Today we're gonna do something that's sexy and alluring but youthful also. Hi, today we're gonna do this makeup tutorial and get right into it. What I love most about this is it's fast and easy I wanted to create something that would be like universally flattering have a hint of youth in it but like also. That sexy drama that you're looking for when you have a special. Even if I have something going on.

I'm always gonna prep the skin with a mask I don't recommend trying a new one because you don't want your skin to react poorly but I always like to prep the skin with something. That's hydrating that I already know I love and wait for it to dry before I remove it and reveal fresh glowing skin. I love that this is peel-off it makes me really happy now the skin is ready for moisturizer. I'm gonna add this one this actually stops the skin from producing excess oil. SPORTS NEWS

Which is fantastic for a date night I'm gonna encourage the contours of my face to look really prominent by doing a little bit of facial massage and tapping and then I'm going to wait and let this sit for 30 seconds no matter. What you do on the eyelid in terms of eyeshadow is not gonna look as great. if you don't have a plump and fresh under-eye. So I'm gonna work on correcting the darkness underneath the eye with a little bit of peach color corrector. Which will cancel out the gray and blue tones I'm gonna be focusing on sheer washed out coverage and I'm working smarter not harder. So I'm gonna apply the color corrector because that's gonna cancel out the things.

That I'm already concerned about meaning I don't have to use as much product than are the eyes and on the skin. Now I've specifically picked a shade of foundation that matches my chest I'm gonna make sure that I pull this from the center of the face outwards towards the neck and down the jaw. I want this to be really seamless so don't forget and the creases of the nose and all of the other areas you might forget to make it look at extra natural. Now this way of applying concealer is gonna look good in both dim lightings where textures could be accentuated by candlelight as well as bright lighting in case you're being seen in the sunlight. I'm gonna illuminate around the eye rather than the entire cheek in a triangle and just add a little bit of concealer right over the top of those dark circles.

Which are already with color correctors so we're in a good position add a sheer wash of powder all over the face this means under the eye over the eye and all over the face but also down the neck because if you're gonna go hug somebody or be close with anybody. You might rub your face off on them if you don't set the foundation to do your brows however you like to I'm just gonna add a little bit of color into the inner corner of them and then add these cute little clip-on earrings. I got these on Amazon I really like these and I like to wear like a little piece of jewelry. If I have my hair up whether it's like a dainty little choker or a pair of colorful earrings and I'm gonna add a warm bronzer and peach blush to the cheeks. I'm gonna keep the cheeks really like effortless. I want the skin to look lived in and as though the color is coming from within and not like piled onto my face once. I illuminate the high points of my face like above the brow and on the top of the cheekbones.

I'm gonna take my Beauty Blender and this is a really great way to make all of the makeup on your face look really seamless. There's a tiny bit of foundation left over on this guy. So I'll just Pat it over top of the blush and the bronzer and this is going to melt all of that product into the skin and make it look like. It's coming from within now I'm gonna take a little piece of scotch tape and this is one of my favorite ways to make the eye shadow. That we put on look really clean and beautiful I'm gonna take an eye primer because this is an important step.GAMES Whenever you're wearing eye shadow for an evening you want to make sure that it stays on all night.

I'm gonna take this neutrals palette and this really pretty mom shade it has a little bit of a peachy lien but it's gonna go into the crease of the eye and transform based on the shade of your skin tone. I find that this is a great transition shade because it's not intimidating to use and it doesn't require a lot of thought it effortlessly blends out adding on top of this is gonna make it look really professional gonna take a medium brown shade and start pulling this from the outer corner of the eye over the top of the tape on both sides. So that we get a really sharp opacity right beside that tape. Now I'm gonna take the lightest cream shade and I'm gonna over apply this to the inner corner to really brighten up the eye and make it look a little bit larger this always dusts itself off. So I apply a lot of it and then I use that medium brown shade or whatever's leftover on the brush to blend the harsh line.

I'm gonna build up the opacity using a darker brown shade before I peel the tape off and this is what makes it look so incredibly beautiful this is what I have to do just to make sure both sides are even and both sides are equally dark and to finish off the eye look. I'm going to apply a really thin line of gel liner I love gel liner. It's like one of my favorite ways to use a liner versus a pencil or a felt tip liner. I just find it looks so clean and beautiful. So I'm gonna do this on both sides and make sure that I keep it super thin. So that the eyes look really awake and open if you curl the lashes and add mascara you might find that you still want some extra drama.SCIENCE

I love the sophistication of adding a half lash because it really allows the eye to have a more cat-eye almond shape. Which is super sexy and subtle so I'm going to add half lash to the outer corner of my eye and then finish up with a little bit of lip liner. I'm using a more opaque color of my own lip shade and I'm gonna put this only on the upper lip to give a lot of definition and blur it out before I apply the real lip color. I want to use this lip product is like my number one I find it so pretty it's a mixture of brown peach nude and it fits in perfectly with any makeup look. I'm pressing that onto the lip and then I'm gonna use a hair perfume to finish off this entire aesthetic.

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