3 Eas and Free Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

You know it could be frustrating putting energy into a YouTube video uploading. It online and then it just doesn't get very many views it feels like you're wasting your time and I can honestly relate at a major level. Because I've been on YouTube for over 10 years now and I remember hustling on videos. You know editing them spending all this time on them and then uploading him online to just hear crickets and not actually get the results.

I was hoping for but there was a major shift in my life. When I actually kind of stumbled on a weird YouTube hack that helps you come up with the exact video ideas. That people actually want to watch and that will actually get views and I spoke recently at a conference to a bunch of creators and entrepreneurs about my three-step process of exactly. How to do this so if you're ready to come up with the right video ideas. That is going to get massive views then let's just jump right into the video. Hey, Sean kennel here with thick media bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel.

We do a lot of tech gear reviews to help you find the best gear for creating content as well as strategy videos. Just like this one so if you're new here consider subscribing but I'm so excited for this video because recently I was speaking at an artisan summit all about how to grow faster on YouTube and actually come up with video ideas that get views and here's the cool thing is I've been doing this for a while now testing. This process and if I pull up my real-time analytics on my channel think media in the last 48 hours. We got over a hundred and ten thousand views in the last 60 minutes two thousand four hundred and seventy that's really old-time traffic and that's because not putting out new content but because of putting out videos that rank in search like videos.

That gets views while you snooze and I've got a three-step process for exactly how to do this. So let's just dive right into the content and check it out so let's now dive into the 3 irrefutable laws of YouTube success three laws simple laws. Number one if you're going to create a YouTube video you want to research before you record. This is one of the primary reasons people fall a fail on YouTube and on social media across the board and here's what it is random acts of content now. I'm all for random acts of kindness that's what we need more of right we should treat each other right but look the Internet does not just need more just random.

What's the point of this and not only a bigger question than what's the point of this is why have they been watching this for the last 10 minutes like some kid like you know making this cat swim well you know what I mean you're like what is on but anyways random acts of content is not gonna build your brand your business or help you grow. Yeah, this is what most people do shoot a video out this way shoot something over here shoot something over here no plan no strategy. So what we want to do is kind of inspired by this quote definitiveness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. What's the purpose what's that's what how do we research how do we get clarity before we ever turn the camera on cuz look.

 If you're gonna wake up and get ready and shower that day guys and ladies. You might you're like I'm gonna maybe do my hair before I get on camera. Whatever and you're gonna get dressed and think of something to say come on you want it to actually be worthwhile like you want to define the purpose. So that your energy is well spent so before you have a press record on that camera research. So what if we could discover the exact video ideas our target audience is interested in watching that be valuable like. What if we could before we even press record figure it out like what is it that people want to see that could grow my individual-specific craft or business right and so what we can do is go to the YouTube search bar. If you have your smartphone you can do this right now and follow along it's even better and a little more powerful.

If you're on a desktop computer and you can go to the search bar and you could type into something like how-to this is a great place to start because a lot of us in this room have a lot of information to teach people how to do X. It could be how to build something how to create you know do some kind of a countertop or it could also be like how to get out of debt it could be just a meeting tons of things. But I was doing this experiment as I was preparing and I was like okay. So you start with how to and I don't really know where to go next. So I just said how to make the wood I don't know just weird.

So I type that in but here's what happens when you type it in here's the really cool thing when you type that into the search bar boom all these predictions pop up have you ever seen this before it's called like auto predict and this it happens on Google as well well guess what those predictions are the exact search phrases. That real humans are typing into the youtube search bar furthermore. I have a tool installed that next to those predictions that you can see on the screens it shows the keyword volume or the search volume of those terms per month based on Google numbers.

So how to make wood signs four hundred and ninety people search that a month. So now we're researching before we press record right so we're actually learning how much interest is there in this topic but even more than that we're learning very specific nuances to the exact content. We should create and we haven't pressed record yet got it. So we're just researching so now as we go into this is gonna alter even our complete strategy. So we could say how to make wood signs or how to make you know a wood floor shine but in this case, eventually, we see how to make wood countertops and there are eight hundred and eighty searches a month super-powerful right and the free tool.

That you can install is called keywords everywhere com so install that keywords everywhere com you could screenshot the screen write that down and that'll show you those keyword search volumes on Google YouTube even Amazon like so if you were curious about selling a product and like what is the difference. How should I even title something this influences everything that is the psychology of the people. That I want to eventually watch my videos and engage with me right so if we keep going though we put another space after how to make wood countertops and so now it's getting more specific. How to make wood countertops for the kitchen okay interesting but then that's actually different how to make wood countertops look like granite. Now it's also the amount of searches per month is going down but that's an opportunity for you one of the biggest opportunities especially when you're starting from scratch is you don't want to just put out generic videos.

You want it to be much more specific because what are people searching for online they're searching for a specific answer to usually a specific question like how to make wood countertops is honestly a little too vague cuz you're like. There are a million directions I maybe get my cup here like brothers just four million directions you could go with that you're not I mean like I don't but when you get more specific. Now you're creating like the exactly right video for the intent of the person that's searching how to make a wood bar countertop all kinds of different suggestions during research. How to make concrete countertops look like wood and then imagine. When you have this information and you know you're gonna make that exact video.

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