Caroline De Maigret: French Style & Dressing Well: Inside the Wardrobe

I've always nice to have you here lovely to be here can't wait to see ow your clothes your wardrobe is amazing juice. It has been pushing well I understand from what people think what Parisian is and how I feel myself towards closes is yes their basics. But I put all the time, again and again, you had on this leather jacket and you said this is how this is me this is how my friends see me and I buy all their life it's all the classics it looks brilliant yeah. You know what I feel really protected I feel like I have a turtle shell that we items would you recommend that every woman has in her wardrobe the smoking jacket maybe. You now with jeans and a white t-shirt this has to have no detailing classic sweatshirt and then I love that answer I love that classic leopard tell me about this. I was a baker yeah, I never was a real four yeah um yeah this mist smells like last night you love how wasted a day.

 It was very hard for me to find good high waisted jeans with no bell buttons, because usually the always predicate is true so what a nasty lady strangely of myself. When I have bell-bottoms and this is perfect that's such a good piece as well is it been my home you know. I never since I'm a young model you know she made me do her catwalks we have the same life you know we like rock and roll. I was wearing this as well last night from Haider this is the coolest chick night this is me oh that's the person. You know and you just have to learn looking at yourself in the mirror and then you go. Okay, I do this so cool you know you put them anywhere and you have this little attitude that's you. And you feel good. When you feel good if he could wait for one person's closet in the whole world.

 Who would it bekiss returns cuz it's cool it's sexy? But it's still his personality it's still him you know what? I actually raided his garage that's the inference of my boyfriend who was a guitar player? Because he Waring's first of all he loves rings but they're always filled on the guitar. So it's your bit that's why country charts and stuff Vishakha marry mesh this French designer. I love the shapes they're really really cool no. I love that kind of not to the 50s that's my man very cool it's the young designer. Can come and and and this is made by African embroideries because this is all up in the other calendar. I mean that is amazing yeah I've been following us quite magical to wear that with like something pair of jeans yeah yeah. I'm gonna wear it with black jeans or black leather this highly recommended look. So so sick so this is here and you have but the cleavage is he's not obvious. But it's got its gonna up in here and the guy is gonna still that is hearing, Wow you know what I mean it's showing parts. Where it's not expected and the person feels like.

 He actually captured it for himself and sometimes you gave it to everyone else. Oh, my god this is just brilliant amazing advice Oh son wrong please tell me about this every detail is so beautiful he was from Mr. Salloum from Yves. I love the 50s dressed once again with my body that quite works up there. Because I have a small waist and hips. You have the buckets that make it alright thank you still cool. You know yeah to my eyes what is sexy is the mystery and it's something you can't control. I think you've now they shouldn't say quoi I would love it. If you would pick one outfit oh my god that is incredible it's cool how do recommend it's so elegant and so elegant it's also really sexy Marilla Ebola French or British style French. Sorry, I love the British but eyes or lips eyes black or navy Navy flats or heels.

 I love both just never in the middle London or New York okay that's our fee make up a puppy okay 60s or 70s 60s hey hip hop or house P book that's right okay you may not bro okay that's even more cool people girl.

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