How To Build Elevated Fall Outfits: Chic, Edgy, Romantic, and Minimalist Styles

Hi, guys today I'm going to be building my outfits from more basic pieces and then transforming them into more elevated styles. So I've got four different styles I'm going to be sharing one is a classic style an edgy style and then a romantic style and then having something more minimal. If you just like clean lines and a muted color palette actually pretty much all of these have a more muted neutral color palette because fall but first I just wanted to quickly mention.

That if you're not enrolled in my email list definitely do so down in the description below because I've got a bunch of bonus content coming up there some videos. That is coming up exclusively for that are my full shoe collection my full hat collection. I've got mastering fall layering dressing on a budget just a lot of stuff that would normally appear here only I feel like some of it. Just needs to be more to a closer-knit a community so that's what I'm putting over in my emails. So if you want to check that out then check out the link below and I will also link everything down below for my outfits today.

So check that out as well and let's get started so the first outfit is more for the chic and more classic styled woman somebody. Who just loves something timeless that will never go out of style and you could own these pieces forever and they'll still look good 10years from now so the first piece is just having a white and navy striped shirt. This is a really cool shirt too because it doesn't have any stripes up top. So it's actually going to emphasize my shoulders a bit if that's the sort of thing. That you would like to do with your body style and then I've got my high-waisted white pants um they're the cotton canvas. So you could do white jeans for this and you also could measure them.

If you want a high rise or mid-rise anywhere that really works for if your torso is longer or shorter all that will depend on that but I wanted to just start with just a real clean canvas here and this is a very classic outfit that honestly you could wear. If you're going from summertime into fall or even if you're watching this in springtime. This would be a great outfit for that as well when it comes to shoes for this outfit because it's fall too I'm going to be wearing a lot of heeled ankle boots. They just add just the right personality to it and for this outfit, I wanted something that was a lighter shade of boot. So I'm going to be wearing what is my lightest shade.

It's this light beige boot got these last the year I'll link you guys to some similar ones but this whole outfit has just a really great cut right now and then I'm going to be adding some accessories and coats on top of it so for accessories of course. I'm going to be wearing jewelry with my necklaces and my rings but my favorite way to accessorize with a smarter look is to be able to add just a watch. This is something that I like to wear whenever I feel a little bit more dressed down or if I just want again that smarter look now this outfit was really great by itself but the focal point of this outfit is actually the trench. That I'm wearing on toof p the trench is this beautiful standard beige color but the cut of it is really interesting. It wasn't anything that I needed to get hemmed or tailored at all it's got a slight puff sleeve to it and I felt like the arm length was just perfect and I' a petite so if you're like me this can be a perfect example of something.

 That you can wear and it feels just right I love having the belt that goes with it that's kind of standard for a trench but I appreciated that there was just one line of buttons and then the belt really is a focal point too. Where it has just this tortoiseshell buckle and then it just cinches really well and the rest of the belt could either be tucked into the side or just come down really what's happening with this outfit at this point is that the beige is what's shining through the most and then everything else is light-colored underneath and all you see is a little bit of stripe. That happens with the shirt and in addition to that inside the trench. It's got this piping inside that is navy and that matches the stripe of the shirt but it also could kind of pass as black. If you had to wear it with that too this whole outfit just really came together well and then those boots are going to match that trench really well for the bag.

I could do a bunch of different things here but just to keep it simple I'm using what I usually use for spring and summer. I'm bringing it into fall as well it's just a little beige wristlet so when looking at this outfit. It's really timeless all of these pieces. I could wear it for another 10 20 years. It's really aged appropriate it just matters how long those pieces last so to that I would just say some of these pieces might be worth the investment. If you're trying to make them last for a longer time and then just take really good care of them. Especially with white pants next is the modern edgy woman so dressing as her what would that be I would say that that's more.

If you like the unconventional if you like to push the boundaries this might be great. If you just don't want to follow all the rules and you just want to kind of life on the edge first starting with a jumpsuit it looks really basic and you can really tell my proportions don't look just right. So we're going to build that outfit and it's going to look so much more in character for that role. So first I've just got this white jumpsuit and I'm tying it right at my waist I like to do just like a little half-bow um like a half knot here and that just allows it to have a little bit more personality and then with that I just want to make sure.

That I've got my collar just right and then I'm going to be building it from here so for boots. I decided to g with some black boots just to add contrast right away and these boots are actually a little bit more on the western style. So they've got a little bit of a reptile sort of crocodile print to them and then they have a little bit of that edging that happens with a western-style and then that heel on the boot is going to add personality and literal height and so now having that hemline just really works for the boots and it looks more appropriately hemmed there the great thing about jumpsuits like this are that they give a little bit of that vibe of maybe I'm gonna go work on a car right now.

 That it's white um but just something a little bit more industrial gives it a real edge already there and then having the boots give that personality and pushes that outfit into that direction and then for accessories. I'm going to be adding a little scarf but it's not going to be in more of a traditional or classic dressed way. It's going to be right and tied in more of a square knot and then that's just layered underneath the jumpsuit. So really this outfit looks a little bit more western in that way as well now I just added my basic the jewelry here but another thing that you could add as an accessory to this outfit is if you wanted to add a fedora or any sort of personality with a hat here you will definitely stand out and this outfit will become even edgier.

 If you go that direction so for this outfit, I didn't add that hat but you definitely can instead I'm going to be sticking with just this black purse so because the purse is definitely clean lines and has that contrast the black that matches the boots. It's pushing the outfit in that direction obviously you can accessorize with all different colors but having this sort of domino black and white effect is going to make it look more elegant while still having that edge of contrast and so I chose to have a black bag that also has those clean sharp lines just to push it. That way a little bit more and this is a bag that I could layer with if I wanted to just have it across my body I could do that but it's really nice just to have it by my side as a handheld purse. So that's the full outfit for having more of an edgy style that's definitely where I'm sort of gravitating toward lately is more of an edgy style personally this next style is for the romantic woman. This is definitely where I had a lot of my past influences from my style and I still have a little bit of it left today.

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