4 Winter Coats Every Woman NEEDS In Their Closet


Hi, guys welcome back to my channel today we're gonna be talking about the top 4 winter coat styles. that every woman needs in her closet. I know that people out there that have loads of winter coats and they love kind of rotating through them throughout the winter season and then there are people on the opposite end of the spectrum that have maybe only one or two winter coats and that's all they wear all winter long and that's totally fine.

I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way to do it. When it comes to winter coats but I do think these four Styles really kind of cover all of your bases they're kind of just a middle ground. I'm going to be going over the five styles starting with the very lightest all the way up through the ultra warmest coat. That I've ever had in my life and it is amazing again I think these Styles really build a nice foundation for your winter attire depending on the temperature and the style that you're going for it's a really well-rounded list. So I can't wait to show you guys what I have everything is still available.

So I will link it down below like always I am going to be doing a more top five list. I'm going to be doing the top five pant styles that every woman needs. I'm gonna be doing a sweater style video I love kind of like the top five top ten videos. So if you love those too then be sure to subscribe down below already so I'm gonna jump right into the first one and I do want to warn you it's not technically a winter coat. I've definitely mentioned this particular item on my channel at least two maybe three different times but it is amazing and I just felt like it fit in perfectly because it is a very very light option but it is incredibly warm and that's why I wanted to include it in this video and it is this bad boy again. I know I feel like I have talked about this and raved about this like crazy it is from Uniqlo people love them as five-star reviews. They're so so well priced and there are so many colors available.

It's this amazing Uniqlo fleece and it definitely gives off a very casual vibe it's by no means a winter coat but I'm telling you it is as warm as a winter coat I mean not like every winter coat but it is very impressively warmed. I love throwing this on especially in the fall but even in the winter it's now December in Pennsylvania and when I wear this I feel really warm. So I definitely love wearing it out when I'm going for more of a casual look I did order this in more colors like I mentioned in a recent video. It's the softest fleece ever and I really really recommend it I love Uniqlo in general but this I've been so so impressed with it so obviously. I just wanna get it out of the way and we'll move on to something else already so we cannot have a winter coat style video without mentioning the classic trench coat. So this one I've had for a few years now is from ASOS. It was pretty affordable and it has held up very very well you can obviously go the much more expensive route you get a Burberry one those are several thousand dollars sometimes depending on the style or you could go more mid-range and maybe spend 100 or 200 dollars on one this one.

I think was under 50 so it was incredibly inexpensive but honestly, I love it it looks so good with really dressy outfits and it looks so good with really casual outfits. I just love the vibe that it gives off it's obviously not going to be your most warm winter coat it is pretty thin and usually, trench coats are kind of known for that. They're more for style versus warmth but nonetheless, I absolutely love it I can't imagine not having it in my closet. I can't believe it took me so long to actually buy one but I'm so happy that I did and I definitely recommend that you guys invest in one too the next coat. I have for you guys is actually a step up from the trench coat and it's actually a recent purchase but I've been loving it. so this is honestly kind of what inspired me to do this video.

Actually, it's the next three anyway so what it is is a coat from j.crew it is stunning is a camel color. So it does kind of remind me of the trench coat a little bit but it is so much warmer it does kind of remind me of a pea coat. So I would kind of put pea coats in with this particular style. I wouldn't say this is a pea coat it doesn't have the classic buttons like it does this is a zipper but it definitely gives off the pea coat look to it. I love this like turtleneck thing up here it really keeps me it nice and warm it just looks so so nice and kind of gives off an expensive look. If you know what I mean it just really really makes me feel put together. I could have something terrible on underneath. When I wear this coat it really brings me up a notch I really really love the neutral camel color to it obviously doesn't have to be this color you could go for like a grey maybe like maroon or maybe a brown and there are so many colors you could go for it could be black.

 But basically, I do like the warmth of this but also the Styles just a little bit of a step up from a trenchcoat oh my gosh these coats are heavy already so we're gonna move on to the next coat. Which you guys have also seen before but I've been loving it and I really like kind of the genre. That I'm about to say and basically what it is is a statement coat so this one is a new coat this year. I got it from Target believe it or not it was $39 it's still available it might even actually be on sale at this point. I'm not really sure but it is so so soft I love the color I've just been loving this coat and I really I just really really like is basically what I mean for this particular category is having a statement coat that it could be a particular pattern maybe it'd be like leopard print or plaid or maybe a furry faux fur type of a coat like this definitely makes a statement. When I walk into a room when I'm wearing more of a plain Jane type of an outfit. I love throwing on this coat and it really jazzes it up it takes it to a totally different level and I love it so like I said this one is from Target. I've been seeing ones that are kind of like a cream color all over the place may be more of like a shaggy boho II type of a look. I've been seeing those types of coats everywhere too.

I'm just gonna stand behind it because I can't obviously hold it. Maybe I just switch to this side my arm hurts anyway it is really really warm the faux fur keeps me really warm. it's really thick so that's another reason why I'm making it number four on my list because we're working our way up in the warmth factor but yeah a statement coat is awesome to have maybe you guys already have one. But if not definitely check this one out if you like it already so we are on to the fifth winter coat style. That I highly recommend that I absolutely love and this is for all of you people out there that hate the cold.

 If you want a coat that keeps you really really really warm. Then I really really recommend this one it's amazing I'm so glad I invested in it and here she is can you even see it I don't know but it is nice and it is a North Face coat. If I guess it's kind of like a parka I guess but I never wanted a park because I just feel like they make you look like a marshmallow they make you just look so much bigger. Then you really are they don't give you any form or any fit and it's just awful I really am NOT a fan usually but I hate the cold anybody that knows me. just knows I hate being cold so this year I decided to take some action and I really researched some awesome in style warm like ultra-warm winter coats and so I finally found this North Face one and it definitely met my expectations.

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