Instagram is finally about to stop hanging at you for your views here's how you secure the bag hate YouTube intros as much as you do. So I'm going to keep this quick make sure you like the video subscribe if you're new and you can grab my free Instagram ebook in the top link of the description so the first update to the Instagram algorithm that I've recently found that was released on Twitter. Via Jane Wang is that Instagram is changing the way they discover page works in the quiet past the Instagram discover page was mostly full of people that Instagram thought maybe. You know local people that you have mutual friends with but it looks like that is all changing now and personally this is a massive win for creators as you're more likely to get your content featured to people who are interested in. Whatever you talk about whether you are a personal brand or a theme page rather than.

Just getting recommended to people who might know you or might know of you but aren't really interested in what you talked about although at the same time it'll make your local mini-celebrity I guess from your high school or from your area. Probably less successful on Instagram because if they aren't. If they don't have my substance behind their content is unlikely they'll get recommended as much whereas in the past they've relied off getting recommended through mutual friends and so on on the platform. Which means chances are more content-heavy pages will get pushed more in the algorithm. Whether that be personal brands whether it be themed pages etc which is really good for me because all of my clients and all of my pages are very content-heavy another update that. She brought to light that is about to come out is the fact that Instagram seems to be rolling out a feature we're directly within the app.

 You can purchase gift cards and donate to businesses similar to how you can currently fill out surveys or directly purchase products within the Instagram app it looks like. You'll soon be able to do that to businesses if you donate into businesses are trying to buy gift cards from no prizes for who can guess. Why this is as given the current predicament a lot of businesses I'm not gonna be able to sell or produce their products which means they may be relying on government grants gift cards donations and so on just to stay afloat. Now that's the Instagram algorithm update over for you how you can get paid for your Instagram views in steps the Instagram Partner Program this is very similar to YouTube.

 We get paid a CPM cost per Mille aka how much advertisers pay per thousand views on your channel before of course YouTube take their 45% cut and you're left with the 55% leftover now. I got this information through a friend of mine who runs a lot of large pages and it was also mentioned by Jane. As well on Twitter now there's no confirmed date on this guy in the mainstream but it seems like it could be rolling out sometime soon although potentially with everyone locked down it's been pushed back slightly personally. I believe this is because long-form content makes a lot of money YouTube makes insane amounts of profit and Instagram likely wants in on that gig make sense for example.

If someone watches a 10-minute Instagram TV video Instagram could quite comfortably put two-three or even four ads. Within that video and that means this Instagram TV could make them anywhere from one up to about five or six cents per view and that might not sound like a lot getting one or two cents per video view. Every now and again but at the end of the day if that video gets a million views at 1 cent per view that is $10,000 now. Some videos on Instagram get millions if not tens of millions of views and some of them could even potentially earn a 2 or 3 or 4 cent CPM. So you can see how these numbers can stack up and at the end of the day if Instagram to do something similar to YouTube as to how they price it.

 If they take a 45 percent cut that's a lot of money that they can be making but the problem currently is creators don't really post that much on Instagram TV. Because why would you post on Instagram TV over YouTube when YouTube is gonna pay you. So this is likely a move to get long-form creators who put out a lot of content on YouTube to start creating content that is gonna fit Instagram TV. Well and come across to there because it is massively profitable for Instagram to do so and by paying creators similar to YouTube. It's an awesome incentive to get people to you know start uploading on both YouTube and Instagram or even making Instagram specific content I guess at the end of the day we'll just have to find out and wait.

 So that wraps up today's video if you did enjoy it make sure. You smash the like button hit subscribe and if you enjoyed this different style video. where it's not like a how-to but it's more of an algorithm update and different Karen events and news about Instagram. Then let me know in the comments down below so if you do enjoy it I'll make more of it if you don't enjoy it tell me that as well and then I'll stop doing this and I'll focus on other videos. I just want to provide interesting content for you about social media and making money online so let me know in the comments any feedback you have and also. If you wanna grab one of these awesome motivational canvases we've got a whole range of them at my newly released store desired designs com use the discount code Josh that will give you 20% off the already and very affordable prices.

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