5 Jewelry Tips Every Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces


I wanted to talk about jewelry Jewelry is one of those things that if I wear an outfit and I look in the mirror and I'm not wearing any jewelry. I just feel like something's missing and so the minute that I put on jewelry. it's just magic and my outfit just comes together effortlessly it might be the most surprising affordable thing in your closet.

 When you think about the number of times that you could wear something it's quite frequently compared to something like a shirt that you're gonna wear maybe once a week at most although the worst thing in the world is when you bought a piece of jewelry and you immediately regret it. So I want to talk today about ways that you could really prevent buyer's remorse. When it comes to jewelry and to make sure that you really love a piece of jewelry instead I also want to thank Missouri for being today's sponsor. I've worn their jewelry for over a year now and it's very special the way that they their attention to detail is and the collections that they come out with are just very unique and different from each other.

 So I have some pieces today that I will show you from the past that I have and then as well as some new pieces that they gifted me the first thing. I want to talk about is that jewelry needs to be meaningful. when I have a piece of jewelry that represents a place. That I love or somebody that I love then I'm bound to keep that piece so one way that you could do this is through some sort of monogram or you could also make it about a place that you love Zac has an old like World War 2 necklace is really cool. It has like Hawaii on it and it's so old-school it's got like an old World War 2 chain on it. It's just special and one-of-a-kind so another example of this is Missouri has a line called the Zodiac collection and that's what I'm wearing today.

 It's a symbol of the Leo constellation and that represents Zach's zodiac sign so I could have gotten my own by getting his makes it just a little bit more special whereas. I've never really been that much of an astrology sort of person I do like that it's a constellation and to me, that's really special because of the astronomy factor into it which my grandfather was an astronomy professor. That's very symbolic in two ways to me next. I want to always make my jewelry a bit more on the minimal side.

When I was a teenager I used to wear just giant colorful statement earrings all the time even with like a sweatshirt but why I did that was because I had longer hair and again I was just younger so that was something that I did then it wasn't really timeless as much as something more minimal would be so the great thing about minimal jewelry is that you can layer. It all so it's not something that you are gonna get sick of and it's not something that other people will be like oh she's just wearing that necklace again like. When you wear something that actually could be worn every day then you can accessorize along with it and make it special in its own way.

Next, I want to talk about something that is really a pillar of this channel which is quality over quantity but I actually want to phrase this a little bit differently when it comes to jewelry it's quality than quantity, because you could layer and I like to add to my collection it's always growing and it's never really changing though. So what I would prefer to do is get something that's quality so that then I could add to it over time it should be something that is a slow process so far it's taken me a couple years to really build up my jewelry collection and I also moved it from brass pieces into gold pieces.

Just because it was better for my skin and of course gold isn't really going to lose its value it's actually something that could always be an investment piece. When I think about my jewelry collection I want it to be something that I'm just adding to for years. I don't want it to be something that I buy everything this year and then I never buy jewelry again and I don't want it to be something. Where I buy it this year and I get kind of sick of the trends so by building slowly. I can make wise purchases and wise selections and also I can do it in a manner.

That is appropriate for more so my budget all of these tips so far have to do with heirloom which is my next trip so that's just something else. I keep in mind it is this piece going to be something that I could pass down one day I remember when I was about five my grandma had this opal ring and I loved it so much she promised it to me and so one day I plan to have that and like store it and keep it very safe and maybe just wear it on special occasions but that's special to me. So heirloom is definitely something that I'm thinking about whenever I add to my jewelry collection and finally when it comes to picking out jewelry.

I think that one of the most regretful purchases is when it doesn't fit right so that could mean four rings especially it can be very tricky. So when I pick out sizes of rings I think that the best way to start with that is to pick something for not your middle finger but something that is middle-sized for all of your fingers so instead of getting a ring. That's just for your pinky or just for your thumb right off the bat like the first ring accessory ring that you get should really be for a finger that is middle-sized so that for me is my index finger. If I get something sized for that finger then what I can do is if I ever like gain or lose weight or if I'm just a little bit more bloated.

Then I can switch fingers so this ring I have is another one from a jury and that one I could wear either on my thumb or I could wear it on like my ring finger and I just have options. I can wear it like on my middle finger and any of these are things that I could have to stand the test of time because I feel like rings are the one thing that is bound to get resized. This also is a note on necklaces because if I can wear a necklace that could layer very easily. I would think of something that has an adjustable chain and then also I want to kind of pick out necklaces. That has a length that I'm not in yet wearing so if I have lots that are in the 24-inch range or in the 16-inch range. I'd rather get something that's more like a 20 inch so that necklaces don't tangle quite as easily.

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