Hi everyone welcomes back to my site. If you new welcome my name is Christine so today we are going to do a styling Article. This is gonna be five pairs of shoes. That I think every woman needs in her closet I also have another option as well. So it's technically six pairs of shoes. I also give you guys like styling tips lots of different options with different price points as well. So if you guys are interested in seeing the five shoes.

That I think every woman needs in her closet first to make sure you hit the subscribe button. If you haven't already and a little notification bell so you don't miss any more videos from me and without further ado let's go ahead and get started with the video the first shoe. That I think every woman needs in her closet is some sort of black flat. I used to really be into ballet flats but now that my staff has gone a little bit more sophisticated. If you will I'm more into like meals these two are my absolute favorite these ones you guys have seen me style over and over and over again. These are just black meals from Target I am obsessed with these they are like the Gucci knockoffs these are amazing.

I always get so many compliments on them and they are so chic. They're great for work you can also style them down and make them a little bit more casual. If you wanted but these are just my favorite I feel like they are such a clean look my favorite thing to style with these are slacks or pants. These always work with every single office outfit. They look expensive they make me look sophisticated and put together my next pair of meals. What I really like are these ones from Zara I love these because they're again the same idea as a meal. They are just very easy to go with so many different outfits and I actually really like these because they are a pointed toe makes your outfit look a little bit more mature. If you will and so I really like these I've paired them with skinny jeans a t-shirt and a blazer over the top you can also wear them with dresses. These uses go with everything that's the beauty of like a black flat you can easily do so much with them and if your style is more of a black ballet flat by all means go with that my style.

I just prefer meals and so in the place where you would normally wear a pair of ballet flats. I have my meals or my other loafers that I really really like black flats are such a staple in your closet because you want a very comfortable shoe. That can take you from day to night from the office to whatever you want to do afterward. So I think that is the first staple that you need to have in the next staple. That I think every woman needs to have in her closet is a pair of white sneakers at two different options for you. I have one that is more of a casual pair these are just like some Nike slip-on. That I got years ago but I still wear them all the time and these are just so great because they go with so many different outfits. I feel like when I was thinking about course staple pieces.

 I thought about shoes that I wore all the time that could go with so many different outfits like white sneakers are one of them. Where you can just style so many different ways these are more of a like casual shoe so you can't get away with wearing. This is office love more athleisure looks and so a white sneaker just goes with so many different outfits another pair of white sneakers. What I love are these common projects. I get so many questions about these every time I wear them on my Instagram or I wear them in a lookbook. I always get questions at people asking where my sneakers are from these originally are like four hundred dollars.

Which is like insane but if you think about it this is gonna be a shoe that you keep in your closet forever like I have worn these so often and they still look like good as new this is like a luxury item. That I think is worth the splurge these are often going on sale a lot. So I actually bought these on sale so if you are looking to buy a pair of common projects I would just wait until there's a sale can wear them with jeans slacks shorts so many different ways. That you can wear white sneakers and if you guys don't want to spend the money on a pair of common projects. I think white commerce is really beautifully advanced also makes really great shoes and I just think a white sneaker it's just like the perfect addition to your closet. It's just a fun way to kind of change up your outfit and makes it a little bit more casual I love wearing sneakers with dresses and so white sneakers are just like my favorite thing to wear.

I also have these are my Air Force Ones and if you're into more like athleisure street style looks. I think these shoes are great but I know for some of you guys they're a little bit harder to style. So if you guys want to see like a chunky shoe lookbook let me know and I'm happy to do something like that for you guys. I think chunky white sneakers are a harder shoe to style. So if you're looking for something that is really easy to outfit and goes with a lot of different outfits. I think just a thinner white sneaker is really really great next year. That I think is a must-have is a black booty I love shopping are its, yes you guys know a lot of my closet is from a ritzy ax I used to live in Seattle where it was a little bit colder so here in LA. I don't wear my booties as often but while I lived in Seattle.

I probably wore these booties three or four times a week. I think if you wear black skinny jeans or some like black slacks. I think a black booty just looks beautiful these ones are from Zara. I just like shoes that have a pretty like almond toe because I feel like it just makes it look a little bit more expensive another booty. That I really like is this one from a sauce was actually gifted to me from my girlfriend hari she actually found it on Poshmark. So I love these booties I feel like the shape of them are very flattering. I like how the ankles are a little bit wider because that way I could wear them with slacks joggers jeans. When it gets cold at night like I just can't be bothered by wearing any open-toed shoes so these are really great because it's a nice way to add a little bit longer to your outfit. But at the same time, you're still very very comfortable black booties are just like my jam but if you wear a lot of like brown tone clothing. I would go for a more like brown or taupe color booty but for me personally.

I think a black booty is a necessity in my closet I love athleisure and if I can be comfortable I would rather be comfortable. So now they're a necessity that every woman needs to have in her closet is a pair of black sneakers. I wear black sneakers all the time and these black bands. I don't know why it took me so long to buy them but when I finally bought them I wore them all the time. When I went to Japan and January vans were like one of four shoes. That I brought with me and I was in Japan for like nine days. I wear these so often they're so comfortable they go with so many different outfits and I love a great black sneaker because you can star them so many different ways and I feel like they are similar to a white sneaker but sometimes a black sneaker just looks better with your outfit another option. That I have for you is these ones these are my Adidas sneakers.

I forget what they are called but they got eaten up by a dog. I used to wear these all the time and these were like my go-to athleisure shoe once he's got torn up. I started looking for another one and that's when I bought the vans I feel like there's a time and place for white sneakers and black sneakers instance. I wear sneakers so often in my athleisure outfits. I just saying blacks' knees are also a necessity that you need to have in your closet another pair of shoes. That I think is a necessity in your closet is a pair of really pretty strappy heels and these are my favorite because they are so minimalistic. I love that it has like just a thin ankle strap these make your legs look so long and so skinny these are so comfortable as well these are from Lulu's. I love that these have a chunky oh because they just make them such a comfortable wearable heeled. I wore them to so many different parties going out and you can also dress them down. if you want to go to a brunch with some girls.

I love specifically strappy heels because they are such a timeless piece they will never go out of style and there are so many different versions of these shoes out there. I don't think you need to spend a lot of money on them as well these ones from Lulu's I've had for years and years and years and so many of my girlfriends have the same shoe as well as as you can tell. I have a lot of black shoes in my closet and I just wear so many like neutral things. That black and white shoes just go with so many of my outfits but I think another necessity to have in your closet is a pair of nude flats these are one of my favorites these are from Target. I wear these so often especially to the office when I'm wearing like a plain black and white outfit. I think that adding a touch of nude in your shoes makes a really great touch to kind of change up your outfit and make it a little bit less monotone wearing color makes your outfit look a little bit more sophisticated you could wear these with like a dress. If you're out to meet like the boyfriend's parents you can also dress them down with blue jeans and as a white button-down blouse or something like that a good new tone shoe that matches your skin tone.

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