Guys welcome back to my channel so today I just wanted to hop on here and show you my 1011. I think I added one a quick one at the end 10 or 11 tips to always. Just look a little bit more fashion-forward a little bit more stylish you know before. I did YouTube I worked in the fashion industry doing visual merchandising so I'm all about adding those extra special touches to make you know the mannequins or the racks. Just like look a little bit more elevated so this is something that I'm super interested in oh gosh like. I hate telling people what to wear and what not to wear so these are really just kind of 10 or 11 tips that I personally like to follow and if you trust me if you trust my style then maybe you can follow them as well. Oh, I'm going to show you my tips on how to always look a little bit more stylish a little bit more fashion-forward and a little bit.

 More elevated we'll start with rule number one which kind of leads into rule number two but I thought. It was big enough that it needed its own role so rule number one always adds a belt to a blazer and this is such a big one for me. Whenever I am in doubt and I do not know what to wear I've known I've told you guys this before I grab a blazer and I put a belt over it it's like a no-fail system. It works every time we're just adding a belt in general, to be honest. If you're just doing jeans and a t-shirt I mean it's such a casual outfit that I think will honestly just never go out of style depending on how you style it. I mean there are multiple ways you can style jeans and a tee but, just adding a belt can just make such a difference it breaks up your bottom and your top it adds an accessory. It adds some hardware I even have some oversized like sweater dresses that I purposely buy oversized just knowing that I'm gonna felt them so sweaters white button downs just felt.

 It all you know and I love buying oversized things but sometimes I don't always like wearing oversized things. I just like the option to so if I can ever add a belt. If I need more of a polished look and something that's not so messy and disheveled as I'd like to look a lot of the time but in a good way. I'll just add a belt rule number two is extremely obvious and it's gonna be on any. How to always look stylish list you could ever come up with. But it is to add an accessory but that's why. I said rule number one bleeds into two because the belt is an accessory adds an accessory even. Just jeans and a t-shirt add a hat it completely shrimps transforms your entire outfit. You could add I have liked signature necklaces that I always wear some like vintage locket.

 So just create your own like signature jewelry look with necklaces bracelets so just doing little things like that can really make. You look more fashion-forward and I'm just a little bit more accessorized instead of doing a regular purse I always like to play with my back so I'll do a fanny pack. I'll do ike a crossbody like a belt bag but wear a crossbody so it's kind of sitting up high or even a pouch I've been seeing a lot of patches lately this one obviously doesn't have to be a designer any type of like a unique shaped bag. I think is such a cool element to add to outfit number three is staying up-to-date on smaller trends, So I personally when it comes to my wardrobe I'd like to keep things minimal.
 I don't buy too many trendy clothing items but you can always keep up with trends in other ways and this could, Just mean something so small is adding a couple of bobby pins you know like you've been seeing everywhere. Some other things I have our hair bows. If I'm just wearing a super basic outfit but I just feel like something's missing. I'll just throw my hair up in a ponytail like a low ponytail and add a bow you could do a headband any type of headband works or you could even do a fun pair of socks. I think these are tricky these are not easy to style like you have to be wearing the right thing or else. You'll look like you're 7 and going to church on Easter Sunday my next tip. I think number 4 or 5 is making sure your proportions are correct so what I mean by that and again.

 This is where I hate telling people like how much skin to show or not because honestly, you show however much skin you want to like it makes me no difference but when I am showing skin. If I'm doing like a crop top I will make sure that I'm doing like a high waist kind of baggy or jeans. So I would never do like a low-rise skinny with like a tiny crop top that's. Just not my style again if that's your style you go for it that's all you or if I'm doing like a shorter skirt I'll do like an over the knee boot or a blazer to kind of cover-up my top make sure I'm not showing cleavage. So I kind of like to balance out those proportions and what. I also mean by that is just making sure your items are fitting well so there are such thing such things as like oversized items and you know buying a jacket in an extra-large because you want to wear it. It that way when I think of something like this.

 I think of like a pair of pants that you need to get taken it in the waist because they're a little saggy and the waist and they're supposed to fit a little tighter. So you just want to make sure that things like that you have tailored to fit your body unless. You're just wanting them oversized to style it a certain way my next tip is don't be afraid to combine. Your colors and you know I am such like an all-black person that's my favorite way to wear it close it's. Just black all the time. Jut it's crazy how good your outfit can look when you are wearing like a monochrome look and this doesn't have to mean exactly a color like to me this is considered a color this is oyster let's call.

 It that this just is such a great color combination with like dark brown or even black they're just two super basic items that you can pretty much wear with anything so just and then if you're wanting to go all out and do a color. I love something like this especially for spring so you know like a wide leg really rich salmon pant with a super almost like beige-colored blazer. So I think you guys get the idea of mixing colors. I even think like your graves can work as well so just depending on like the colors that you have in your closet already. I'm sure you can find something before going out and shopping and like trying to like make all these monochrome looks look in your closet I'm sure you have something the next tip is to wear vintage. I can always tell when I'm a seeing vintage on somebody and I just think mixing vintage and new it's. Just such a great way to style an outfit so grabbed this vintage Chanel buck that. I pretty much wear with everything so one of my favorites.

 I had just scrub it all the time buying vintage doesn't always necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars, I got this vintage Gucci bag for $80 on Poshmark and it is really well-loved like the inside is completely messed up but I loved it. So I grabbed it and me actually negotiated down that she wanted 120 for it but I got it down also I grabbed these vintage Ralph Lauren from Poshmark I want to say these were like 20 20 or 30. But I wear them all the time and get so many compliments on them and I think they just compliment any outfit that I'm wearing especially something like this when you're just eating like a pop of brown my favorite is vintage jewelry.

 I love jewelry big rings also jackets. I think you can find some really great jackets on Etsy or even your local vintage stores so my next tip is always to wear one unique piece and I know this is impossible for every single outfit every day. But I try to do this at least like for three to four times a week because I don't have that many unique pieces. I only have so many clothes but I'll show you an example so for example instead of wearing. Just a basic tank top I have this shoulder pad tank top from the Frankie shop that, I wear in place of that and it really just adds kind of an extra element of style to my outfit or instead of a basic white button-down. I have this oversized like puffy sleeve button-down that serves the same purpose. But it just has like a unique feature to it I've got something like this vest was 12 dollars. And I can just put it over pretty much anything any white button-down any t-shirt any sweater and it just adds like a little layer.

 I mean it weighs pretty much next to nothing but it's crazy what something like this can add to your outfit then even outerwear. So you know even though this isn't a super unique piece it's like an oversized best see like my sleeves sticking out obviously sometimes you need like a big coat and there's nothing you can do about it. But when I can I can grab something like this. So my next tip is wearing something printed and this could be mixing prints or just wearing one item that's printed and basic jeans. But when I'm mixing prints I always like to mix kinds of prints that I wouldn't necessarily think to go together. So for example I thought this outfit is alike cantar plaid skirt and that's. Just white striped button-down which like here it doesn't really do anything for you.

 Jut once you add a big belt you add boots and you like do the whole thing it completely makes it like wearable and I love it although some of you might be like Ashley mmm still doesn't work. When I'm looking at it I like it I think it goes really nicely together the thing about making friends is not everybody is going to agree and that's just kind of the rule of style in general like sometimes people. Just might not agree with what you're wearing but as long as you are comfortable and you're happy with it and you're expressing yourself that's honestly all that matters but this is the type of print. I like mixing just also another print that I love as well just like a blue stripe because the stripes are so small. So if you have any bigger printed items you could um pair like a smaller stripe talk with it.

I'm just seeing like this uh probs perhaps not the next step I have is very obvious and I feel like stupid for even telling you. Guys but self-care I think is a huge huge part of looking stylish and elevated in fashion-forward for example, my nails right now need to paint them even though it's not that bad to me it's driving me crazy even small things like your makeup. So I always you know try to wear my daytime makeup during the day nighttime makeup during the night for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing like giant false lashes overdone makeup during the day it's just not my style again if this is what you like you know. I know somebody told me one day that I had too much makeup on and I almost blew my top I was like.

Who are you to tell me but I think you guys know what I mean. I'm talking about like smokey eye big lashes like bright lipstick I just feel like are meant for the weekend and like at night and not. So much for like work I mean that's obvious right I don't know maybe I'm overstepping. I'm so sorry if I am and then I think there are things like knowing how to style your hair with what. So if I have you know as a giant ruffled sleeve top on try not to let my like mop hair over it. Because then it just kind of looks like a lot is going on so when I'm wearing or if. I'm trying to look sophisticated and I'm trying to look like sleek and you know I'm going to like a meeting I'll always like to pull my hair back.

 I think pulling your hair back you know maybe even like putting a few pieces down really like shows off the piece of clothing you're wearing it gets like the hair out of your face .Because no one wants to be like in a meeting with a mop in their face always by myself. When I'm in a meeting and I have my hair down I always find myself playing with my hair pushing it out of my face and I think it's distracting and a bit unprofessional so I always try to be aware of where. I'm going what I'm wearing what does my hair looks like right now and try to like rotate it around there and when in doubt go back to the bobby pins. If you need to bobby pin something back that always helps too my next tip is to really stay on top of your shoe game and I realize. You know not everyone including myse.lf can just go out and buy tons of new shoes all the time every season so it's like hard.

 You know I don't want to tell you guys to like to go out and buy more shoes. But when I'm gonna update something in my wardrobe. I start with shoes because that can really make such a difference for example lately instead of putting on my black like chunky boots that. I always do I've been putting on this white boot and it makes me love my outfit even more. I just feel like I have a unique piece on uh sorry my camera overheated and I don't even know. Where I was shoes so instead of doing like a flat or like even a sneaker I think something like this is very I've had. I mean I've had these for probably six years so you know it doesn't have to be something trendy it can be something that you rewire every season just kind of putting in place of basic flats or just basic sneakers and next instead of doing. You know a basic over-the-knee boot or like riding boot or something update it to something with laces. So maybe something laced in the front like this to make it a little bit more interesting again. You can still wear these with jeans dresses skirts anything so it's really just kind of taking the place. If you want to get super crazy you could get a red boot at yellow boots some sort of color maybe just try to swap with that and see how you like it but I know like mango has.

Some really cute yellow boots right now that I have my eye on. I think they're perfect for spring and really add like something huge to your outfit like a yellow boot. Just completely makes the whole thing so my last rule that I added last minute which I believe is number 11 add texture .So I always love the leather so these are two of my favorite pieces this is just a basic pencil skirt but I think the color it looks a little family it's actually more of like a rich brown color faux leather. I can really make such a huge difference when it comes to your outfit and these are one of my favorite pairs of trousers right now. I know this is really pretty like the beige color you're just throwing these on instead of a pair of jeans. When I used to work in fashion people would always ask how to do.

 I wear like cool like leather pants and like cool joggers and trousers and I always tell them, It's so simple just SWAT-like instead of putting on your jeans just put on the trousers like just act like you're wearing jeans and Who am I talking to you. I was talking to someone who was a stylist not that long ago and she said the same thing as just act like it's jeans so normally with this top I would wear jeans with it. It's just you know cute like button-down but instead. I threw these on with it and it completely made my outfits like different and it made me feel good and I loved the outfit and I felt cool wearing it. Because I'm wearing you know like not jeans in a cool pair of pants that I'm rocking in. Some of you might say I'm not but I believe I am all right those are my tips. I hope I remembered everything I made this super long Google Doc try to remember everything like it really gave my points across and again like please do not think.

 I'm telling you guys that you're doing something wrong that your way of styling your outfits is wrong. Because I like even if I don't love somebody's outfit. I can so appreciate that it is their personal style and their way of like feeling good and expressing their creativity. So these are just things that I came up with for myself that I always to follow so hopefully it gives you guys. Some inspiration as well and also like please don't feel like you need to go out and buy like an oversized blazer a hair bow a big belt. New shoes look in your closet first shop on Poshmark shop secondhand like you know my biggest fear is that people watch these videos and get so much inspiration and think like. I need to go buy everything because I've totally been there.

 You know when I was like working fashion it was like it was so hard. When new collections would come in and I would see people wearing it and how it was styled and I just wanted to buy everything and you can't put yourself in debt over. You know someone's YouTube video or you know. If you yeah if you have a wish list and it's something a goal that you want to work towards to buy a few new things here and there that's totally fine. But please don't like on my account try to go buy a bunch of things shop in your closet you would be so surprised at what you can find all right with that being. Said I have this is I'm rambling now I'm gonna go so I can edit this video and get it

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