How I Thread My Face


Hey I firmly believe it is your birthright to be able to choose whether you want hair on your face or whether you want to be able to remove it and I think it should be affordable. Which is why I'm gonna be showing you how to thread your own face this has been around for ages and I have so much respect for this method.

I've been using it myself I'm not a pro but I don't think it's any secret. let's go I have hair all over my face but the most visible hair is on my eyebrows. So I'm gonna work on emphasizing both the brows and the upper lip because those are my two favorite areas to thread. What I've got here is a facial cleanser I'm gonna apply this to my skin and I'm gonna clean the areas. That I'm removing hair from whenever you're going for a threading appointment or waxing appointment COMPUTER or are you having a DIY session at home.

You must make sure that your skin is clean before you start right after you pull the hair out of the skin. There's a really big opportunity for dirt and bacteria that's sitting on your skin already to just kind of dive into that pore and cause a breakout. I just want to mention when it comes to the upper lip. I don't have a ton of hair on my upper lip you guys can see it here but what I do have is a lot of pigmentation issues because the hair follicles are kind of dark at the base the hairs themselves are really fine. PRONE NEWS

But it creates a darker upper lip area which is something. I've struggled with for a really long time what I realized is that waxing doesn't remove every single hair. So that's why I like to thread it removes the pigmentation. That I don't like how my skin is feeling fresh and it's definitely ready to go I'm gonna show you how I do this whole threading thing. It's not easy but it's not hard it's kind of just one of those things you need to watch and learn for yourself. I'm gonna show you is something a little bit thicker this is not anything you would ever use for threading your face but it's just thick enough that you can really see what's going on.

So I'll show you with this first I'm going to double up the rope and then I'm going to make it at the bow as long as the fingertip to about just past the wrist maybe mid-arm and then tie it in a knot. So that you have a loop this is the motion you use for threading your face open one-hand open the other open close open and close the other and open and close so the way that you get the blade of the three is to twirl it around this creates tension. So it'll wrap the hair up into this twist and it'll literally rip it out from the skin.

This is why it's massively effective for getting a really clean result which it's known for threading has been known for that for like centuries. So now I'm gonna show you with a regular threat this is what I would actually use for my face and I'm gonna troll it around ten times and then get used to the motion of open and close for your first few passes on your skin you want to make sure. That you're moving pretty quickly you don't want to pull it slowly otherwise it'll hurt more and you might not take out the hair quickly what you always want to do is also tighten the skin. So if you have to stick your tongue out to tighten up your cheek that is the most effective way to in threading and that's what I'm going to do for the upper lip area you guys can see the hair and you can see it's slowly coming out depending.

If I catch it basically with threading you have to think about lines and you have to make sure that you go in straight lines across and up your cheek and your face that way you can remove all of the hair and not just sections of it what I love about threatening versus waxing is you can go over an area again and again. So I'm gonna do this until my lip looks not only lighter and if I see some extra hairs I'm gonna go back in and I don't have to worry about making the area too sensitive because we're not ripping any skin off we're just taking the hair up I also remove the hair off of my chin and then I'm also going to do this. Just in and around the mouth area which includes the cheeks right beside the upper lip and that will complete that area of my face.

I think the advantage is threading like the money-saving aspect of the fact. That you can do this yourself easily and quickly that's great but I think that this isn't for everybody because it can be painful. I noticed for myself even though I have a high pain tolerance to actually remove the hair. I'll get like a little cut on my thumb and there's an easy way to fix. That I'll just put a band-aid over it that way when I continue to thread my face it doesn't continue to dig into my thumb one of the disadvantages of doing. This yourself is that you can't hold your own eyebrow in place to make the skin taut which means you might risk cutting yours. if I often do this now that my skin's not as tight as it was when I was like 18 years old.

So I'm noticing that holding my eyebrows up is my only shot at making sure that I don't cut myself a lot but sometimes like in this article. I actually do walk away with a couple little like kind of blade cuts on my eyebrow which do heal within like a day or two but it's kind of annoying and that's one of the reasons. That I like doing my face with thread but I actually prefer to go for a threading appointment. When it comes to the eyebrows so on days like today my brows are pretty grown-up I would normally have gone for an appointment to really reshape these brows but instead I'm gonna do a cleanup on my own and I'm not gonna worry about the shape because moving the thread is an art of its own and that's something. That I'm continuing to try to get better at but making sure that the thread follows. LIVE STREAMING

Where you want it to is a little bit difficult so again this is a fantastic practice for the upper lip something that you can definitely save money on and do yourself no matter. What but when it comes to the eyebrows you have to make the decision. If it's right for you everybody who has sensitive skin should definitely follow the 24-hour rule once you finish your brows your face anywhere that you wanted to thread don't wear makeup for the entire day and the day after and then only wash your skin the morning after your threading appointment this will decrease the risk of a breakout and make your skin look really great.

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