7 PINTEREST hacks Best Pinterest Tips to Grow Traffic to Your Website Organically

 Hi, I'm Anastasia of Anastasia blogger.com. I'm a Pinterest marketing expert and today I'll share with you my best interest hacks and tricks. I discovered over more than two years of driving free traffic from this platform and by the end of the article I will give you a link to my Pinterest SEO checklist it's a free PDF document.

That will help you rank your pins high in Pinterest search results and get a ton of organic traffic from this platform. So stay tuned like everything on the Internet Pinterest is changing very fast the platform involves and algorithms become more sophisticated day by day which makes it harder to game it but we are going to try anyway right. I started my blog in the middle of February 2017. I created a brand new Pinterest account associated with my blog and at that time. I had zero traffic and zero followers for status in ten months.

 I reached over a hundred and seventy thousand monthly page views and I was able to quit my nine-to-five job to start working as a blogger full-time and you can see on this screenshot as well. That I've got a one day with over 13 thousand users on my site. I'm now getting over three hundred thousand monthly page views to the same blog three hundred thousand per month and guess where does my tracker comes from Pinterest about 90% of all my audience comes from Pinterest. Let's look at the things that I believe we're the biggest factors that contributed to my rebel Pinterest traffic growth.

So Pinterest hack number one is filled with the new boards with popular pins from other sites. When you have a completely new account and start creating boards for it what is the best way to go about them should you start saving your own relevant pins to these boards right away nope? Here is my first Pinterest hack for this article before you save any of your own pins to the boards make sure to save at least 20 or 30 popular pins from another side.

If you want to know why you should use the strategy and learn how to find the best third party pins for your new boards you definitely need to get a deeper dive into Pinterest hacks in my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets course. You will find a link to it in the description under this article now let's move on to the next Pinterest hack so Pinterest hack number two is enabled rich pins and if you haven't heard these you probably are new to Pinterest marketing enable rich pins ASAP because they help you get better rankings in Pinterest search results. So you get more likes more pins and traffic to your site and why do rich pins work so great well to make it simple rich pins add more content from your site associated with the image and the easiest way to enable rich pins is by using the Yoast SEO plugin.

I have a detailed guide about it on my blog and you will find a link to that page in the description of this article. Now Pinterest hack number three is to create images that stand out and generate click-throughs by the way. I made a very detailed article on my channel which explains how to make perfect images for Pinterest you just need to look to the top right corner. If you want to open this article and watch it all the details later. So I go over all the best recommendations about pin size about the aspect ratio colors phone text overlays and many other details. which will help you maximize your Pinterest traffic with high-quality pins also never miss an opportunity to add a call to action to your pin invite users to make a click with graphic elements on your pin and again the link to this article will be in the top right corner and I will duplicate this link in the description under the article as well we're moving to the Pinterest hack number 4 remember the 8220 rule forget about it.

 This is a standard recommendation of many Pinterest gurus publish about 80% of pins from other bloggers and only about 20% of your own pins. If you don't want to look spammy good guy someone invented this rule and after it was republished twenty a hundred or two hundred times in various sources we just all believed it but Pinterest never said this it is true that Pinterest values your account as a content curator and content curator. So as a Content curator you of course can add and some pins from other sites but you don't need to waste eighty percent of all your time saving third-party pins Pinterest representatives made it clear that business accounts. Which are linked to verified websites should make content creation their priority.

So if you really want me to give you a number probably 80% of your own pins should be the right ratio and it doesn't mean that you're being spent on Pinterest. If you save mostly pins from your own site it actually means that you are a great content creator. Who can produce a lot of quality images for the platform but I need to make a note here. If you're just a beginner and your site doesn't have a great variety of content repeating the same 10 or 15 images or pages in a loop will look very spammy plus with a new Pinterest account you will also need to build a lot of new boards remember that first hack. I showed you today it was about saving popular pins from other sites to your new boards.

So with a new Pinterest account, you will definitely have to save a lot of third-party pins and the share of your own pins will hardly reach 80%. Which I mentioned but as your account grows and as you have more content to save on Pinterest probably you will start slowly increase the number of pins linked to your site Pinterest hack number five asked users to save Europeans to a relevant book try your best to help users save your pins to the boards. That will actually help your pins rank higher. I use a simple little trick for this on every blog post before the maintain image on the page. I will add a line of text asking users to save the spin to a specific board.

 I will even suggest the board title and I know that most of the time. When a user is saving a pin and doesn't have any board relevant to this pin and also doesn't have time to think about a good board title. What happens is the usual usually users will save it with some completely random board name. Which is not the destiny you want for your pins right you want them to be saved to a relevant board. So they can start ranking on Pinterest for the keyword http://www.pronenews.com/ you're targeting. So what you have to do is just suggest the board title and many users will find it a good idea to create a new board with the same title. That you're suggested it doesn't take much time to add this line of text to your pin but it helps with Pinterest SEO immensely and if you want to understand Pinterest SEO better you probably would love my Pinterest SEO checklist.

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