12 Most Helpful Android Apps For Everyone

 Because of the nature of my work, there is this one question. That I always get from my friends and family and that tells us about some apps that are very useful for Android and to be frank there is no simple answer to the discussion. Because the app that I might find useful might not be useful or helpful to you but after getting this question a number of times. I decided to compile a list of apps that are useful for everyday uses scenario and in this video you are going to talk about the top 15 of those apps and just to make things clear in this video.

The list is not about the usual apps like Evernote or Google Drive or even a Google Translator because let's face the fact we all know about it. So let's talk about some lesser-known apps but are very helpful for everyday usage. What are we waiting for this is Ashish from guiding tech and let's get started sonnet File Explorer's first app in the list is a must-have on all the Android devices as a file manager. It manages to do so much more than just transferring files from one folder to another the app is based on material design and supports FTP SFTP and other various protocols along with cloud storage supports for Dropbox onedrive Google Drive and much more good access makes it a fully functional root explorer and index file searching gives you.

Your search result in a couple of seconds the app also has the ability to read an extract zip rar and tar files even when they are encrypted it comes with a 14 day trial period after which you need to purchase a pro version. I strongly feel you must buy after checking out its features need to transfer files videos photos to another Android iPhone or even Windows Mobile at a higher speed. Then this is another app that you should install share it creates a local Wi-Fi network and by creating a hot spot on the sender's phone the receiving phone also needs to have the app installed the speed is so much better. Then what you get on Bluetooth and works on almost all the major OS for smartphones these days you can also use the app to transfer files from PC - phone or vice versa.

It's very easy to establish a connection and there is no Wi-Fi network to connect to the apps create one from connecting phone and then you can just transfer your files seamlessly from one device to another. Which includes photos videos and even apps the third app in the list is a universal copy and can help you to copy any and selectable text to the clipboard and then paste it to the destination app. Just need to activate the app and tap on the notification icon. When there is an app you wish to select text from the app works on OC a technology. That is optical character recognition and it will recognize the text from the screenshot taken and then copy it to the device's clipboard. You have already done a detailed review of the app and you might want to check it out by clicking on the card. That you see on the top right-hand side and our notifications are so poorly managed and once you clear them or tap to open them they are gone and getting them back is quite a task.

However with boomerang notifications the app at number four you can save individual notifications for later and optionally set a reminder for a more convenient time to read them. This can be useful when you receive a text or email you have to reply to but at the moment you don't have the time to get that done. Just add the notification to view later and the app will remind you at the appropriate time to take care of its smart tool is one of its kind apps on the Play Store. Which is a complete package of six app set it includes six pro set of a total of 15 tools can use your phone as a ruler leveler compass sound meter and much more the readings of a ruler and a distance calculator might not be accurate as it uses the camera? But still, you will get a rough idea the app is dollar 2.9 and on Play Store and works without any internet connection.

Which is from what I believe a perfect companion could all go DIY tasks at home at number 6 we have a cam scanner that utilizes the powerful camera of your device and a great image processing software to help you scan your documents right from your camera in detailed quality. The app can be used to scan receipts notes invoices whiteboard discussions business card certificates and so much more and the process photos will be sharp and detailed. These scanned documents can easily be shared as PDF or JPEG files via email or cloud share links premium users can also extract text from the scanned pages using the OCR technique macro droid at number seven is for advanced users. Who loves to get things automated on the device but Kate Tasker app because of its complex interface adding a macro is an easy task on this air.

 Just select a trigger and then configure trigger specific settings optionally you can add a few constraints as well for the task the best thing about macro droid is that there are more than hundreds of pre-configured templates. That you can use to automate tasks on your Android the free version of the macro droid is limited to 5 macros and it displays AdWords you can upgrade to the premium application to allow unlimited macros and remove all ads at the same time. There are quite a few apps available to lock apps on Android but features to lock apps with the fingerprint sensor is the reason CM lock and fingerprint lock makes it to the list using this app.

You can lock any other app along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings and use your fingerprint Hardware on a Samsung phone on any other Android device running on Android marshmallow. The app is ad-free which makes it even more preferable than other similar apps and the theme supports gives you the power of customization at number 9 we have maps dot me. prone news Now it's an offline app that not only downloads the map data for any given area on Wi-Fi to be able to access offline but also downloads the navigation data. This is so much important at times this helps a person to navigate even without a cellular data connection which can be really helpful at times the app also gives info about local shops ATMs gas stations. Which can help you survive on a holiday without an internet connection all you need to do is download the map data on your Wi-Fi network before you leave from home.

The number 10 dumpster has become my recent favorite and to in the app in the easiest possible way all I can say is that it's like the recycle bin for Android after the app is installed each time you delete a file image or a video it will be stored in the dumpster for a few days. Before its get deleted automatically this way can have a fail-safe for all your files on your Android and can be very helpful. If you realize that you have deleted any file by mistake and then storing back would be of huge help to you up next we have the app called can screen. This app is great for readers who constantly struggle to keep the android screen awake by using the thumb or extending the screen timeout period Kin screen is a simple app which records orientation or movement of the device and keeps the screen awake even without you our interaction with the screen. There are a few additional options in the app to check out and we have already done a detailed review of the sink.

Which you can check out by clicking on the card that you see on the top right-hand side playing browser at number 12 is a useful app for those. who open links on FacebookTwitter WhatsApp and other apps and hit leaving the current app which they are on link browser can help you by providing a floating link bubble. Every time you click on a link these link bubbles are much like Facebook chat heads that can be minimized as a floating icon and you can tap on them any time and get a detailed browser the link bubble can also load the pages in the background and once done you can just tap on them to read the web simple yet useful way.

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