HOW tO get TIK TOK famous in 24hrs

 Know what's up everybody right in front to here thank you for stopping by we're gonna do 10 tips to get you famous on tick-tock in 24 hours. These are my tips and tricks hopefully they work for you. I'm gonna walk you through all of them tell you what they are and I'm gonna make it tick-tock with the tip. So you can really see how it looks in real life.

How successful it is I'm gonna show you how many you views the video gets in a day hope you enjoy the video let's jump into number one right now all right tip number one is to upload upload upload upload as much as possible film everything. You can turn anything that happens in your day-to-day life into a tick-tock video in my opinion all the time. I'll be filming my friends is hanging out shooting hoops you know just talking and that can be turned into a video people are gonna watch it. If you edit it correctly but the first step is to film and upload it.

You know I'm saying if you don't do that no one's gonna watch. So I'm going to go film some random nothing right now turn it into a video and this is what it looks like tip number 1. That I said is just to film videos whenever and wherever you can so we're gonna film a tick-tock right now there's a Tanner by the way like and subscribe to Tanner's channel. I'll post a night card right here and that's it that's the tick-tock just film. Whatever you have going around in your life we're gonna move on to tip number two a shout out to Tanner again aka jump in tone leaping toe to bring it spring eat oats jump in phone tip.

 Number two is use hashtags there's a million of them to major hashtags on tik-tok or hashtag fyp and hashtag for you page use those and then use whatever other hashtags you think to relate to your video and it will put you in like-minded content categories people are more likely to stick on your video because of those hashtags trust me it works. Here's an example of it right now yesterday Liz brought a Ferris wheel to the house. So I have a bunch of old footage from that but I'm gonna cut into a cool little. You know surrealist tick-tock I'm gonna screen record myself putting it together and putting the hashtags on it.

So you can see it here's what the final product is just watch this real quick and it will move on to tip number three all right. So I'm gonna try to keep this interesting by wearing weird outfits. Every time I give a new tip so tip number three friends are what's going on trends is what's happening everybody hops on the trend bandwagon that means a challenge a dance using a song. Whatever it is you see people doing it a lot do it yourself and you're bound to get views from this for example I'm going to do this. It's like the shoe trend that's going on where you like make weird shoes out of just normal. Everyday items I'm gonna do one right now with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

 I think it'll do super well because people will know what I'm referencing let me show you what I'm talking about we're talking about French right now a very big common trend is walking a mile on these it's like a shoe trend. Where basically you make weird shoes up at random household objects. So we're gonna film that right now so I'm gonna delete that sure yes we do that what that's funny put this on the game is handsome thanks to Matt Matt's the only one I know who can actually do that with his hands and stand on them like that so great job man how do you feel. That's so gross but that's a trend right there we're gonna upload it. You'll see the whole video like you'll see the whole video right now okay. This is kind of neat cuz in the studio it's kind of flex. I'm not gonna lie it Wow tip number four super easy one just do it really famous videos on tick-tock find a video with millions of views react to it people are bound to see your video because you're reacting to one that did super well for example my friend Ike uploaded a video. That has like 20 plus million views it's him turning a box on and off I'm gonna react to it. I'm gonna try to make it funny people are bound to see my video and watch my video because his video has millions of views super simple try it out.

I promise you this one will work for sure so I'm going here man I think we're gonna do it stoves video. Where he has the magic box turns it on and off we're gonna make a weird tick-tock duetting this where I'm in the bathroom. That's my favorite place in school does spend a lot of time there yep here we go. This is the Sunnat for our tick-tock it's kind of weird brian is doing it with my video which has 11 million views. Which is open 11 million yeah I was like 4 no play it's viral which is and fit does a box our friend Ike is that like 20 million. I think that does it will work better all mine here's the box video original first Adam and a Mason. What the new ones gonna be so we're to filter right now and you'll see the hot rods yeah Adam another shout out stone for that one that was quick and easy just reacting to his video.

Which has 11 million views and it's gonna go even more so hopefully. I'll get a few little trickle-down views from that for you yeah at least Nino 10 news at least 10 views. If I get at least 10 views you know we're mega-viral and this video you know all the hacks are working out also real quick tip 4.5. If you do it Charlie d'emilia if she's the queen of tick-tock millions of followers all she does like he's like dance things. Where she's like woo if you do what her video will get views it's actually a running joke on tick-tock that no matter what you post with her in it will get views all you have to do is just react to one of her videos. Here's me standing here with this hat on one of her videos and I bet you it'll get some views so let's try it out.

I'm not sure if this one works but we're gonna try it that's why it's 4.5, not 5 these are weird videos man Oh tip five super easy one also uses old videos you have on your phone and turn them into videos. If you're like me you've always got your phone on you at all times you probably have a ton of videos a ton of pictures on here take those run them through iMovie on your phone and then just cut them into a video. I'm gonna do this right now I have this old clip of my friend throwing a football over the house and one of my old youtube videos. I'm gonna turn that into a tick-tock boom free tick-tock took me two minutes to do all right so here's the re-edit of this video. I'll show you what the full tick-tock looks like right now check this out three two one that's sick right look at this he's just like that's getting uploaded right now just recycle your health content you know step six is another super easy one just collab with your friends have fun with it put your friends in your videos you're gonna have a good time you're gonna have fun.

 You're gonna get your audience's watching each other's videos. Even if you don't have audiences already you're gonna have people watch your tic TOCs just to see who your friends are it's a great time it makes life more enjoyable. I'm gonna try to figure out a tick-tock vedio to use my friends in right now so here's that - why is this so many cameras domine with anything you are watching the video back right now and we're completely off alright on to the next tip that was pretty fun love tick-tock tick. Number seven kind of goes hand-in-hand with the following trends. It's just to copy cool videos that you like recreate them find something that interests you or that you think is like super visual and do yourself people are bound to watch it. It's really fun you'll have a good time. I'm gonna try to do one of those right now where you like to find a crinkly dollar bill you straighten it. I'm not sure if it works it's kind of like a life hack and trust me to try it out.

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