How To Create a YouTube Channel

 Hey, what's up guys and welcome to applications daily tech tips and in today's video. We're learning how to create a new YouTube channel now there are two main ways to create a YouTube channel. Number one is to create a new Google account or YouTube account number two is to create a new YouTube channel inside an existing YouTube account with a different channel. Now both these ways will get you a brand. New YouTube channel now I'm a big fan of not putting all your eggs in one basket so I'll start with the first option. Which is to create a new YouTube account now you can create a new YouTube channel by simply creating a whole new YouTube account. Just a normal Google account simply go to click on sign up go through the whole process and sign up for a brand new YouTube account or Google account now.

If you want to learn more about creating a Google account. Then I'll leave a link down in the description below where you can watch that anyway once you finish creating a Google account just go to and sign in with that Google account. I just created your Google account is actually your YouTube account as well. Once you're signed in you don't need to create your YouTube channel. Your first youtube channel on this new YouTube account. So click on the avatar in the top right corner and select my channel then from the page that pops up give your YouTube channel. A name the default name that's selected there is obviously the Google account name but you can change that in case. You want a different name for your YouTube channel and it's as simple as that now that the channel is created.

 You cannot do some work on it like customize the channel part change your profile picture other description some links all that now since this is the only YouTube channel in this YouTube account. It's the default Channel and every video upload will be deemed to have been uploaded from this channel. Now having said that it means you can create another channel inside this same YouTube account and that brings me to number two how to create a YouTube channel a brand new. YouTube channel inside an existing YouTube account maybe with another YouTube channel or something so you already have this YouTube channel in your YouTube account. And you want a new channel a brand new channel possibly for differen content but you want both of these channels in the same YouTube account.

Now to do that go to and signing with that existing account then click on your avatar and then select settings on the settings page click on create a new channel and give you a new channel and name and then click on create and that's your new YouTube channel .You cannot go ahead and customize it the way you want in fact a lot of profile picture to this one just to differentiate it from the other one for your sake there you go. So now as you can see I consider in the two channels inside the same.YouTube account and this one here selected at the top is the current default channel and every video. I upload will be deemed to have been uploaded to that channel so those are the two ways to create a brand new YouTube channel in a YouTube account thanks for watching. You can leave your comments and questions down the comment section below this video I'll be happy to answer those. But uh that's it for now thanks for watching don't forget to share and subscribe for more tips.

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