another example okay now this is the one question. I got asked the most in my previous video is how do you add the link to the bottom of his stories and unfortunately. You can only do that when you have 10,000 or more followers on your Instagram profile. Which is pretty sucky. I know because I don't have 10,000 followers .So you know if you want to go follow my Instagram account please feel welcome too because .Then I can add the link at the bottom of the stories. So as you can see here. I used 9gag as an example they have 41 million followers. So they can easily add the link to the bottom of the stories another question.

 I was asked a lot was how do you flip the camera really quickly or rotate the camera in. Like two seconds and it's literally as simple as tapping. Your screen twice however with the Samsung or the Samsung s7. It doesn't seem to work when you're actually recording the video. So as you can see here and busy recording, but it's no working it only works. When I'm not recording. So I'm not entirely sure why that is, but if you've got an iPhone or maybe another kind of Android phone. It should work just fine just literally double tap and the camera will rotate. So the next hack is pinning objects now. I know a lot of you probably know this already and you're like come on girl this is. So simple but still I thought. I would include it just in case. You didn't know that you can actually pin emojis or pictures and all the rest. So all you do is you choose the image that you want to pin like here.

 I've used the fire and then you hold down or press and hold down this and a little bar appears at the bottom. Then you just decide when you want it to appear and ver BAM. You have pinned an object to your picture or video. So this next one is more of a tip and it's a little hard to explain. But anyway if you go into the stickers section and you select the hashtag and you type in what hashtag. You want to use. So for example I used summer what's interesting about doing. This is your story might end up getting featured in this hashtags main story. So I know it's a little confusing but basically.

 If anyone in theworld clicks on the search icon right and they search a particular hashtag a like summer for example your video might end up being featured in that hashtags story. So as you can see right here this is the main story pertaining to the hashtag. So if Instagram decides to use yours you might end up getting a whole bunch of followers and it's a great way for getting exposure and like I say just getting more followers in August. So it's pretty interesting and keep that in mind. When doing your stories to always add hashtags. This next tip or trick is a fairly new feature so you might not know it. But if you see that icon in the bottom right hand corner it's like that paperplane icon and you click on it. It basically means you can send that particular story to anyone via private message .

So there I'm just selecting my friend candy cane and I'm saying. I need this dress so it's a pretty cool feature and like. I said it goes to their DM. So their private message and you know. If you want to gossip about someone cuz. I know you girls you guys love to gossip. I'm just kidding this next trick I actually showcased on my first video. But it's been upgraded since. Then so definitely always go back to Instagram stories and upgrade your app and look for new features. Because like I said this has been upgraded. So if you go under the stickers and select that camera icon on the left hand side. You can take a little mini selfie. If you will but then what happens is once you click on it once again it. Just changes designs and stuff and I just think it's. So nice to just interact and make your stories a little bit more interesting and then finally this last one is more of a hack and it's basically adding music to your stories. So all you do is you go to the music player that is on your phone and choose. Whatever song you want to play and then record your stories. So literally just as I'm doing here.

 I'll stop talking now so you can hear it. So once you finish playing your stories there will be a little bit of overlapping. But then you must just go onto your phone's player stop the music and then everything is fine. So that's literally it's super super simple. But once again just something. You guys might not have known that. You can do and that is it guys we have come to the end of another 10 Instagram stories tips tricks and hacks video. Let me know down in the comments section what was your favorite hack tip or trick a lot of you might have already known these but if not living on the comments section .Which one you enjoyed the most and finally guys don't forget to check out that first video. I created I will have it linked here on the screen as mentioned or down below in the description box I'm sure you will enjoy that post .

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