5 Things To Consider When Naming Your Blog Thecontentbug

Today I want to talk to all those beginner bloggers out there because when you are starting a blog there are so many things. That you have to think about and so many things. That you probably won't even realize at the beginning I know when I started my blog there were so many mistakes. That I made I didn't really think it fully through and I want to help you at least save yours.

LF from one of those mistakes that you could make and that is choosing the name of your blog so in today's article. I want to talk to you about the five things that you need to consider. When you are naming your blog. So let's go ahead and get into this beautiful video the first thing you need to consider. When you are naming your blog is if you're going to name it after yourself in some sort of way or if you're gonna choose a different cute name out there. So when I name my blog I honestly wish that I started with Catherine Manning but I didn't know at the time that I was gonna want to do that in the future.

So I decided to go with the content book which is very far out there compared to my name but those are really the two options you have to go off of your name or you could create something totally separate. So you need to think about that do you want it completely in association with you where your name is put out there or do you want something separate. That is just a different name kind of like the name of the business would be once you have an idea of what you want your name to be so let's say you're gonna choose your blogs gonna be at your name.

So your blog would be Catherine Manning comm if that was me well the first thing you would do is see it. If anyone is already using that name now I would hope that if you're using your own name no one is already using that name out there on the internet but you never really know so if you are actually coming up with some other titles some other names. That you are thinking about you want to use and you have a whole list of them what I recommend is if you are naming your book just get out a sheet of paper make on all of your ideas. That you have then head to google and type all of those names in quotes in the Google one by one indirect quote because that will help you to narrow down to see if any of those names are taken any of the names that are taken cross them out next thing.

While you're already on Google you want to see if there's any talk around the name you're thinking of this is something. That I really didn't do when I was getting started and I should have done it because when you google the content but I did this about a month after. I started my website when you google the content bug it's all negative talk its own negative chatter because the content is online typically and a bug is something that that happens online so the content bug is actually a bad thing on the online world and people are people usually googling content but when they are looking for problems or if they're having a problem. 5 Things To Consider When Naming Your Blog  Thecontentbug

So that negative chatter I don't really enjoy being connected with and I really wish that I would have done my research, in the beginning, to learn that there wasn't negative chatter out there. So if you are starting your blog in your name in your blog when you go to Google see if there's any negative chatter remove those quotes and just see what comes up and you just search the name in general and. If there's any negative chatter or anything you don't want to be associated with then you're gonna have to change the name next thing you got to do is see. If the domain is taken so you can go to any website such as GoDaddy calm and search for your domain. That you want to use and by doing that you can see if the domain is taken and you can see how expensive it is some no men can be extremely expensive based on the wording. That you choose so if you want to get more specific and bring out the full name of your blog so mine is the content bug com it may be cheaper than actually just content bug com granite my name is the content bucks. So that's why I have the full thing in there but you need to consider that when you are looking to start your blog and purchase your domain go to GoDaddy it type in whatever you want or whatever you're looking at see what the price is if it's too expensive I do not recommend going to a dot org dot anything else honestly.

You want a dot-com website for your SEO and you do not want any dashes or underscores in your URL because that will hurt your SEO as well and will include that maybe in another video because there are so many SEO tips. That I can give you guys me getting started but the best way that chooses your domain is to choose just text. So just straight letters I don't even know what I'm saying any more just some straight letters dot-com. That's the best no dashes no nothing just straight letters straight words com and the last thing you need to think about which actually you probably wouldn't think about I knew this from the very beginning because I was coming from the digital marketing industry. So I knew that I wanted to have a specific keyword in the name of my blog so in my domain URL.

I really wanted a specific keyword in there and when I started I wanted to focus on content because I was really big into blogging. So I wanted to talk a lot about blogging I didn't realize that my website was gonna turn into something completely different but I really wanted to work content on my website. So when I was coming up with all of my blog names all of them revolved around content and that's what I ended up getting to the content book. So when you are creating your domain URL think about if there's a keyword in there if there is a keyword in your URL or in your name is going to help you form that is on Google without a doubt because your keyword is right there in your name.

It's going to be easy for you to appear in Google search for whatever specific topic you are talking about so let's say you have a fashion blog or something if you include let's say like Danny's fashion and that was your blog name it would be your name fashion is your special heat and not has a specific keyword in it. So it's going to perform over the near SEO which is going to be great for you with in return. So if you can incorporate a keyword.

 I would say do it it's really going to help you but it's also not going to break you. It's just something extra that you really should consider. when you were getting started and that is that those are five quick tips when it comes to naming your blog things that you really need to consider and things that I bet you probably didn't think about before other than maybe googling the name of your blog because you're probably smarter. Then I was when I was getting started.

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