Fugly to FAB Short and Chipped Nail Transformation

Today I'm going to show you how I take my hands from this to a much prettier version. I have a lot of chipped nail polish on right now and I want to make them look long and beautiful for the weekend. So if you guys want to see how I do this at home then just keep watching like in all of my Fogg Lita fab editions.

Where I'm doing pedicures at home I'm going to start with hair removal surprise surprise. I grow hair on my knuckles do you guys grow hair on your hands. I certainly do so I'm gonna remove it first things first I got to remove the oil from my skin. So I'm gonna use some natural cornstarch this is from Burt's Bees it's just like cornstarch you can use just cornstarch and then remove all the oil from your skin by rubbing it around before you apply your hard wax I like to work with hard wax because it's not sticky and if I spill it I can easily remove it from any surfaces.

So that's why I'm always using hard wax it's also really sensitive on sensitive skin. So I like that way to remove all the hair from the knuckles and the hand and upper forearm. I'm just a little lazy to do the whole arm so I'm gonna do just the parts that you're gonna see already we're looking better my hand looks softer and a lot brighter. I'm now gonna take care of this chipped shellac this is not regular nail polish. So I can't just wipe it off with polish remover I need to do the hardcore polish remover method with you know shellac and gel polish.

This is what you have to do to loosen up shellac. I apply acetone on a cotton pad and then I wrap it up with tin foil and let my hands sit there and activate so that I can scrape it all off after 20 or 30 minutes. It's a really long grueling process but once it's all off we can move to the next step when it comes to maintaining my hands. I just like to remove the length of the nail and then I'll file them up make sure I push the cuticles back and remove any hangnails but I'm not focusing on like pampering the hands like.

I do with my feet so this is a little bit more of an express manicure. Which is just a lot more practical for me and every day. I want my nails to look good but I don't have time to give myself like a really long manicure so this is all just maintenance once. I have all the hangnails removed and any excess cuticle we can move on to the extension part. Which is the really fun part for me if you're following along you're going to need some tips. I got these from Amazon these ones aren't the best I don't find that they fit my nails very well but they still work and I've used them several times. So I'm gonna probably finish them up before getting new ones of course you want your tips to fit the width of your nail and when you're placing it make sure.

It's not crooked so and imagine an invisible line down the center of the nail and then once you take your glue apply it to the nail really really straight so that your nails look straight when you finish them and they don't look crooked. That's a really big mistake I've made and it really makes your manicure look bad so when you're gluing them on this is actually one of the parts. You should pay attention to the most because it's going to have a big impact on the outcome so before we work on actually building up the nail. I want to shape them I prefer to shape them beforehand so I'm gonna remove some of the lengths always keep your nails longer. Then you think you need them because you'll be filing them down and they could end up too short.

I also trim off some of the edges to make them more of a coffin shape I know they look horrible right now but what I'm gonna do is shape them up with my file and since I've trimmed off the excess it makes it a lot faster and easier so now I'm going to file them down. If you guys want to see a shaping video where I show you how to file your nails perfectly. That I want and this is what they look like now the tips are on the nail is set and the shape is defined. Which is what we want I'm gonna make sure that I smooth out the top of the tips so that they blend easier. When http://www.pronenews.com/ I applied the Builder I've definitely stepped up my game when it comes to my DIY at-home nail extensions doing like an acrylic nail look.

I'm now using a professional kit this is very very good. It's a little bit expensive at first but it definitely has saved me money in the long term because it only takes like two or three trips to the salon to make up for this so I really like being able to do this at home you guys know I love doing my own nails the first thing. You do is apply the dehydrator the bond that's what's going to help this stick. Then you apply the base dip your nail in and what I did here was I applied a little strip just above the tip the instructions tell you to do this if you're adding a nail extension and then they tell you to go with the base all over the entire nail you put that little strip there just to kind of blend the tip with the nail but I feel like.

It looks too thick I'm always trying it every single time I do a full set with this dip powder. I always try to take their recommendation but I don't like the way it looks so for the rest of the nails. I'm gonna do it my way and make sure that they don't look as thick apply the dehydrator then the base over the entire nail this time and then I'm gonna dip it in and I repeat this step twice for all of the nails and that's gonna build thickness and integrity and this powder and base actually does dry and Harden. So it's gonna be like a regular acrylic manicure.

I believe the powder that we're using to dip our fingers in is actually an acrylic powder. It's just a different method of doing it than building with acrylic and liquid-like they do at the salon. Although this is offered at my salon at least I don't know if you guys have ever seen this before but I like to be able to do it at home because it's just a lot of fun and it saves a lot of money in the long term. So once you've built up your nails they should look something like this I'm gonna go wash my hands and then apply the seal protect. Which is step three this is going to seal the nail and harden the polish or the base and the powder.

So that your nails are like ready to go the next step would be to add a topcoat but before I do that I'm going to make sure that my nails are really smooth. You can just take a file make sure it's a coarse one and then just fix up the shape or any lumpy areas. Where you applied the base too thick and then you can apply the top coat and they're ready to go. This is where I like to use my nail polish. So I wanted to show you this because I have reduced my nail polish collection significantly. I'm only using non-toxic nail polishes these days so this is what I have I'm gonna be using this cream color.

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