Today's article is on how to make an outfit fit you better and that's right down from the jeans and different ways to roll them up and stuff right up for the t-shirts and dresses and how to make them fit tighter. So I really hope that you like this article and then it helps you and yeah let's get into it so sometimes your jeans may be a little bit tight around the waist because it's so hard to get the perfect fit.

So to make them a little looser all you need to do is grab a coat hanger with two clips on and just clip the top of your jeans on to it. Then you just want to push the clips to the end of the hanger to stretch it out and then just hang them up it's best to do this when they've just been washed or whenever you aren't wearing them. Just to help stretch the waist out a little bit. I've actually found that this makes such a difference and makes them so much more comfortable to wear there's a few different ways to make an oversized t-shirt fit better.

So first I'm just taking a clear hair elastic band and gathering the t-shirt into a ponytail position then just twisting it round like you would a bun in your hair and then tying it with the elastic. I'm just rolling up the sleeves to make them fit better and yeah I just think this makes an oversize to you should look so much more flattering you could also tie the t-shirt up at the back instead of the exact same way by twisting it and tying it with the elastic. This way just makes it look a lot more tighter at the front but, either way, it's good just to make it look like it fits you better jeans are another problem I think for everyone so if your jeans are too long for you, you can just roll them up.

So I'm just taking the bottom my Jean and rolling it up twice and I just find this makes it fit so much tighter at the bottom too another way to roll up your jeans would be to pinch the area of the June you want it to be at and then fold the material underneath it. It's so simple it's easy to just watch the process but this is such a good alternative if you don't want to see the roll if you're wearing a super baggy pair of jeans and want to make them tighter all you need to do is fold over the inside seam keep hold of it and then roll it up twice this just makes the bottom of the jeans fit so much tighter you big oversized sweaters can look so good.

 But to make them fit even better I'm just rolling up the sleeves at the bottom this just makes it look like it fits you more and I actually feel like it really dresses up a plain basic outfit too. I've actually done a video on how to make any basic outfit looks good. So I'll leave a link to it somewhere on this video or in the description, if you're wearing a pair of leggings or patterned trousers and you feel like they're too long for you all you need to do is fold them underneath again like.

 I showed you earlier or another way to do it is by folding it underneath once then rolling it up once this make sure the pattern or stripes stay in the same place but also makes them fit you better as well the next hack is to make your skirt shorter so all you need to do is fold over the elastic part of your skirt underneath oh okay. There's my dog and then you can do this as many times as you like this obviously works better with a skirt which has some kind of pattern or ruffles to it but it instantly makes it look shorter if you're wearing a shirt dress and you want it to fit you better you could take a long piece of ribbon and just tie that around your waist this just makes it look like it has more shape to it and I feel like it pulls it up a little bit too.

 You could also use an OB belt to do this if you don't want to use a ribbon and I just feel like it really pulls you in at the waist and finally, the last hack is my token trick everyone seemed to find it so helpful so I thought I would include it again. So if your shirt or blouse just looks messy when you try and tuck it intake a clear elastic and create a ponytail at the front and just tuck that inside it is something that makes the truck look so much neater and fit better too. So that is it I really hope you liked it please give this article

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