I wanted to share some pieces that I have picked up to wear this season starting with some tops. So I found this top in mango and instantly fell in love I thought it would be the perfect transitional piece because I could wear it as a separate we're still going through a bit of a heatwave in the UK but I figured. I could also wear it with a turtleneck underneath and with a coat on top and it will be perfect for a slightly colder day to me this top pretty much screams autumn.

It's in a knitted fabric as well so it gives a bit of warmth and I absolutely love that beige and black check print running through it I feel like. It's really complementary to pieces that I already own and it's really easy to work with up next is the top. That I have already been wearing to oblivion it is from our care and if you don't know art is one of my favorite stores to find basic pieces and I tend to wear my art pieces over and over again this is a really beautiful ribbed fabric top and it's in a knitted material. So again it gives some warmth but I really love that asymmetric design it makes a really basic piece really interesting.

It's one of those pieces that I could wear with pretty much anything and everything and I wouldn't get tired of it. I know it's something that I would wear next year as well. It's something that I won't get bored of I really love the combination with some dark jeans and a simple boot. I think it looks really classy and chic moving on to my favorite thing about autumn and that is the sweaters and I picked up this one from him. I tend to find amazing lip white pieces from hm. Especially if you look in the trend collection or even the premium quality collection. I love this one because I'm a sucker for a camel jumper but this one just gives a really interesting take and that drama in the sleeves and in the top just helps to elevate that jumper a little bit more I really love the voluminous leaves.

I think it makes the jumper look really interesting and it's definitely something that I could wear with some basic trousers and some trainers and I'm good fashion to go I feel like I don't need to style. This up too much again this is something that I think I could wear into winter as well it's not something. That is just made for autumn, It's something that I could definitely wear over and over again. I've been loving cardigans recently they have seen me through colder nights in summer and this one is from Suzanne Cezanne have such beautiful jumpers and the quality is absolutely incredible.

This cardigan is so soft it's probably one of the softest cardigans. I own so it makes for really comfortable wow I like that I can wear this in multiple ways. I really like to wear cardigans as tops and tuck it into my jeans but also wear it open with a t-shirt underneath maybe even something printed or a really beautiful blouse. This is one of those classic pieces that I know I will get so much wear out of this one is in a slightly oversized fit. So I would recommend staying true to size or even maybe going a size down because it is really really big. I have this in a small and you can see that it's already quite loose-fitting. I've had my eye on sleeplessness recently.

I think they are something that it's really up and coming but there was a trend that has been around in the past and I've always kind of scared of them because I didn't know exactly how to style them this year. I've been loving this top from Arquette. It's a sleeveless knit and it's really soft and really comfortable to wear. It's perfect because I was still able to wear it during the heatwave we just had but it's also going to be something.

That I could wear with a really thin turtleneck underneath for a little extra added warmth I really love a slightly preppy look. Especially when it's mixed with something slightly loose or tailored and something really masculine. I knew I had to have this cardigan when I saw it because it is the absolute classic autumn print. I am a sucker for check print and this cardigan is just amazing it's from our cat. It's extremely oversized so I would 100 recommend actually sizing down. I think I'm going to have to exchange it from a smaller size because what I really wanted with this cardigan was to one wear it really oversized like this but also wear it with some jeans or some trousers and tuck it in so it can be a bit more versatile but you can see it's not the most flattering.

When I've worn it like this as with all other art pieces the quality of this is amazing it is in a really chunky fabric and I just love the way that it folds and I know that it's something that will stand the test of time it has a slight vintage element to it and I think that's something. That's really up and coming is heritage wear and vintage wear and I think this really touches on that. So I think it's going to be quite an on-trend piece another beautiful and really soft piece is from Suzanne and I absolutely love this jumper. It's in a really soft material it's so comfortable it feels like a dream to wear and I know it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

This season because I think it's going to go with so many pieces. It'll look amazing with jeans but also with some baggy trousers and different color trousers. So I know I can mix and match I love that color detail on the top. I think it makes it really interesting and it's actually the perfect jumper to do the hair tuck with which is one of my favorite hairstyles to do during autumn and when knitwear season is in full swing it also has these really beautiful oversized sleeves and I think that really helps to elevate it because it is such a simple piece but it's not boring at all again. This is something I will definitely be wearing in winter with a really chunky coat and it'll give me so much warmth and the material is just so beautiful. I've really been loving cardigans recently and I wanted something super casual.

It's going to be one of those pieces that you wear for errands but also for like Sunday brunch and really simple relaxed things. This one is from him it's in a really oversized fit. So if you don't like something too oversized maybe size down if you did have your eye on it. I personally love the really oversized fit of it I love how relaxed it makes my whole outfit look and the sleeves are so nice and oversized and I think it just makes it look so interesting.

 It can be paired with so many things whether it's a dress a skirt some jeans or even trousers. I also think you could actually make this look really classy and chic. Especially if you wear them with some tailored trousers maybe even some heels there are so many ways that you could style this piece. I also like that I can wear it wrapped up and it's going to give me so much warmth but I can also wear it open and wear a really nice t-shirt underneath. So you're definitely getting a bit of versatility with a piece like this the next jumper is from Arquette and I actually had this in a grey last year and I wore it to death. It's an amazing oversized fit and I think it looks amazing with some tailored trousers.

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