GOLD vs SILVER Jewelry & How To Choose The Right Jewelry


I want to talk about gold versus silver jewelry so we're gonna dive into why I love gold jewelry why I choose to wear so much of it. Even though silver technically suits me better and how I go about choosing what pieces to buy in gold and what pieces to buy and silver in order to enhance my wardrobe and then I'm also gonna share some of my tips for wearing each metal and how you can mix the two.

So that it still feels cohesive for your personal style and ultimately your overall wardrobe. So today's article kicks off a new miniseries that is tentatively titled 5 minutes Friday in which I will dive into a question. I get a lot something that people are frequently asking me over on Instagram and then in the comment section here and via email but I'm not always able to get back to everyone. So I thought this would be a good way to address some things. So that you can refer back to them as you need so let's get started let's start things off with a refresher course on some of the guidelines use to choose metals for your wardrobe.

So as with most color theory, the recommendations are to find and wear things that will complement your natural coloring you want to look harmonious based on most color theory practices and you want things that are gonna make everything look very balanced. So those with a cool undertone are recommended to wear cool-toned metals people with warm undertones are recommended to wear warm metals. So let's use my own personal coloring as an example so by looking at me you can see I have a lot of high contrast in my coloring my skin is relatively light especially compared to my features.

So my hair is really really dark it's basically jet-black and upon really close examination in broad daylight, it has a little bit of red in it. It's my natural hair color I've never dyed my hair and it's the same coloring that my mom has my grandma had and a lot of people on my mom's side of the family has so I definitely get that from them and then when you look at my eyes. When you're talking to me or looking at the video that I've made they almost look black but when you look really close you can see that. They're actually brown and they have cool brown flecks running through them. So those two things together would suggest that I have a cool undertone and if you look at the seasonal color analysis.

I would be classified as a deep winter which would also suggest that my undertone would be cool now the thing that gets really confusing for me personally and if you have a similar skin tone to me is that when you look at me especially with no makeup on and if I'm wearing a warm color. It becomes really obvious my skin upon first look appears yellow. So that can cause a lot of people myself included to mischaracterize me as being warm undertoned because we think yellow it must be warm right like a couple years ago. I realized the life-changing moment of my life.

 That I actually have an olive undertone and an olive undertone is cool because when you take a blue undertone and mix it with a yellow overtone you get that distinct green that an olive undertone has so it's really obvious in the chest for me and in my inner arm and on my wrist. So when I compared my skin to my sisters it just jumped out like never before I was very noticeably green compared to the two of them. I think I'm gonna do a larger article all about that because there's not too much information and what I've gathered the last few years has truly been a lifesaver. So let me know if you're interested in that so all of this information together definitely confirms. That I have a cool undertone and I've used that to dictate larger jewelry purchases in my life and then also influenced.

What I wear for big moments so for example my wedding and engagement ring are both platinum and diamonds and then for my wedding I wore exclusively silvertone jewelry and likewise for my dress rehearsal. I wore that Navy ship dress that I've shown a couple times and then my silver jewelry and that was so I would always look back and feel really great about the colors. I chose and feel vibrant and have things that I can wear well into the prime of my life even as I age and my skin loses some of its about some of its vibrancy.

 I've made jewelry purchases that will continue to complement that and then also if I make a large watch purchase in the future something that I plan to have for many years. I will definitely buy something in a silver-tone so probably something in stainless steel again to buy something. That I will have that will compliment me forever now this all begs the question. Then why do I buy gold or yellow tone jewelry at all and why do I choose to wear it and why have I chosen to add some things into my wardrobe. That I plan to wear forever but are yellow gold the first reason I choose to wear yellow gold even though it technically doesn't suit me is because of cultural reasons.

So I am half Colombian and it's very common to wear you look gold and be gifted yellow gold. So I have so many beautiful things that I've been given over the years that are yellow gold and I love them and I have such a fondness for yellow gold it feels very warm and it feels like home to me and I like having things in my wardrobe that elicits those feelings. So I can wear them and kind of have those good vibes and that familiarity so that's definitely a driving force behind. Why I wear it the second reason is that I just prefer some things in yellow gold. So the first thing that always comes to mind from my own personal jewelry box is my signet ring and I love how that looks in gold.

I think gold signature rings are so timeless and it's something that I just really really love wearing so when I set out to add one to my own wardrobe. I knew I wanted it in yellow gold and I will continue to wear that so proudly for the rest of my life now let's go over how I like to mix gold and silver. So that everything feels really cohesive and thoughtful and to do this I have two basic principles the first is to add a little sparkle in my experience. You can mix any metals together and have everything look like it was purposefully done as long as there's some sparkle mixed in so I love wearing my watch.

 That's rose gold with my wedding and engagement ring on the same hand and wrist because of the sparkle and both of them make everything look really good together and then I frequently layer my gold bangle with my tennis bracelet and a more delicate gold-tone bracelet that has a little bit of sparkle mixed in. So that everything looks very thoughtful and then if I'm wearing something sparkly with something solid and the two happen to have different metals. I like to have at least one degree of separation between the two of them. So for example I wouldn't wear one of my gold stacking rings on the same hand right next to my wedding and engagement ring to me that feels too obvious of a clash and there's too much the contrast between the two of them for my own personal preferences.

So I would instead move that stacking ring to my right hand which is also why I wear my signet on my right hand I like having that balance so that is a quick rundown of gold versus silver and why I choose to wear yellow gold even though it technically doesn't suit me. If you are one of the people that asked this question I hope that it helped you and gave you the answers.

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