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So I've been looking for a lightweight compact budget travel tripod. That is over 60 inches tall because I'm a taller guy and I think I found the perfect one from the KNF concept and I'm gonna be doing a quick review in this video. Hey, what's up Sean here with thick media brings you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel. We do a lot of tips and strategy videos as well as gear reviews.

Just like this one so if you're new here consider subscribing and hey at any point during the video will link out show notes in the description below any other video resources as well as the products. We talked about so check those out at any time let's jump into the review. So having a great tripod is super important and I've been on the hunt for a great budget travel option and I think I found the perfect one. Now, this is the KNF concept k ft m to 3 to 4 and let's check out the specs. Now the entire weight of the tripod comes in at 2.5 1 pounds or 1.1 kilograms. So it's superlight yeah it doesn't compromise on its ability to hold up a gear and be really sturdy.

Now when it's folded up it is only 18.1 inches long. So I typically will throw this in like my clothing bag I usually bring my gear on the most planes in a think take bag. I checked that in the overhead cuz I want to keep all the expensive stuff you know with me at all times but then I'll put this bag in any kind of other suitcase and at 18 inches it pretty much pretty much fits in any suitcase and then the capacity on here is 22 pounds or 10 kilograms. So that's way more than we would typically use because we're shooting DSLRs mirrorless bodies things like that. But if you wanted to do up to 22 pounds it can hold back now as far as the build quality goes it's all aluminum and magnesium alloy. So you know we've used other budget tripods that have a lot of plastic pieces on there really isn't much plastic.

If anything maybe the clamps here is plastic but still very sturdy and well built but all the build quality is pretty exceptional especially considering the price of this tripod. Now that's just an overview of the basics of this tripod but it's the little details that make all the difference. When you shoot a lot so let's talk about some of my favorite features the first is this hook right here. Now the reason this is great is that this is such a light tripod you can hang your gear bag or you know a sandbag anything else. If you really want to make sure that your camera is safe you've got that hook they're not all the tripods to include that so it's nice attention to detail additionally. You've got this spongy grip on one hand which is also nice.

Now some tripods that are kind of built like this allow you to turn it into a monopod. This one does not however if you kind of just go into like mono mode. It still can function very much as a monopod and it just two-and-a-half pounds you definitely can move around and do some running gun shooting but I like this spongy grip for always grabbing. That one handles just nice attention to detail additionally you've got these rubber grip tips on the end here. I like these for a couple reasons one these are good if you're off-road grave. l dirt things like that but they're also great for like concrete tile shooting at events we've used this now at multiple different events and in for multiple different projects and them also just kind of stay on there. I've lost the tips of tripods maybe you have let me know in the comments.

 If you've ever had tripod issues I've seen lots of pieces like this fall off of tripods. So the build quality is good here got a little bit of detail for grip and because it's rubber these pretty much work on any surface. Now the head on here is not meant for like smooth panning video or anything like. That you could ultimately swap this head out and put a video head on there. If you wanted but what is nice is it does have really buttery smooth movement at least from a pan left to right which is kind of nice. If you just wanted to get like a nice shot you know left to right of any kind you could do a little bit of video work just with that head there but typically we're using this for static lockdown shots whether. We're shooting it like CES you know events and things like that and we want to really like a tripod. That we can bring on the go with us and so the head is nice and then you also have the ability to you know loosen it up yet whatever angle you want with the ball head there tighten that down it's also nice.

That they've included the leveler right there so you've got that ball leveler and then the plate you know is great just pops on and off attach that to your camera a little rubber detail on there as well very thoughtful easy to put on your camera take on and off and so the whole tripod mounting head all well built good tactile features. It's really great additionally they've made it really easy to get an inverted or bird's-eye shot all you have to do is unscrew this bottom piece with the bag hook on there and you can take this out and invert. It really easy and what's nice about that is not only could you do lower shots like this but with the ball head, you could also get your camera to do nice inverted shots.

So if you can imagine whether it on a floor or potentially even on a desk now you can get that perfect you know top-down view so a nice feature and thoughtfulness and you can see how quick this all works together. Just really like plug and play and you're set up and ready to shoot and then one of the last things that I intentionally look for when looking for like the perfect tripod are these clips here now you've probably seen a lot of tripods. That is similar to this that is more than screw mount and for me.

I just don't think that's as fast what I like about these is you can just you know click them all and just you know a contract the whole leg and boom you're ready to go very fast to set up and teardown as opposed to right didn't you know tighten it down again and so this is my preferred tripod leg locking system and so I like that they included it on this one alright let's talk price. Now at the time of shooting this video, this tripod comes in at right around $79 here in the US. Now I actually bought it around the holidays this past year on a lightning deal on Amazon and it was closer to $60 and what's cool is actually those Lightning Deals show up from time to time. Even if it's not the holidays like just mid-year so maybe if you follow KNF on social you might get an announcement of that but even if $80.

I think this is the best like that is a killer deal build qualities pretty incredible we've already put a lot of wear and tear on it. I should also mention it comes with a bag which is nice not just for throwing it in for the tripod but we've also will throw sometimes other stuff in this bag and use this bag you know in luggage and so we've shot in San Diego with it we've shot here in Vegas with it a lot different scenario and you can tell that it's a great well-built tripod. That'll last so you know it's a little more expensive than really budget tripods but for the build quality the construction. I think it's  great value and I'd actually love to hear your thoughts do you know of any budget tripod or a similar price tripod that beats the specs let me know in the comments section below so as far as my final thoughts go.


This is definitely my favorite tripod right now. I think for the value the build quality what you get definitely works for us for shooting a lot of static shots, especially at events. It's what we're gonna be using at NAB this year and I also think that the value as far as in the marketplace is really cool also for like the height you know another popular tripod is like the Manfrotto befree tripod it cost over twice as much like this and it's also 7 inches shorter I think it comes in right around 55 inches which might work for most people but having a 62-inch tripod for someone taller like me. I'm 6 1 is really really awesome that also can fold down to 18 inches and go with you anywhere and then as far as for a little bit of video work you know the panning on top is nice and if you wanted to bring like a video head with you for some more advanced shooting.

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