Five Things You Don't Need In Your Closet Audrey A La ModeI want to discuss

The top five things you don't need in your closet first up is anything. That's uncomfortable to wear so this is gonna be clothing and shoes that are uncomfortable to wear things that make your feet bleed but give you blisters anything. That restricts your breathing and your movement anything that really is truly uncomfortable to wear you can eliminate straight out the gate.

 It's not something worth sacrificing just in the name of fashion. I personally am someone who always chooses comfort over fashion and I don't think you have to sacrifice one or the other to look stylish and put together. So I definitely recommend removing anything that is truly painful to wear because you'll be happier in the long run and you won't spend the entire time wearing that item thinking about how you want to take it off because I think the whole point of fashion and style is to really lend itself to your overall lifestyle.

You don't want fashion to become your life and you don't want it to dictate the things that you can and cannot do so I find that by eliminating painful things you really allow yourself more freedom through your fashion choices and then ultimately your life next up is anything. You haven't worn in a year or longer. So I really like to purge my closet I do it constantly at least once or twice a month. I really think that I have because my closet is very small overall and I really enjoy it now that I figured out a system that works for me but if you don't and it's something you kind of neglect then.

I definitely recommend taking the time at the beginning of the year like we are now to reevaluate everything in your closet and eliminate pieces straight out the gate that you haven't reached or in a year or longer next up is anything that doesn't fit you well and can't be tailored to fit you well so I mean anything. That's too big too small too long too short and that you can't have a tailor alter for your body. I recommend eliminating I think that it's very difficult to do a lot of times. Especially if it's an item that's sentimental or an item you spent a lot of money on but if it's something.

That truly doesn't fit you and can't be adjusted accordingly then I definitely recommend getting rid of it because it's just gonna bring down the mood and no one needs a damper on their morning. Our mornings should be filled with and positivity and happiness for the day ahead and I find that when I open my closet and I see items that don't fit. I'm reminded either of how I never took it to the tailor or how it doesn't fit me and it just really kind of brings everything down like. I said so I recommend getting rid of those because it just makes for a happier dressing experience overall next up is anything. That doesn't make you feel great.

So I truly believe that fashion should be an extension of how we feel about ourselves and I think everyone deserves to feel as great as they possibly can so anything that doesn't make you live your best life get rid of anything. That's gonna be in this category is things that you feel like you have to wear things you've been told suit you because of your height your skin tone your hair color your age. Whatever the case may be if it's something that you feel like you're supposed to have but you don't love to wear then get rid of it someone else can probably use it and love it a lot more and it'll free up your closet space and ultimately your mind for the things.

 That you actually do like and the things that suit your own personal personality and your own individual style and last up is anything that doesn't suit your personal style. So personal style is something that I really love it's something that I practice constantly. I'm constantly evaluating and cultivating and I think that it's one of the things that makes fashion so fun is that each person is individual and how we represent ourselves through our fashion is an individual process. So I think that anything that doesn't do that for you and doesn't speak to who you truly are you should get rid of so oftentimes.

Especially now with our exposure to fashion bloggers YouTubers Instagram and magazines oftentimes we feel like we have to dress a certain way or we see something that looks great on someone else. So we incorporate it into our own wardrobes and then we don't wear it because it doesn't feel like us so anything that fits into that category goes ahead and gets rid of because it's gonna suit someone else's personal style a lot better and it's gonna free up a lot of space in your closet and that's everything those are the top five things. I think you don't need it in your closet.

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