Good morning everyone hopes you're well ah told you I would do a video this morning after taking my headband out and this is the finished result. I've already had two of my friends texted me this morning with pictures of their hair and they look amazing absolutely amazing. So it does work so give it a whirl if I'm being honest.

 This is slightly too curly for me and I think that's because I obviously did it two days in a row. So I think it's and also my hair blue it does need to wash now. So I think it's good as it was yesterday but it's still curly and I know by this afternoon. I'll probably really like licks it drops to have more because it's a little bit higher in a minute but amazing. So that's the headband hair trick hope you like give it a try. I just wanted to quickly share with you a couple of things.


I bought it yesterday in the last video I had mentioned. I was trying to find that perfect winter coat and just failing miserably well I've got two coats now and they were from supermarkets. So I've got two coats because I think I've saved money right I've not gone aboard. I was I did have my eye on a coat which was I think it was $89.99 from Zara or $79.99 anyway these two coats were half-price in fact one of them was free. Because my mum gave me it so I figured two coats you know for the price of one amazing um.

So I'm just gonna show you right so the first one I bought with this is from my mom and she's not just giving it to me she bought it from Tesco. So it's Florence and Fred one and it is black like a black yeah is black and it's got the shiny material and then it's got this grey material paneling. Which is lovely it's really thick it's got a little gold buckle and a firm hood so you can get the influence of Fred. I think it's 40 pounds basically this is my winter wooly lazy top whatever do that thing like that the winter will you warmer. So I was like oh thanks mum amazing. So that's from good old TISCO and this one I've got yesterday from Sainsbury's is the fancier ones this torch pounds.

So there's a really thick a heavy actual pocket I hate that when you get home or jeans and don't have it and it's like this faint pop kids go to put your hands and you're like oh well okay. I can't for anything in what's the point in that so it looks good well might look good. Who's not practical you know how hard it is how hard it just put a few pockets in any way. So this is them now I was a little bit I was debating in the supermarket honest I've tried it on and it was like oh now this collar is not really the collar. I would normally go for at all. I like to have a big collar but I figured what just likes the way it's quiet you know.

It's quite big not fifties a sort of tight but I like that and you know it's big enough to be wearing a big jumper underneath but could put the big scarf around and also actually I don't think I should mind that so much so and then it got you to know these extra little bits here. It's just a really lovely really really nice material warm smart coat. That's quite a long bump so I was about 40 pounds and they have loads of pipes and things for it and we've got a really good sense of reason for the house. Which is huge and yes so many coats so many lovely knit NC jumpers and stuff.

I bought the shirts as well which was 12 pounds. So I'm liking the check shirts lately it's got a bit of denim going on little cowgirl theme got that and I bought to top off the winter. where I live in the first and I have a lot more actually they're absolutely revolting style probably shouldn't show you but I've worn them to death. So I really need someone I love these like sheep skinny ugh style right because he'll buy up slippers 100 quid ridiculous Mr. can afford to spend money on top pounds.

These were and they are the leather as well so I think that is pretty good so yeah there are loads of wines and says risk and I also got max a little sleep bag cuz he's him he's growing out of his a little bit although. I wanted to get a three and a half table which I do you think. They'd go up to three and a half tops you know put proper winter because his room is quite cold but um they didn't have it they only have two and a half talk thought that's quite a cute look was 12 pounds as well little penguin already for Christmas so yes been wanting to find yesterday things bridge and my lovely freebie from my mom and Tesco but yeah that coat. It's music you can still get it in Tesco so check that out if you're looking for one of those big star puffer Parkers and yeah success with the coats. So I'm gonna go out now for play date Max and sprays which coach hmm I'm thinking the grass mole have a nice day.

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