How to Make a YouTube End Card


Using an end card like this on your youtube videos is actually going to help you get more views on your videos as well as subscribers and honestly, they just look really cool. So today I'm going to show you how to make one of these using free software coming up you got to just press record. Hey guys my name is Nolan mult with think media now let's jump right into the video.

Now the very first step is to go to and you can see this is what it looks like when we get on the landing page. Now this is completely free you can create an account for free they also have a paid version but we have a link in the description you can click on it and go to and the first step is to create an account. Now I'm just going to log in with Facebook and it's very simple and it takes me right to the home page and once you create an account or you log in this is what you're gonna see now again. They do have a paid version but for this the tutorial I am us

ing the completely free version. So if you are using the free version with me. Then you can follow along and create your end card just like I will the next step is to go to create a design. Which is in this upper right-hand corner and they have some suggestions here so here is a video and this is going to be in 1080 HD. Now if you need a 4k resolution video you can do that as well but if you don't need 4k and you're shooting your youtube videos in 1080 go ahead and just click on this one. But if you want to go to 4k you can go to custom dimensions and the width we're going to put in 3840 and in the height, we're gonna put in 2160. You wanna make sure that px is selected for pixels and then you're gonna create a new design.

Now once you do that you get your canvas and this is where we are able to create our end card and there are some templates in here. That's going to make it really really easy so we are going to go to the search bar and you want to search for youtube outro and that is going to send you to all these end cards. If you type in the end card up here you might not see all these results and what I found is they're all under youtube outro so type that into the search bar and you're gonna see some really cool options here we can just click on them and we're able to change this and we can kind of see what they look like and so I can click through and I can kind of see. Which one I like how some of these do have moving elements like this this is actually a video playing in the background you can see all these moving elements and then some of these are just pictures and so either one is fine it's really up to you. What you want to use but either one is going to be fine at think media we use a still image but they do have some options here that are really cool with those moving elements as well Prone news world time.

Now there's a lot of options I can keep scrolling and you can see that there are just some really cool things here you know this one is all custom built you can put your profile picture here you can have two videos and you're able to change all these things. But first things first, we want to select one that we want to use for our video. So this is the one that I selected and now I'm going to go in and customize it and it's really easy all you got to do is tap on what you want to edit and then go in and you can edit just about anything inside of here. So instead of new content added daily we are going to say uh subscribe for more videos down here we're going to change this to something like thanks for watching and then as far as the colors go you know orange. Really isn't our theme color at think media we tend to go with a blue or a yellow so all I got to do is select this shape and then I go up here I can select this color square and this is going to take me to any colors.

I would like now you can add in templates with the premium version and this is going to give you colors. That really matches well together and goes well together and so there are some really really cool features with the paid version. Which I do recommend and my wife even uses the paid version uh the canvas pro is what it's called and so if you want to check that out. I think it's definitely worth it but again we're gonna stick with the completely free version for doing this tutorial. So to add a new color I'm gonna go right up here I will select this and then I'm able to use this to kind of choose what color I want. So I'm going to go over to yellow and then I can move this around and live I can see what my color's starting to look like. So I want mine to be bright and bold just like that and then what's a really cool feature about canvas is when I click off and I want to change another object or another shape. I can click on the color thing again and look it's added right here has my document colors and this is showing me the colors that I have on my document.

Right now so I'm going to select the same yellow so that all my yellows are the exact same and it's really easy just select what you want to change the color and you pick your color. So right now I am selected on this shape and so I want to select off of it just by clicking up here and then we are going to see we have some things up here. This is the timing so this is going to be how long the video is when we export it I like to keep my end cards at about 10 seconds but you can go all the way up to 30 seconds. If you want and of course you can always trim it in your editor but for this case, I am just going to do a 10-second youtube outro and then this is some animation. So even though this is a picture we can add some really cool animations just by selecting one of these so none obviously is not going to do anything.

But if we go to block if we select it that adds some really cool animation that just kind of bumps up your production value and makes it look like you're using some really fancy editing software. When in reality this is all just for free so I can go through I can see which one I want to use that one's pretty cool I don't love that one. I think my favorite one is the block so I'm going to select the block and it automatically updates it for me and I can click back to my board. If I want to make any more changes but right now this is looking really good and I just need to download it now before I show you how to download this to your computer and add it into your editing software make sure you like this video and comment down below let me know what do you shoot your YouTube videos on do you use a webcam to use a phone a camera let me know in the comments down below.

 Now actually, before we go to the download we want to preview and make sure that everything is looking perfect. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to hit this play button right up here with the 10 seconds that's showing us again you know how long this video is going to be I’m going to hit that play button and we're going to see the animation happen and then in this instance since. It is a photo it's all going to be the same the rest of the time but that's looking really cool and it's perfect for me and so I’m ready to download now up here you can either hit download or if you click this down arrow you can do some other things like share a link. if you want someone else to maybe make some changes to it but we're just going to download it so here for the file type we want it to be mp4 video and that is going to make sure. That it doesn't you know get exported as an image but as an actual video and it shows those animations that we added since.

I set up my project to be 4k it is going to export a 4k video for me which is fantastic and if you select 1080 then of course it's going to export a 1080 video for you from here. You just gotta hit the blue button download and this is going to prepare your design it just takes maybe a couple minutes and then it's in your downloads and you can now add that to your editing software. When adding this to your editing software it's the same as any program you can easily just drag this into your project like that and it's going to be inside of iMovie or inside of whatever editing software you are using and really it's that simple. Now if you're not sure how to actually add the videos in the youtube studio so that they are clickable at the end of your video then click on the screen right now and you can also click on the screen to check out our entire playlist. Where we go through the youtube basics we show you how to do tags hashtags you can do chapters and so click on that playlist if you are interested in that and I'll see you guys in the next Article.

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