Looking for Best Laptop for Business Users- 7 Reasons (Why You Should Choose HP EliteBook 745 G6)


Hey guys how's it going. So I've been using the hp Elitebook for quite some time and I have to say if you're a business user. This is an option you can really consider why you ask well. I'll give you seven reasons why the 700 g6 could be the best business laptop for you out there well. This is ay Irish you're watching guiding tech let's get started okay.

So we all want fast performance for our laptops right well the hp EliteBook 700 has got you covered. There as well so you get to choose from the ryzen 3000 series of processors they are super-fast quad-core processors. That will fly through whatever tasks you throw at it the laptop also comes with up to 32 GB of ram and one terabyte of nvme SSD storage. Which means there are no bottlenecks in the performance okay. So for someone who reviews a lot of laptops.

 I know that most of the laptops out there which offer great hardware are mostly flashy and targeted towards gamers well not the Elitebook the design has always been hp's strong point and the EliteBook offers a business look through and through the body has a CNC machined aluminum cover which not only makes it look premium. But it also means that the laptop is well-built add to that the fact that this thing weighs just 1.3 kgs means that this is super portable as well and now moving on we all know that how the world is adapting to the world of wireless and the hp, EliteBook 700 is one of the first laptops to come with the wi-fi 6 support.

So the laptop is future proof for the current and upcoming wi-fi standards offering best speeds anywhere and everywhere but that's not all you also get 4g LTE connectivity so you can stay connected. While being on the go no need to make hot spots from your phone you can just put a sim card inside the laptop and use the internet easily not to forget the laptop also comes with the hp connection optimizer. Which promises lower latency and better connection strength now the next thing is security and hp takes security very seriously. When it comes to business laptops they offer a full-fledged security stack for it.

There is hp sure sense that uses ai to identify and quarantine new threats that might not exist in the anti-viruses library yet a handful of premium antivirus software does offer this ai feature but you'd have to pay for it on hp it comes pre-installed and you don't have to pay for it. Then there's shortly that protects you from online attacks and files downloaded via the web you also get hp's sure start for AMD that prevents any sort of bios attack on the laptop. This takes place at a hardware level with extra security enforced by hp so rest assured your data will be safe and secure now along with security.

You also need assurances for privacy as well especially when it comes to a business laptop and well hp doesn't disappoint you there either you get the hp super view gen 3 which means that you can only view the screen. When looking directly at it if you try to watch it from an angle, the panel will display black to you additionally while we all need webcams especially in these times but then again you don't use them all the time right well hp privacy camera offer a physical cover over the camera to protect your privacy. Here too okay so one of the biggest complaints with most of the business laptops out there is that the audio isn't good and it's because most people assume that business users don't like to watch movies or have some fun on their laptops well with the hp EliteBook 700 series. You can do both the laptop comes with top filing speakers from bang and Olufsen that can get quite loud while offering a premium audio experience and that's not all the laptop also comes with hp noise cancellation features thanks to a third microphone as such you can take calls on the speaker with great noise cancellation.

So the other members of the party here just you and not their audio repeated so business users are almost always on the go and for you to never miss a vedio update. Your laptop must have a great battery life well the Elitebook 700 comes with a long-lasting battery to aid your entire workday add to that the fact that it comes with hp fast charge you get 50 of battery life in just 30 minutes and well that's it there will link in the description box for you to purchase the Elitebook 700 series notebooks and well if you like this article does give us a thumbs up.

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