Best Cheap Microphones-Lightin- and Low Budget Cameras


So in this video, I'm gonna be talking about the best budget microphones for YouTube budget video lighting tips and the best camera for under 150 dollars coming up. Hey, what's up guys sean here with thick media TV help you go further faster in media and on this channel we do video lighting and audio tips and Q& A videos. Just like this one so if you're new here definitely subscribe let's jump into the questions Anna asks the internal the microphone on my camera is not the best and I don't have a lot of money is there any mic under fifty dollars worth buying thanks so much for the question.

Anna yes so the first thing to consider is the application of the microphone and so there's probably two that you want to check out shotgun microphones are great but only if you have a wide enough lens that lets you get close enough to the camera so for instance right now. You're hearing a shotgun mic but it's actually on a boom pole because I'm about four to five feet away from the camera in fact check it out and so as you can see the kind of behind the scenes. We were shooting with a 24-millimeter lens that had that first shot but because I'm away from the camera.

I'm using a boom pole and this is actually the Road Pro boom pull kit. I'll link everything I talked about in this video in the youtube description below so you can check out the exact model numbers and so as we talk about these budget mics consider the application. So the first mic we want to talk about is a lapel mic okay so the first mic. That I would recommend is the boya B Y m1 and this is a great cheap lapel mic right about twenty dollars and you're hearing it right now not only is it plugged into our DSLR here this is a Canon 7d B but it also has a couple settings on it. So that it's it's set up to work with your smartphone as well. So if you ever want to do like Facebook live or record video on a smartphone you could use it for that as well and what's awesome is you get a really long cord and so what's super cool is I could be all the way back here and obviously the lighting and everything's not quite set up but the cable is reaching.

 This far so depending on no matter how long your lens is or whatever you could do very practical shoots with this lapel mic and so this boy mic is super affordable and then like I said you can switch it to your camera mode or it does have smartphone mode and it has the right plug to work on your smartphone. So you could start using it for other applications as well as the next mic. That I'd recommend for under $50 is the tax star SGC five nine eight. I know a few different people that use this particular shotgun mic and it is amazing. It's really on par with the rode video mic pro and it's only $28 so we'll post it a link in the description below. So you can check out more details about it but the thing to remember is that if you're using a shotgun mic and you're gonna be far away from the camera based on what lenses you have, you might use a boom Pole setup like this and we'll link up like what exactly you could use you could give that a Guitar Center or you could order those online and use that with the tax star or you want to be closer to the mic and so on some of the other think media TV episodes like this.

Hey what's up guys sean here with think media TV help you go further faster in media and on this channel in those particular cases we're shooting with such a wide lens and I'm so much closer to the camera. That I can be a lot closer to the shotgun microphone and so between that lapel mic and that shotgun microphone you might want to grab both and then you have versatility for whatever shooting application. You're doing and Joshi asks what camera should I buy for a hundred and fifty dollars USD. Thanks so much for the question Joshi here are a few recommendations the first is you can check out the ay-Yi action camera and so this is a super cool camera you can actually get it with this kind of selfie stick kit this selfie stick is the bomb super well built and this action camera is $99. I think about a hundred and thirty for the action camera and the kit itself and so check that out it's something that you can start vlogging with start creating kind of more action camera style videos with and so I'll link up some more details about the Yi in the description below. They're coming out with a 4k version that's about to be released soon also super affordable and then the other one is a Canon ELPH camera now this is the Canon 110 HS a little bit older and there are some new ones but the reasons.I like this camera is because as good image stabilization for video it does shoot 1080p but at only 24 frames per second but that's good enough.

 I've logged with this for years and you can always find these elf cameras used on Amazon. If you look at the different color options a lot of times you could find them for $80 $90 a hundred and twenty dollars so definitely under 150 and so but you can also look at some of the newer models. There are new models they have more megapixels they have you know good a bit image stabilization higher frame rates and so anywhere in the Canon ELPH series is definitely a great arena to look for cheap cameras to start making YouTube videos to start doing vlogs and things like that and then lastly. I'll put a link in the description to a video called the best cheapest cameras for YouTube and so even talking about maybe you want to spend more than that if you're watching this video and you're looking for affordable cameras but maybe your budgets higher than that that is a great video to check out for different DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras.

 That are all the best in their class for the best price. So I'll make sure to link that up to the question from sakis and he asks can you help me find a light softbox for my videos. I would always recommend the ly mo studio softbox kit you know you can get it on for less than $80 super solid reviews and the nice thing about a softbox kit is you get the box to add more life to it. So the reason I wouldn't recommend you necessarily get umbrellas or some other form of lighting it is it's super affordable and then you also though when you put the little bulbs. That it comes with you know it comes with the actual softbox and then there's the diffuser that's on the front as well so it's also a very flattering form of lighting the other lights that I would recommend are these newer one 60 LED lights you can get these for $30 or less on USD and they're super cool.

They put off a lot of light you actually do end up buying the batteries separately and you can put them on light stands and so they're the opposite of softboxes in regards to is right because they can fit anywhere I did a full video about these if you want to look into these more I'll link it up on the YouTube card and put in the description below as well. But if you get some light stands get the batteries and buy like two of these then you've got a very cool light kit. That it's not going to be as flattering right because the softbox is gonna look it's a little softer it's kind of the point and it's got the bigger diffusion but you can still get incredible looking video out of these I like them because they're great to travel with they are very portable they're very versatile.

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