How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog, Come Up with a Blog Name You Won't Regret in one Hour

I know the pain of making a decision when you are just starting a blog you're just a newbie in this area but you already need to know how to choose a domain name the right way. How to register a domain how to set up the best hosting for your website and you get overwhelmed and stuck at the very first steps of your life-changing blogging journey. I know how it feels I don't want you to lose your dream and I want you to avoid the typical mistakes.

 That new bloggers make I made them all trust me a mistake in choosing a domain name for a blog can be very costly you put a lot of effort at the start of your blog and later if you decide to move to another domain it can cost you not only the money and efforts but also it may end up in a huge traffic loss. Hi I'm Anastasia of Anastasia and on this channel. I share blogging and online business tips every Thursday. If you want to learn more about these topics then subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified about my new article before jumping into specific recommendations let me just share a bit about how I picked the domain for my blog Anastasia

I spent thinking about my domain name for one hour you heard me right. I didn't spend three days or a week taking this decision I wasn't sure for a hundred percent about the main blogging topic at the beginning. So I wanted to have a domain that doesn't narrow the variety of topics. I could cover later on my site at the same time I wanted a domain that would be easy to remember and more associated with my personality rather than with a specific subject matter. Now that was my story and it's not just what I mentioned here that I kept in mind when picking my domain name other

important factors were all taken into consideration and to help you pick a domain name for your blog or for your online business.

I will share with you the best tips in the industry most of them are not based on any official statements from Google or other platforms that could be your potential future traffic sources bye. They're the collective wisdom of many webmasters and bloggers who experimented made mistakes lost their time tried again with new blogs and found the best ways to pick domain names. So rule number one first investigate before you make any choice regarding the domain name make sure that there are no other popular blogs with a similar name unless. You want your blog to always stay in the shadow of the bigger competitor to find the other websites with similar domain names just google your domain the one. That you have in mind without the dot-com or other the main zones in the end and check what comes up in the top 10 search results on Google also check your domain name for availability in a major social network a great service.

That helps you check most of the social networks automatically are no I am calm but I would still do my manual research on each social network as well and to do it you just need to start typing your the domain name in the search for example on Facebook or other networks and check the suggestions that are appearing in search results tip. Number two does your best to find a name in the dot-com domain zone I know that often you come up with a great main idea you search for it in the dot-com zone helps. It's not available but it's available in dot-org or dotnet and it sounds like a nice compromise but I actually didn't avoid this temptation with some of my previous sites and honestly it wasn't the best experience the mains in dot-com zone are considered as the most trustworthy but by Google and other search engines and also these domains are the easiest to remember especially for users.

Who are not very tech-savvy some users will type home completely automatically having no idea. That any other the main zones even exist imagine that you picked a name in domains own dot block for example coolest ever photos dot blog some visitors might simply add com at the end of your site name and they will end up on a page with a 404 error or maybe they will go to another website. That doesn't belong to you now tip number three is avoided numbers and hyphens numbers could look like a fine idea but most of the times people cannot memorize such a domain name the same applies to hyphens avoid using them.

 Whenever it may be better for your site and in the long run, it will help you with SEO on a side note did you know that you could actually get your domain name completely free. If you start a blog with Bluehost hosting provider they include a free domain name for the first year and the tariff plans start as low as 295 dollars a month. If you use my affiliate link I will share with you this exclusive pricing offer for my subscribers only in the description below this article anyway let's move to the next tip for choosing a domain name. so tip number four is choosing a domain name that includes your focus keyword using keywords. which bdescribesribe your blog's main topic or your business promoted on the blog is a great idea this way your domain name works not only for the audience to remember your site address easily but it also helps search engines like Google or Bing to rank you better for the relevant queries.

I know that in some niches finding an available domain with the focus keyword you want is really tricky but you can test here your creativity and try to add some extra words and you want to look different from your competitors but still, you want to use the rule number five keep your domain name shorter than fifteen characters some bloggers get carried away adding new keywords to the domain name and they forget about this very important game rule. That's actually even more important than having keywords your blog the name has to be short otherwise no one will ever remember it something under fifteen characters will be okay but when the domain name gets longer.

 Than this I will seriously consider some adjustments to your ideas before you make the final decision you probably know that I'm sharing the best comment in every week's Article.

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