How to style SNEAKERS!! WHAT TO WEAR with vans converse adidas nikes


That I post every Sunday where I walk you through five different outfits around a certain article of clothing or a certain theme and I show you how to style each one start to finish. So I 5 different pairs of sneakers to show you today sneakers in my opinion can be worn with literally anything so these are just five examples of outfits on how I like to wear my sneakers on a day-to-day basis. I'm super excited that you guys requested this Article for me so let's just jump right in the first sneakers.

We're gonna be styling are the Adidas Stan Smith's so we're starting off here with just a MIDI dress and this is a beautiful striped MIDI from Reformation the color palette of this dress is absolutely gorgeous and I love the simple cut the first thing we're gonna do to jazz up. This dress adds a necklace I chose this one it's from Argento Vivo it's a longer gold chain with the word dream written on it. I wanted something that went down a bit longer on my chest because this neckline is a bit low and now we're gonna throw on the sneakers so these are the Adidas Stan Smith with a platform sole


 I reach for my Adidas it's when I'm trying to add a sporty touch to an outfit so for something like this where it's a long pretty girly midi dress and a delicate gold necklace. I think it looks really cool to add these Adidas to kind of make it a more sporty vibe as the last touch. I threw on my denim jacket this is just a super simple denim jacket from All Saints. It's really soft it's not cropped or anything it's just your basic denim jacket. I cuffed up the sleeves and that was my outfit altogether I absolutely love this fall look.

I think dresses go super well with sneakers when you pair them in the right way in this case I think the colors play really nicely together and none of the cuts are too crazy everything is pretty simple on its own. So when you combine them all together it just creates a really nice balanced look alright let's move on to these second parents. Which are my black vans that are probably my favorite brand when it comes to seekers? I just love how skater they are and I reach for them. When I want to toughen up or add a more boyish skater vibe to an outfit so this is the base outfit right here. It's my long-sleeve black t-shirt and some drop-crotch harem pants the t-shirt is super basic.

 It's one of your new clothes heats tech long-sleeve tees the pants are from Zara there are these plaid trousers that are super baggy but really tapered. So I'm gonna make some tweaks here the first thing I'm gonna do is tuck in my black shirt all the way around since the pants are so baggy you really want to be sucked in at the top. Which is why I really make sure to have a tight even tuck. Then I'm going to tie a bow at the waistline of the pants. Which is what you're meant to do and I'm gonna cuff the bottom of the pants just to show a bit more ankle for a necklace. I threw on a black choker this is my go-to leather black choker it's from Jackie ice and it has a really pretty moonstone in the center of it chokers give a little bit of that skater batty vibe as well. So I think they go really well with the vans that we're putting on next so here are the bands.

These are the old-school style they're the low top these are like a uber classic you can't get more classic vans. Then these guys pro tip with vans and pretty much all the secrets. That I show in this article is to wear them with those low-cut socks. I get mine from vans because they fit perfectly but you can find these literally anywhere they just go a bit lower on the ankles so that you don't show any sock. I think the bands look really cool with this outfit because the black matches the blacktop but there's something kind of interesting about that white stripe along the side of the vans combined with that plaid print and the trousers.

I just think it's a really graphic pop against a more subtle like muted plaid print. which I really like that contrast and that's the final look in away. That I would style bands I think they are super cool and they sort of play down a pair of intense trousers like these they make them look more wearable more every day a little bit more rocker and skater and combined with a simple top and a choker you can't go wrong moving on to another uber classic style of sneakers the white converse these are such a wardrobe essential literally.

 I wear these so often because they go with so many different things. I love reaching for converse when I'm trying to play down a really trendy outfit. So let's start off with a base here so I'm just wearing a white t-shirt and some coated black denim jeans the white t-shirt is from James purse this is my all-time favorite white t-shirt it's definitely an investment but you will not find a better white t-shirt. Then this one and my jeans are from Hudson jeans they're coated denim. So they give that faux leather effect and they've got this really cool lace-up detail in the front. So the first thing I'm gonna do is tuck in the white t-shirt all the way around tucking in this white t-shirt will help show off the lace detail and it will also help kind of cinch us in at the waist since these pants are high-waisted for a necklace.

I went for my double horn silver choker from Argento VEVO I chose this because it's silver and the rest of this outfit is gonna end up being a very grey white cool tone. So I definitely wanted to stick with something silver next. I threw on my converse so these are just the white low top all-stars from converse they are super classic. I absolutely love them and I think they look really cool with an outfit like this even before throwing on our statement piece. I think this outfit right here is awesome and now that the Congress is on we're gonna throw on our statement jacket. This jacket is from Mazzara it is so cool it's a thinner material faux fur jacket. So it's not too heavy it's basically a gray knitted base with some Tufts of white faux fur. I think that if I were to pair this outfit with ankle boots or any other type of shoe besides sneakers.

Honestly, it would have dressed it up a little bit too much to me white converse was the perfect choice for this type of the outfit, because they finish it off they make it look really casual and cool and nothing too trendy or too dressed up and together I absolutely love this outfit. I might wear this to dinner tonight actually there's something really effortless about it like even though. I'm wearing a very statement jacket the fact that I'm just wearing a basic white t-shirt and some cool jeans and some white converse with it just makes it look super casual cool effortless chic okay the fourth sneaker we're gonna be styling is the slip-on so the outfit starts off with a casual oatmeal-colored sweater and some medium wash high-rise girlfriend jeans the sweater is from Free People.

This is one of my basic fall essentials and these jeans are some of my favorite jeans. That I own there my girlfriend denim jeans with the shadow pockets in the back. So the first thing we're gonna do is just add a little bit of sparkle with a gold choker you guys know when in doubt I turn to my basic cold chokers this one is from a poor Jonah and it has a bar detail and knots about it and now we're gonna throw on the sneakers.

So these bad boys are a leopard print platform sneaker from Charlotte Olympia. They've got the signature Charlotte Olympia cat faces along the front and they've got a platform sole. I reach for slip-on sneakers. When I want to elongate my ankle area because slip-on usually cut a bit lower on the front of your foot it actually ends up looking like your ankle is a bit extended and it's an added bonus. When the seeker has a platform sole because that'll just give you a bit more height as well and then as a final touch to kind of wrap. Everything together I'm throwing on this sunflower yellow biker jacket from hmm I love me a good biker jacket and this one is awesome. it's a suede material it's the perfect saturated warm-toned yellow I love the color of this and the material is a bit stiffer. So I like how it gives some shape to the loose more flowy sweater underneath and altogether I love the way this look turned out. I love the colors in here the warm sunflower yellow the oatmeal brown with the brown warmer tones in the leopard print shoe.

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